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The battle over illegal immigration promises to rage until Election Day and beyond. What do you think? How did the immigration issue affect your vote this November?
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Latest comments:
I think it is wonderful that people from other countries want to leave their homelands and come live and work in the USA. This kind of immigration proves that America is a great country and a land of opportunity. This country was populated and built by immigrants from all over the world. Those immigrants now call themselves Americans; just as I do.
Jonathan Crawford - Addison, TX
I'll make a deal with you liberals. I'll agree to bring the troops home by the end of next year if you agree to send home the illegals by the end of next year. Is it a deal?
John Smith - Boston, MA
Just because we are a nation of immigrants does not make it ok for people cross the border whenever they choose. Every country has borders and laws that must be respected. As far as Ellis Island, you are talking about a situation that no longer exists. We have come a long way from that.
Karan Singh - Columbia, MD
The immigration issue will have no effect on my vote mainly as far as I can tell both parties have the same views on immigration: non enforcement of current law and no plans to do so. Immigration is a issue near and dear to my heart and if their was a single party running as anti-immigration, I would vote for it regardless of their stance on other issues.
Peter Thoenen - Cleveland, OH
The immigration issue did affect my vote. This issue particularly caused me to check the voting records of my elected representatives. Because of work, we move around considerably but have spent most of our last five years in border states, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. ... The issue has not been immigration as much as it has been "illegal immigration." Many of us have ancestors who immigrated "legally" to this country. However, the fact that our neighbors south of our borders are poor and live in a horrendously corrupt society, does not mean that we should open our borders to these people. The corruption of their government should not be the criteria for admittance to this country.
Louise Greer - Austin, TX
Again, Americans have forgotten that we are a nation of immigrants. One question for you consider those thousands of people who came through Ellis Island legal or illegal? Did they have documentation allowing them to enter this country? ... If Americans are true to their history, there should not be any discussion on immigration. I wonder what happened to "give me your poor, oppressed, and persecuted people".
Ernesto Lopez - Plainfield, IL
If we really want to spend money and build a fence to keep us safe, then we better get to building a fence between us and Canada. If I recall correctly, most, if not all, of the folks arrested for plotting to harm the US as terrorists have come across the Canadian border, not the Mexican border. As they said in "South Park," blame Canada.
Valerie Reese - San Antonio, TX
I think this immigration has gotten out of control, but it's not their fault, it's our fault, our system needs to update and in some areas change. I also kinda believe that it is an underlining race issue, because nobody is talking the unprotected Candian border ... I am firm believer that we should build wall, not just along Mexican border but Canda as well. Too long Americans have relied on the these two big oceans to protect us, they are not much protection anymore.
Christopher Edwards - Memphis, TN
As an immirgrant to this country, I love this country. This country is full of hope. Even though there are still immigrating issues going on, this country gave me hope and chance to be succeed. Lots of families came to this country for the better life and hopes to achieve 'American Dream'. ... This country is made out and started by the illegal immigrants, and I think Americans should not stop the immigrants whether they are legal or illegal.
YJ Kim - Acworth, GA
Immigration (illegal) as it is drains our education and healthcare. I myself, considered a bleeding heart liberal who would have been on the side of any trodden down long suffering people, have changed my mind about this issue. My reason ... both of my daughters are in this mess. One as a teacher and the other as an R.N. I have heard the stories of the cost. Why doesn't the goverment talk to the people who see the drain of tax dollars on a daily basis?
Nona Moores - Hill Co., TX
Build a wall, it will be a good job for the immigrants that are already here. But how about some accountability? Dems and the GOP constantly dodge real issues and smear each other. It's insane. Hopefully my vote will count and isn't stolen by hackers.
Eric - North Providence, RI
As a history teacher, there is only one thing that I can say, "Walls don't work!" If history has taught us anything, it is that every wall has been breached. Punishing illegals without punishing those who hire them is insane. If there are no jobs for illegals in the US, they will stop coming here. Also, illegals should not be able to get public aid. We can't count on diplomatic solutions, Mexico needs the money the illegals send home. The best answer is to hit them in the pocketbook.
Kathryn Davis - Kennesaw, GA
I am far more to the "right" on illegal immigration than I am on other issues. On this issue, I fail the political correctness test miserably. Our economy can only handle the influx of so many people. This will not make me vote red in '06 or for that whacko Tancredo in '08. Still, our borders must remain secure. I also consider border security a critical part of the War on Terrorism.
Justin H. - Purchase, NY
I'm still waiting to hear what is the serious "Immigration" problem that everyone seems so worked up about. I agree that illegal immigration is a long standing problem that deserves some attention but relative to many other things going on (Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, Sudan, Peak Oil, etc.) I don't see how it rates so high for so many people. Could it be that people equate loose borders for illegal immigrants to loose borders for terrorists? These are really two different issues. Spending 10 years of our entire federal budget on fences/policing the border will not stop a determined terrorist.
Jerry Mulder - Warner Robins, GA
The only rational solution to the immigration problem is to buy Mexico and offer them state hood. It is called American expansionism and I vote for it. Include Canada in that deal. If you can't beat them then buy them out.
Richard B. Durland - Moultrie, GA
I have already voted and the immigration issue had a huge influence on my vote. In fact, it is my number one concern since I live in a county that is comprised, according to the local university, of 51% illegal aliens! My congressman, with whom I correspond regularly, seems like he would like to write engraved invitations to the illegal aliens to rush on across the border and take up residence. The senator up for re-election sat on the fence until the eleventh hour, seldom voting at all on the issues involving the illegal aliens, and almost everything she voted on was the exact opposite of what I would have done. Naturally I didn't vote for either one of them. I didn't vote for any incumbent on my ballot, as a matter of fact-- not even the ones who ran unopposed.
Abbe Allen - El Paso, TX
The illegal alien issue has already affected my vote this November as I voted Absentee. The result was I voted against any of my incumbents that are in favor of amnesty. The laws have been broken by these illegals and they need to go home. I think the easiest way to make that happen is to severely punish (both heavy fines and mandatory jail time for the top executive and loss of license to operate the business) those who employ the illegals. Also, the landlords who rent to the illegal aliens should get the same consideration.
Mike Wille - Wauchula, FL
If my dog can figure out how to dig under my fence to get out, I'm pretty sure a human can figure that one out as well. What a ridiculous idea. Any critical thinkers out there in the Republican party?? Anywhere?? Helloo.........
Tracy Oberlin - Atlanta, GA
This is not as much an issue about immigration as it is about the extreme dislike many Americans have for Mexicans. Let's be honest. If these were German immigrants would we care?
E. Ralle - Seattle, WA
I am a registered Democrat. However, I plan to vote Republican this election. Illegal immigration is a hot issue in Arizona. I don't feel like our current govenor is willing to do anything about the issue. A strong stance has to be made and Republican are doing just that.
Steven Bradford - Tucson, AZ
I am an immigrant, a legal one. I totally agree with sealing our borders, north and south. This might be the only way to assure our safety in the future.
Apurva Patel - Pottstown, PA
When I was a kid we would jump the fence at the public swimming pool at night after they closed. The fence did not seem to help stop use. What makes anyone think a fence along the border is anything but a waist of taxpayer dollars.
Darryl Finley - Hamilton, OH
A partial wall is better than no wall at all. The 700 miles will provide a good foundation for a complete physical boundary. It will not stop illegals but will slow them.
Larry Botkin - Corpus Christi, TX
If we are a law abiding nation why then do illegal immigrants get amnesty, while a shoplifter and murderer who live in are country legally are jailed. They all should be punished they broke the law. We should have on the troops on the border not in Iraq.
Charles Bennett - Rock Stream, NY
The only rational solutions I've heard for this "problem" include fines for employers who hire illegals. All other wall, guest worker, deportation schemes are do-nothing money pits; examine Europe's immigration problems and you'll find that none of these solutions work.
Daniel Lopez - Houston, TX
[To previous post] Mine fields??? Is this a joke? This is one of the most horrifying suggestions I have ever read, and would be unacceptable as a joke, but deplorable as a real idea.
Christina Weis - Brooklyn, NY
If you build a 700 mile long fence along a border that much longer than 700 miles, what's going to keep the illegal immigrants from going around the fence? The fence is an absurd, useless and expensive ploy to try and make it look like the US Gov't is actually going to do something about illegal immigration.
Michael Griffin - Boston, MA
We need to seal off the border with whatever resources it takes to do it. Send the military down there, build a fence from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico. Use mine fields or hire out of work East German border guards or sub out the work to China's military. We either start taking care of this country or there will soon be nothing more than some third rate, third world country that won't be worth caring about.
George Rosenblatt - Vista, CA
You show me a 50 feet wall and I'll show you a 51 feet ladder. Like the wall will be anything more than a waste of money.
Hongfu Chen - Overland Park, KS
Have we all lost sight of the fact that we were all immigrants at one point? There are no "true" Americans expect for Native Americans. And we did are damndest to get rid of them.
Candace Chapman - Ottawa, IL
Why do they have to talk about immigration as if it was a plague? How about, when the British, the Germans, the Poles came to the U.S., they had a chance to prosper in the U.S., why can't they let everybody prosper? Why [does] the government want to limit immigration? If it wasn't for the British, German immigrants and so forth, the U.S. would not be as we would know it today.
Afael Gil - Bronx, NY
Building a fence is costly but necessary. Illegal aliens are taking money out of the hands of non-working Americans. Besides, money that is made here doesn't stay here, it gets shipped back to the country of origin to support their families.
Steven Forman - Suffern, NY
I have voted by absentee ballot in Florida. The number One issue is Immigrationand I judged the candidates for national office on this issue. What's the use to fight a war far away, if millions of people walk across our unprotected borders. Why make Illegals citizens?
Hans Sowade - Tamuning, GU
To me, I think illegal immigration should just be let alone, because everyone is the same and everyone should be treated equally and everyone has the right to go wherever they want to.
Nikki Scheitrum - Summit Hill, PA
What next - a 15 foot seawall all around the state of Florida!!!
Linda Mulhall - Miami, FL
Bush and Congress are speaking out both sides of their mouth. They decided to build a wall over 700 miles of border. That will take years to build and does not seal our entire border. ... I plan to vote anti-incumbent -- You had your chance and you blew it.
John Wallace - VanWert, OH
A fence is a start. It's not going to eliminate the problem but it will certainly slow the problem down until they can come up with better solution. The issue is more and more out of control. At least they're doing something about it!
Christy - Sarasota, FL
I agree with a lot of other posts. I have worked all of my life, but I do not feel that I should support people who are in this country illegally. I do not get free health care and I pay my taxes. Also I noticed that a fence is being put up soon by the president, in an effort to sway the upcoming elections. It will take more than that.
Gayla Bryant - West Carrollton, OH
Immigration is the number one issue that is driving my reason to vote this year and have never voted in the past. I will vote against any politician that wants to provide handouts to illegals, provide benefits to illegals, amnesty to illegas, etc. Whatever happened to the definition of "illegal?" ... We should be punishing the Mexican government every time their people cross the border.
Jerod L. - Minneapolis, MN
My husband's father was from Mexico. An illegal at age 14. I still can't agree with illegal immigration especially when they are marching down our streets waving the Mexican flag. Nothing ticks me off more than watching that. If they love Mexico so much - go back! The other way is for the US to invade Mexico, take it over and expand the US. Then they'd have no reason to come, they'd already be here!
Robin Corona - San Dimas, CA
I think we need immigration reform. The only reason these issues are occurring is because it's so hard to immigrate LEGALLY to our country. The government also has to decide it's stance on the issue.
Jon Martin - Honeoye Falls, NY
Well, if you are going to feel safer, then build a fence. That will stop the people with real legitimate needs from coming here but not the people we really need to stop. I seem to remember that this is the great melting pot and the land of opportunity. We have always been open to people who come to this country to better themselves - the problem is the immigration process. It is now darn near impossible to get into this country.
Alan Hardy - Treynor, IA
I find it fascinating that the reported comments on this are from others who rank extremely left of center on this poll. What it seems to say, and is verified by other liberals I know, is that this isn't an ideological issue with Americans -- it's an issue of right and wrong. To allow illegal aliens a free pass to citizenship simply because they have broken the law longer is a slap in the face of all the naturalized Americans who jumped through all the hoops to become citizens.
Anthony F. - Phoenix, AZ
Why are we voting to give money to build a 700 mile fence, when our border with Mexico is 2,000 miles long?
Tim - Park Forest, IL
First of all, it makes me laugh when the descendants of immigrants who came here in 1900 say "Oh my family came here legally, we should kick the illegal immigrants out." In 1900, people's ancestors got on to a boat, landed in Ellis Island and waited in line for what ... two days, max?! In centuries prior, I don't believe the Native Americans gave out visas or green cards or even wanted them here. Yet people conveniently seem to forget all this. It takes 7 or more tortuous years to get a green card in 2006 - there is no comparison with 1900 or even 1970s! The system is broken.
VJ - Yorktown, VA
I am a hard-core Rush Limbaugh-listening, gun-owning, always-voted-for-the-Republican-Party kind of a conservative - but NO more! For the first time in my voting life, I am going to vote for WHOMEVER is running against my incumbents. Eight long years of Republican control of both houses of Congress and of the Presidency and not a d**m thing has been done about the issues that impact me the most. As a property owner living in the SoCal area for the past 25+ years, I have seen first hand the negative impact that "illegal" immigration has had upon my state and now upon my country. Time for a MAJOR change. ... This issue bothers me more then even the IRAQ War issue and I serve in the Military! Go figure.
Randall Edgeworth - Moreno Valley, CA
As an American (Katrina refugee) living and studying in Quebec, I can say that all this anti-immigration sentiment in the US is nothing but racism and WASP supremacy. Anglo-Americans bulldozed over pre-existing cultures (ie Cajuns, Native Americans, Africans, Tejanos, etc) destroying their cultures, forbidding them their languages, and then demanding that they subjugate themselves or assimilate. Anglo-Americans fear that Mexicans will reconquer lost territory and change America. America is a nation of immigrants living on land stolen or conquered from others, and no one has any more right to be here than any other.
Rodney Moore - Nouvelle-Orleans Louisiane et Montreal, QC
I don't think this is a matter of party affiliation, this is more a matter of common sense. If someone would go so far as to break the law to enter the United States, then how would a physical barrier stop them. The plan at hand doesn't even call for a wall, but more for random sections of walls placed along the border. Personally, if I was driven enough to enter the U.S. in the first place what would stop me from going over or walking around.
Ross A. - Houston, TX
A fence is a bad idea, period. Another point I'd like to make is that no one seems to be talking about the "Elephant in the room" when it comes to this issue.....that is the government of Mexico. The Mexican government needs to clean up the corruption and honestly and dutifully work to remove barriers in their society that prevents the redistribution of wealth in their country.
Dennis Meyer - Bloomsdale, MO
Most of the national attention regarding immigration is on the Mexican border, while little is said about the Canadian border. Granted, more people enter the United States illegally over our southern border. But the fact remains that our northern border is just as porous as the southern one. Case in point, a recent investigation of a major sex slavery operation revealed that Southeastern Asian women are smuggled over both the Mexican and Canadian borders.
Ed Sanders - Sacramento, CA
The Democrats should pay very close attention to the comments regarding this issue. Most of the people are like me. They are liberal EXCEPT on the issue of immigration. If they take both houses of next month it may be the last election they take for some time if they misstep on the immigration issue.
Edna DeGarmo - Chattanooga, TN
Building a giant fence is not going to solve anything. In Nogales, AZ, there is already a fence, and it does absolutely nothing. Why bother putting up a fence? The only way to curb illegal immigration is to make it harder for illegal immigrants to obtain jobs, and that means cracking down on employers.
Cole Martin - San Diego, CA
Being an immigrant myself, I firmly believe that you should come here legally. Many of my family members have applied from overseas to immigrate to America and are waiting patiently. But at the current rate, it might as well be easier for them to get smuggled over in a cargo container. ... I'm all for immigrants living the American Dream. But stand in line like I had to, and like every other honest and legal person and follow the rules!
Danny T. - Seattle, WA
I am a soon to be college graduate. I am going to be paying well over 30% of my salary to taxes. While I do not mind supporting people who are legally in this country, I feel that many are taking advantage of our system. People always talk about how immigrants are hard workers, but what about people who have worked hard and are paying taxes, should they have to pay for illegals to get free health care or schooling? Or should that money go towards helping legal families rise out of poverty and receive necessary services? I don't understand why we are ignoring our own citizens and making sure illegal immigrants are taken care of.
Matt Beaulieu - Barrington, IL
Illegal immigrants come for the dream of economic prosperity or to escape persecution. The latter is fine, but the first is due ONLY to the businesses that look for and hire illegal workers for cheap labor. Penalize the businesses that provide opportunity for illegal labor and the flow will dry up quick.
Robert Whetsell - Stamford, CT
Immigration is the single most important issue to me, because it encompasses so many others: national security, the right to work for a fair wage (which is no longer happening because illegals undercut wages in so many fields), the economy, social issues (who should be paying for the social programs used by illegals, from schools to health care). As far as I can see, neither party is in touch with the majority of tax-paying citizens.
Lee Ann Smith-Trafzer - Yucaipa, CA
The immigration battle, as framed, is inherently racist. Why are Cubans who make it to shore given refuge, yet Haitians are not? Why are we concerned with the Mexican Border and not the Canadian Border? For that matter, how many German or British Nationals do we have running around the U.S. that overstayed their welcome.
Jef Vowell - Los Angeles, CA
I have lived in Texas for more than 35 years and my family has been here for more than 150 years. I am strongly in favor of allowing immigrant workers, whether they be from Mexico or anywhere else. If someone wants to come to this country and work... I am supportive. I just don't think that non-citizens should have the benefit of social programs if they are not gainfully employed and contributing to our society.
Jeff Reynolds - Dallas, TX
I am not 18 yet, but I believe that the immigrants have done this country a great deal of good. They have taken on the jobs that young and older Americans refuse, getting paid minimum wage ... I totally disagree with the man who said that the immigrants are sucking this country dry, I think they add spice and even more culture. And I bet they work harder for a dollar than that guy has worked in his whole life. He needs to realize, at one time he was, or someone in his family was an immigrant, too. Maybe we should deport him too.?!
Franzia J. - Mesa, AZ
The government has taken their scare tactics too far. The immigrants are hard working people who pay taxes. How selfish can we be to even think that the immigrants are robbing us of anything. When they are gone who are we going to blame for our demise in life - each other? Stop the nonsense and ler's sensibly address the issue in a more responsible manner. Declare amnesty.
Saundra Smith - Queens, NY
It just irritates me when people say to send the 'illegal immigrants' back to the country where they came from. If you really want to do that fine....I'll book your ticket. Then the ONLY people allowed to be in the United States would be the Indians. This country was built by immigrants, plenty of them illegal. INCLUDING YOUR FAMILY. And as far as building a fence? HA what a joke. The only people who would do the manual labor to build a fence is the same immigrants youre trying to keep out. Americans certainly wouldn't stoop to doing it, not without being paid $25 or more an hour. Get real.
Cindy Harris - Wallington, NJ
To Danny [previous post] and all those who say "we all are here illegally", I say "Show me the written LAW we broke". There isn't/wasn't one. We now have procedures to use to gain access to the USA. If they are not going to be used, let's eliminate the federal department that is supposed to be enforcing the laws. I will not vote against any candidate because of this mess. It didnt' happen overnight and won't be solved overnight. I will vote against any incumbent because I don't think any of them have done a damned thing.
Bill Clark - Decatur, IL
My vote has already been cast. If immigrants are not legal, they have broken our laws unless Congress passed a new one to allow illegals protection to stay. I did not vote for any incumbent! Also, vote absentee and you will have a paper ballot to document your vote. Texas needs "Man of the Year" Kinky Friedman for Governor.
Robert Rossato - Plano, TX
I have no issue with immigrants, per se. I ask only two things: 1) come into my country legally and 2) learn to speak the freaking language. ... I don't want to pay for ballots being printed in a zillion different languages. If you can't read and write English, I'm thinking you don't need to be voting in my elections.
Linda Masterson - Orlando, FL
I've read a lot of comments under this post, and I have to wonder: How many of these anti-illegal immigrant posters would favor a US foreign policy that works to help people obtain a decent standard of living in their home countries? Why isn't there talk of how we can help Mexico improve itself so that people don't come pouring over the border? For that matter, why doesn't the US become a leader in the world to help stamp out global poverty, disease, and work to improve the standard of living for all people in the world?
Dave Graham - Carol Stream, IL
This is for Scott MacKaben [previous post]. Actually, Sir, the Republicans are losing votes because of immigration and their failure to aggressively attack the problem. I have always voted Republican but I won't this time around. They must protect our sovereignty and stop supporting only big business at our expense or they will lose power.
John Brown - Airway Heights, WA
The illegal immigrants are sucking this country dry! I will not vote for any politician that appears to be lenient on this issue. Fine the employers, build the fence, and start deporting!
Chris Durbin - Scranton, PA
George David said it best [previous post]. We should all follow Mayor Barletta's Illegal Immigration Relief Act and fine employers of illegal immigrants and fine landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. 1,000 illegal immigrants left Hazleton, Pennsylvania because of this Illegal Immigration Relief Act. Why has no other government official taken his stance? Rest assured that IMMIGRATION ISSUES, not party affiliate, WILL affect my vote and will determine who I vote for.
Mary Minni - Ft. Myers, FL
As a 30 yr old son of an immigrant (my father was 4 when he and my grandparents immigrated here from the Netherlands) I would really like to see real immigration reform. ... If you immigrate here legally, I welcome you. If you are an illegal immigrant, you broke the law. You may be here living a good life, possibly raising a family, being a solid citizen...but you still broke the law. I don't believe in giving amnesty just because you were successful in evading law enforcement.
Dirk Visser - Mill Creek, WA
As soon as that wall at the border is finished it's time to start dismantling the Statue of Liberty and we'll box it back up and send it back to the French ... How well do we represent what she symbolizes if we build walls to keep others out?
Tia Nelson - Mesa, AZ
I believe that anyone who wants to come to this country should be welcome, but should do it the right way. I think that anyone who is here illegally should be sent back and have to come in the right way.
Kelly Thompson - Shelton, CT
I believe that if you wish to live in or work in this country, do so legally. My grandfather came here from Poland in the early 1900's. He registered at port of entry Baltimore, married, moved to Erie, worked at G.E., bought a house, raised 11 children, paid taxes, organized several ethnic organizations. ... The hard-working Americans cannot support those that sneak in looking for better way of life without paying the "dues" to obtain it. For me, the current Congress and administration is history for allowing what has happened as far as immigration to continue the way it has.
Mark Aleksandrowicz - Erie, PA
At the age of 16, my maternal grandfather escaped Ukraine during the Russian Revolution and came to America. He landed at Ellis Island with little to his name but endured everything necessary to become a legal citizen of his new country and went on to found a successful trucking company. Anyone who comes to America illegally disgraces the courage, strength and honor that my grandfather and so many others showed. If they want to be here so badly, they can damn well do it the right way ... or not at all.
Melinda Robinson - Mansfield, TX
So many Hispanics believe they deserve a quality of life like they find in the USA. I agree with the Hispanic population on this, but the USA fought long and hard for our quality of life and we still do every single day... I do not understand why they would choose to take the easy route and move to the USA instead of fighting to make Mexico a country with similar quality of life.
S. A. Wolz - High Ridge, MO
I think the issue of immigrants is a vital one. People need to stop using immigrants as a scapegoat for their own problems! Just like the Irish a hundred years ago were not responsible for unemployment, neither are Hispanic and Asian immigrants today. People come to this country for tolerance, hard work and a better life. If you have a problem with that, may I suggest razing Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty to the ground and going back to whatever country your ancestors emigrated from.
Niru Kumar - New York, NY
Fact is: We are all illegal immigrants, because we never asked the Native Americans to come and settle on their land. We took it from them by force. Please everyone, read your American history, and you will see that everyone has rowed a boat across the sea to get here...illegally! And I do mean everyone: the Puritans, the French, the Dutch, the Irish, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the get the point.
Danny Navarro - Miami, FL
I personally have no problem with "legal" immigration; however, regardless of where they are coming from, if it was illegel then it was wrong PERIOD! ... It's time to remove all politicians who refuse to take care of its citizens before another country's. If you come here legally, get a job, pay your taxes and become a citizen, swear allegance to America ... I welcome you with open arms.
Dennis Jones - Klamath Falls, OR
Anyone supporting legalization of illegal immigrants -- I will be voting for their opponent regardless of party affiliation.
Brenda Jones - McKinney, TX
Rather than have millions cross illegally, why don't these millions stay at home in Mexico and start a revolution??? Why do they need to suck the life out of our hard working tax payers? (My grandfather was born in Mexico and came here legally.)
Juanita Lopez - Riverside, CA
As daughter of hispanic immigrants, I would very much like to see that there is some kind of reform that would help those that already live in this country. They are human too, and deserve a better lifestyle but I also agree that something needs to be done to stop the illegal crossing. They risk their life, and not always honest people come to this country.
Eunice Batres - Bellevue, NE
I am a 62 year old second generation American. ... I am totally against the concept of giving amnesty to any illegal, from any country. My friend, a doctor, worked hard to become an American Citizen and brought his family here who became Americans. ... I can't even afford Health Insurance now because after working in the medical field for 42 years as an Administrative Assistant, I can't find a job now with benefits. Maybe I should change my citizenship and get a divorce after 40 years and then I will be eligible for Medicaid?
Judith Weiner - Coral Springs, FL
Immigration is a made up issue drummed up by the right wing during election year. Once election is over nothing gets done or said again until the next election. It is pathetic that the Republicans do not have anything to grasp onto other than this mythical issue. They have lost the public on their go to issues like "terrorism" and "Iraq" so they bring up the same issue they have used since the early 90's to champion over the Dems. The sad part is that the public still buys into it.
Scott MacKaben - Altoona, PA
I will not support any candidate who does not believe in securing our borders first, fining the employers who exploit these illegals, tough interior enforcement, repatriatng all illegals regardless of how long they have been here, doing away with the anchor babies by abolishing birthright citizenship which has never been gauranteed under the constitution, 10 year moratorium on all immigration so that those that are hear legally will be able to adapt to our culture and learn our customs and langauge by assimilation. Then changing the harmful immigration act of 1965. People of all nationalities should have equal access to come to the U.S. not just those from south of the border.
George David - Lancaster, SC
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