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How would you rate President Bush's speech?
CNN analysts offer their assessments.

  Agenda for the Future Contrast with Kerry Personal Style/Delivery OVERALL

Paul Begala
Political analyst
B+ C- B C

Tucker Carlson
Political analyst

Mo Rocca
Political satirist
9/11 9/11 9/11 9.11

Bill Schneider
Political analyst
B B+ A A-

Carlos Watson
Political analyst
B+/A- B+ B+/A- B+/A-
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Paul Begala
His agenda items were warmed-over, re-packaged ideas. I had no idea that Bush was such an environmentalist. On the contrast with Kerry, Bush misled on a couple of key issues. He was also flustered by the protesters in the arena. Overall, it was way too long and too ponderous a delivery.

Tucker Carlson
Way too long. It got better as it went on, though. He could have cut out entire parts. The Secret Service had the place locked down and no one could go to the bathroom -- we had a lot of suffering delegates.

Mo Rocca
Slightly flustered after meeting skater Dorothy Hamill in the hall, Mo Rocca explained his tally this way: "I give them all 9/11 because that's all that matters. For contrast with Kerry because Kerry was not in office when 9/11 happened. 9.11 overall because a perfect 10 would just be too easy."

Bill Schneider
The domestic agenda presented was perfunctory --nothing exciting or bold. The international policy was pure neo-conservatism -- both bold and adventurous. The contrast with Kerry was the same one they were presenting all week: strength and resolve versus inconsistency. On personal style, one word -- likeable. Overall, the likeability is important, but the substance wasn't as good as the style.

Carlos Watson
The president was relaxed, confident and nimbly handled hot topics, including some of his own shortcomings. His highest poll numbers are on terrorism, so he did what he had to do in emphasizing that during his speech. He also laid out a detailed agenda. Bush may not have adequately addressed the failure to find WMDs in Iraq or Osama bin Laden, and many may find his reassertion of compassionate conservatism distressing. But with all that said, he gave a fairly effective speech.

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