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No issue loomed greater over this fall's midterm elections than the war in Iraq. What do you think? How did the Iraq issue affect your vote this November?
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Latest comments:
The war in Iraq affected my vote in no way at all -- I stand with the President on this issue. I believe that if the Senate goes to the Democrats, we're all in serious trouble.
April Spinks - Lawrenceburg, KY
One of the reasons I voted today was because of the Iraq war. I am tired of seeing the numbers of casualties increase every day. I want a change and voted for it.
Keara Williams - Tucson, AZ
I do my research, and I vote for the candidate that can best represent me. Most of the time, that ends up being an Independant. This time, I voted Democrat down the line. [Republicans] got us into this mess, why keep them around? This war will end badly either way at this point. The least we can do is fire the people who have been doing such a lousy job thus far.
Karen - East Meadow, NY
Iraq [affected] my vote the same way it has since October, 2002, when we were being lied to about the threat it represented to the U.S. and its ties to, and harboring of, terrorists. ... I wouldn't vote for a Republican today even though they tell me it's the only way I'll survive! Voting for one of the lily-livered Democrats who were too afraid to stand up and speak out for Truth, Justice and the American Way isn't a lot easier.
Bruce Lehnertz - Des Moines, IA
Iraq didn't affect my vote [what] so ever. I totally believe that we need to stay the course and win the battle. ... As for the Democrats taking the House, I think the Foley thing and the way they handled it also influenced the decisions.
Sherri - Lincoln, NE
I feel that although going into Iraq was the right thing to do, I now feel that we need to make a resolve to get the troops out as soon as possible. ... If the Democrats had their way or Kerry was elected, there would be worse turmoil over there than there is now and chances are great that we would have more terroristic threats and action than we do. Dems tend to be more passive and more of a pushover than Reps do. They always talk about what they would do but their track record speaks the truth in that they are mostly all talk and no action. I however voted Independant during this election.
Sean Drummond - Rochester, MN
The war in Iraq does weigh heavily on my mind, but it did not weigh heavily on my ballot.
Dave - Heath, OH
I voted strictly Democratic in order to send a message to the leadership of the house and the administration. We must get out of Iraq! We need to work on security, social programs, social security, education, infrastructure etc. in this country. We need to send a message, in plain terms to Mr. Bush that he is not addressing the needs of the work poor and middle class citizens such as I and most of the folks I know. He needs to stop making his rich friends richer via this war and get back to basics -- the needs of American citizens. Now!
Shawn Jennings - Coquille, OR
I feel that Republicans need to be acclaimed for sending out soldiers and keeping us safe here in the U.S. Soldiers choose to be in the military; nobody's forcing them to join. Being in war has helped out the Iraq system. Without soldiers being there, our safety is at risk and Iraq's political and economic systems are never going to change.
Stephanie Willingdale - National, CA
The Iraq issue has completely affected my vote. I feel extremely strongly that this Republican President and his party, by silent consensus if nothing else, are endangering our country, breeding terrorists in Iraq, and are creating enemies abroad without need. This government has whittled away at our constitutional rights and are creating virtual dictatorship, in the name of fighting terrorism.
Birgit Netter - Fayetteville, NC
Before the Bush Administration, I considered myself a Republican. After 6 years of him, and 3 years of his failed policies in Iraq, I voted for all Democrats today! His plan of Stay The Course only means more deaths, billions of more dollars spent, and a more dangerous world.
Brian - Columbus, OH
While I am against the Iraq war, we can not leave this country the way it is; without a government and as a breeding ground for terrorists. We need to quit stretching our troops thin, which is leaving them much more vulnerable. As a normally proud and liberal democrat, I am ashamed that my party is calling for complete abandonment of Iraq, and the people there who have supported Americans ridding them of their horrific leader.
Andrew Block - Tallahassee, FL
There is only one issue in this election and that is the war in Iraq. The war is breaking the economic stability of this country. Our infrastructure is in need of repair, New Orleans is still in shambles, healthcare is a forgotten issue. . .all because we have a war that is bleeding this country dry.
James Suguitan - Palm Springs, CA
Never in my lifetime, which is 25 years, has there been such a single, more omnipotent issue than the war in Iraq. When asked "How did the Iraq issue affect your vote this November?", I simply respond with what issue other than the Iraq war affected your vote. Simply stated, this was a vote on Iraq.
Brandan Strickland - Boston, MA
Republican all the way. The leadership on the left has been dragging their party down, and I would be ashamed if I was a Democrat. I am serving in the military, and believe what we are doing in Iraq is the right thing to do. People can second guess the President all they want, but they are not the ones making the decisions, and do not know what he knows. He is not 100% right on everything on the war, but is any President? If Gore or Kerry would have won, how many more Sept 11's would we have to endure? I shudder to think.
Chris Brodt - Stafford, VA
The Bush Administration and the Republican leadership led us into the mess in Iraq. We need to restore a balance of power between the political Parties in Washington so that alternative viewpoints will be considered. If a reckless driver ran a car into a tree, you would not give him the keys back and trust him to drive better!
Joel Lamp - Chicago, IL
The politik of fear ends today. The Americanism of hope reigns. No more will we hear ... lines like "if you vote Democrat, you vote for the terrorists." I vote Democrat and I'm not a terrorist. I vote Democrat because we didn't make this mess, but now we are charged with the challenge of fixing it. Democrats accept this challenge. ... I vote Democrat because I believe I should pay for my generations mistakes, not my children or grandchildren.
Joe Wojciechowski - Chicago, IL
I was against going to war in Iraq from the beginning. However, I do not believe that the Democrats will do what is ultimately best for us in Iraq. I believe that the lesser of two evils is to stay the course over cutting and running. I believe we should send more troops and put into plan an actual determination to stabilize that country as well as Hunt down Osama bin Ladin. I am not in favor of Bush's watered down version of the Marshall Plan we have going on in Iraq. I believe we should have been much more pro-active.
Martin Roeske - Coral Springs, FL
Iraq is a disaster, plain and simple. While the Democrats might not be able to do much to change the failed policies of the Bush administration, they will take away the rubber stamp that Republicans have been giving him for far too long. A Democratic majority in either house of Congress would keep the President in check.
Scott Feinberg - Boston, MA
I am voting for the Democrats as a protest of the Iraq war. I was for going into Iraq initially but this administration has screwed that up from the very beginning to put us where we are now, in a war that is not winnable unless you are Haliburton. I don't think the Democrats will do any better but maybe a good spanking at the polls will make Republicans rethink some of their failed policies.
Danny Head - Russellville, KY
I am a Democrat. However, I don't vote strictly Democrat on all issues. I am totally against the war in Iraq but, now that we're there I don't believe that we should "cut and run".
Lance Bledsoe - Columbus, OH
Iraq is only going to have an effect due to political spin, not because of party platforms and true direction. Each party, including my own, does not have a clear plan to win in Iraq and get our troops home. Democrats can only spin the failiures and misfortunes in Irag and blame them only on President Bush. Republicans are only giving us the abandoned "Stay The Course" speech. I would love to see a moderate party give the American people what we are looking for, a true and obtainable platform filled with fact, not personified ideas. ... I am looking forward to waking up on Wednesday morning to hear the echos of Democrats across America saying "What do we do now". Sleep tight!
Matthew LaMarche - Columbia, SC
We are in a war that will never be won by any side, although I feel that the Republicans have a better chance of getting us to a point that we can get our troups out and still stablize the region in some manner. The Democrats just want to cut and run, give us more lip service on what they would do if in office and once in office, play "Slick Willie" all over again. They are quick to tell you they will find the answer, but they haven't found it yet.
John Brenner - Wellston, OH
I'm voting strictly Democrat this year, not because I always vote Democrat, but because we need to leave Iraq as soon as possible. I cannot bear to hear about another soldier lost in Iraq. This is a no-win war, if we stay-soldiers die, if we leave-Iraqis will kill each other. We cannot continue this direction, we need a plan that will show progress.
Dot Taylor - Sullivan, IL
I voted Republican last election but I'm voting Democrat this election. I thought Republicans would deliver on their promises with a majority in Congress and control of the White House but they failed miserably. Although I'm a moderate Conservative I feel that Democrats couldn't do any worse than what the Republicans have been doing lately.
Noah Assareh - St. Louis, MO
My son was in Iraq and my daugher is due to go in Jan. I am retired Military as was my Father, so I wasn't exactly entralled with Senator Kerrys comments. However, I feel the real threat to our National Security comes from leadership that puts our troops in harms way without the proper resources to accomlish the mission. The senior military leadership knows their Job, knows what is needed, and knows the level of commitment to do the Job. They haven't received the necessary support and probably never will. Our current civilian leadership is more of an insult toour troops than Senator Kerry ever will be.
Richard Lowrey - Merritt Island, FL
Iraq is not the overriding election issue for me. From my perspective, the Republicans are now just as corrupt as the Democrats were 25 years ago. That's why I'm a card carrying member of the "if your in your out party", and I'll stay a member of that party until term limits are finally passed. Power corrupts; both parties have now clearly proven that.
Bill - Williamsburg, VA
I really thought that at this point in the election campaign, Americans would have been offered a new and improved "plan" for victory in Iraq. Even with the Republican's backs against the wall (more Americans oppose "staying the course"), the administration can't come up with a better plan? Is there reallly that little leadership and intelligence in the White House? The current plan isn't working and even faced with losing control of Congress, the best the Republicans can do is to try to distract the American public with a trumped up, baseless charge that a flubbed Kerry joke reveals the true heart of Democrats? Come on already...we're not that stupid.
Greg MacSweeney - Clifton, NJ
Iraq is the central front in the War on Terror. I believe that, Al Qaeda believes that, Republicans believe that, most of the world believes it. The only ones that don't are the Democrats. The question on Iraq is really this: Do Americans run when things get difficult or do they step up to the plate?
Scott MacHardy - Military base, AE
We already won the war in Iraq. What is going on now is that we are stuck in the middle of a religious civil war among people who will never stop. We need to leave Iraq soon. We should tell the leadership, " You have X-amount of months and that's it." Also, stop giving them money as well since it ends up in their politicians pockets.
Joe M . - Plainville, CT
I have always voted a spit ballot, although majority of my votes cast have been Democratic, but i have resolved to never vote for a Republican again, until I see a GOPer that has a conscience. I believe in checks and balances and there has been none the last 5 years.
Tim Zajac - Bolingbrook, IL
I want to hear the Democrats plan for Iraq!!!!!
Emilio Villarino - Miami, FL
Someone needs to come up with a better plan for Iraq, wether it's republicans or democrats. Why is it that after almost 4 years, things seem to be getting worse? Is it possible that Iraq is a lost cause? I will definately be voting democrat because Republicans seem to have done nothing. Voting democrat will be a change for everyone.
Mayra Arredondo - San Antonio, TX
I will not vote for anyone who is unable to admit that the Irac invasion was a mistake, has turned into an utter failure through gross incompetence and lack of understanding of the mid-east cultures.
Dennis Meyer - Bloomsdale, MO
I am very disheartened by how some people are voting. Vote for Democrats just because they are not Republicans. If you dont agree with them, thats fine, but dont just vote for someone else without really thinking it through. The person you are voting for could be an even bigger idiot than who you wouldn't vote for.
Justin Jenkins - Dallas, TX
Kerry's very insulting comments about U.S. troops in Iraq speak volumes about how the far left Democrats truly feel about our military. Just because he once wore the uniform doesn't making him immune from traitorous comments. He is the Benedict Arnold of our generation who actually came close to being our Commander in Chief.
Ron South - Las Vegas, NV
[To] Mike Matthews (previous post), Lincoln campaigned on a stay the course message but he fired General McClellan who was an utter failure. Bush hangs on to the same tired leadership and drops the words "stay the course" from his vocabulary when they don't poll well. This is wartime leadership?
Lynn Walthall - McLean, VA
We are already at war! What kind of character is the United States of America showing to the rest of the world when we are so against the war we already are in? It is no longer a matter of "if we should be at war"... we need to stick together as one.
Ronald Popa - Sacramento, CA
We are in a war that we never should have gotten into. Brave American soldiers die everyday for no good reason other than power, greed and arrogance of George Bush and his cronies. I voted a straight ticket ... DEMOCRAT.
Rick Mellinger - Burlington, IA
I will vote for the candidate that will devise a plan for withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq, lending advisors to the Iraqi government and financial support, if necessary to improve the infrastructure of the country. The civil war is theirs to resolve.
Judith Rose - Wausau, WI
I have voted absentee and basically voted for change and/or democrat. I am an independent and have been disturbed by this administration's hubris from the start. This is no better seen then the issue of the Iraq war and its implementation.
Raymond Whitted - Miami, FL
Iraq is a nightmare. Republicans have been in charge all the way. Therefore, because of their lack of judgment, their incompetent choices, I will not vote for a single republican. (I used to vote half and half)
C. Morgan - Roscoe, IL
Folks, Dems. and Reps. both voted for the war. People forget this. We must "stay the course" like our President has said. If we didn't stay the course during WW2 we would have lost.
Steve Timpone - Manalapan, NJ
I say we let North Korea test their next bomb in Iraq. This solves both issues.
Rich E. - Orlando, FL
Perusing the postings here, I am perplexed at the misunderstandings, misrepresentations, and outright fabrications regarding the situation in Iraq. I am reminded of history classes where I watched films about the Nazi concentration camps. I wondered how Hitler could be allowed to rise to power, and how so many people could be sent to their deaths while neighbors looked away and newspapers refused to report the truth. Today I know the answer. Today the spirit of Neville Chamberlain is alive and well in the U.S.A. Withdrawal from Iraq means abandoning the Iraqi people to torment and death, while encouraging jihadists in their mad pursuit of global domination. Dare we speak of liberty while denying it to those for whom this war is their only hope?
Thomas Starnes - Glandale, CA
Through "early voting" available here in Nevada, I have already cast my vote. I voted against GW Bush by endorsing President Carter's son, Jack - although he is not exactly senatorial material - but perhaps he will rise to the occasion if elected.
Shawn Flynn - Las Vegas, NV
I am so sick of the Republicans in congress that I have chosen to vote Democrat for every election even if I do not agree with that person.
Perry Hillin - Georgetown, TX
There is no way I could vote for anyone who continues the rhetoric of stay the course. The idiocracy of this war is overwhelming.
William Angell - Havana, IL
If this is supposed to be a 'War on Terror" then why didn't the job get done in Afghanistan where Osama was? More ineptness, now there are two countries suffering from us 'spreading democracy'.
Norm Atz - Fort Wayne, IN
I have come to hate the yellow bumper stickers saying "Support Our Troops" They mean support the political decision to go to war. Instead, the bumper stickers should read "Support Our Troops: Bring Them Home." Bringing a man or woman home from war is the only kind of true support that can be offered. But America, once the home of the brave, has become the home of the scared, so many people want to think they have someone else out there fighting for them. But they are only fighting for the rich and powerful, and to keep the addictive needle of oil sticking in our arms.
James Bankes - Bismark, ND
The reason for going to war is still a good reason. Saddam defied multiple United Nations resolutions, murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and did have WMD's. The smoking gun was not found because it was transferred out of the country to most likely Syria. ... The war is not going as it was planned, but that is the way war is. We cannot cut and run and leave a bigger mess behind.
Charles Thompson - Baxter Springs, KS
One thing that really irks me about Iraq is that the Democratic Senators who voted for it have never said they were wrong. They're quick to blame the Republicans but refuse to accept any responsibility, themselves. Let us not forget that the Democrats held the Senate majority when the joint resolution on Iraq was passed.
Bill Woessner - Fairfax, VA
Daniel Benson [previous post] wrote: "I am forced to back the President because he is the only one with a plan." Bush has a plan?!!? That's a new development. Please elaborate on this plan because I would love to know more about it.
Richard Ingles - New Orleans, LA
Abraham Lincoln said wars are won in the will. "With the will of the people all things are possible, without nothing is." During the midterm elections President Lincoln was heavily criticized for the poor state of the war under his administration. He to campaigned on a stay the course message in opposition to peace Democrats who wished to end the bloody war with a compromise to allow some Southern states to retain slavery. It was wrong not to stay the course then and it would be wrong not to stay the course now!
Mike Matthews - Cheyenne, WY
Republicans in Iraq are like alcoholics in a bar -- there's always money for the next drink, but otherwise they're broke. Can any of these fiscally responsible folks tell us where the money is going to come from to stay in Iraq indefinitely?
Cecil Calvert - Washington, DC
I am tired of the current administration insinuating that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. They also used Saddam's inhumane treatment of his people and women suffering under the Taliban as an excuse to invade and yet the USA does nothing to help the people of Darfur and all over Africa and Asia? The hypocrisy of this almost makes me embarrassed to say I am American!
Yvonne Dauterive - Des Moines, IA
I will vote whatever party necessary to get out of the Iraq war asap, whatever that vote might mean.
Denise Jeter - Houston, TX
Where are the moderates? Both Republicans and Democrats. I agreed with the CNN analyst (on CNN's town meeting with Lou Dobbs), who said that instead of working on extreme issues that may never be reconciled, the government needs to spend more time working on things they CAN accomplish and agree on. There is no one to vote for who represents more moderate views. I agree with Jack [previous post], let's throw them all out and start over!
Caroline Wallinger - Charleston, SC
I will NOT vote for anyone who has supported and still supports the war. Period.
Helene Volat - Stony Brook, NY
For someone to state that they are voting Republican to show support for our President in Iraq seems quite peculiar to me. I fail to see how a vote of "100% Republican" will show support for the President's Iraq policy in light of many Republicans now stating that they disagree with his policies. This comment is disheartening because people are voting on whether they like the President rather than listening to the candidate in any race.
Mike - West Chester, PA
Let's face it, war is ugly. Innocent people will be killed. However, there wouldn't be a United States if men didn't fight for our freedom. I think had this political climate been back when WW II was fought we would see Germany's talons spread across Europe. I think the current administration was too far concerned about being "politically correct." Had we been able to fight the war as it should have been fought, we wouldn't be in the mess we are now. The media had a GREAT responsibility on this and is very much to blame. The news is very slanted to the left. When did the news quit being news instead of their own agenda????
D. Roberts - Memphis, TN
I am voting 100% Democrat. I am tired of our republican led government having given the president complete power to wage an unjustified war in Iraq. This government also has set a precedent where there appears to be no accountability for the spending of tax payers money.
Crystal Lysinger - Cumberland Furnace, TN
I'll be voting Democrat this time - across the board. I've voted for candidates in both parties over the years, but this time I'm focused on voting OUT the Republicans. The war in Iraq is a travesty, one that never should have happened.
L. Schill - Charlottesville, VA
While I do believe we have made a mess of things in Iraq, I also believe that to pull the troops out now would not only harm the Iraqis further, but would also undermine our own position in the world and reflect negatively upon us. We need to finish what we started.
Amber Gregory - San Francisco, CA
I will vote Democrat based on many factors including the war in Iraq. I support what our troops are trying to accomplish and that's as far as it goes. I think the current administration is handling the whole situation poorly and its costing OUR country far too many lives.
Kimberly - Kentwood, MI
As a veteran, I personally feel that the sacrifices made by American men and women in uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan is ultimately futile, although much appreciated by all of us here. ... Ultimately, these nations must decide their own course into the future. I say we should let them, and help them do it by getting out of their way. Now that it is clear they don't want us there, let's bring our people home.
Tom Moore - Fort Worth, TX
Iraq must have a viable chance to be a self governing republic before the United States ever decides to reduce the needed combat forces deployed there. I am saddened to see that bi-partisan bickering between our political parties have succeeded into reducing the struggle for victory to an ugly political cleaver to divide our citizens at the worst possible time. I will vote for what is important to our nation's security, I will vote for the candidate with the backbone to do what is needed to protect our way of life.
Jim Hicks - Nowata, OK
Yes, Iraq is a mess, but name a war that isn't. Yes, we are losing lives there, but again, name a war where we didn't. War is always a bad thing. But, do we [want our] children to have to go back to the Middle East and do this again? If we don't get some form of democracy over there and let the people of the Middle East see the benefits that a free society brings, things will never change.
Tom Carlton - Wilkinson, IN
I am a Republican who from the start opposed the war in Iraq. ... But with a Republican controlled House, Senate, and White House the course that was already set was going to follow through, with or without reason or concrete support. This is the primary reason why our system of government requires the balance of power. I do not believe that one party should ever dominate ... Democrat or Republican. ... I as a Republican do not see it as weakness for my party to balance its power with the Democrats. It is true that the Iraq war has divided this country. I would also say that it is true that one party being in control for the past few years has corrupted this country ... even if it is my own party.
Gantrick Monday - Washington, DC
Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official ..." The current administration has perverted the term "patriotism" to mean "blind obedience". True patriotism allows, and even requires that we support our country and people first, before we consider any dogmatic fantasies offered to us by our leaders.
Robert Sansbury - Columbia, SC
I don't support the war, but I think people need to think twice before they go into the voting booth and blindly vote Democrat just because they aren't happy with the war. Vote for individuals who have a concrete plan. Merely changing parties because you disagree with the state of the world today gets us nowhere because ultimately, they are no different and each will continue to say the opposite of the other only for votes. It's ALL they care about.
Christine Smith - Pittsburgh, PA
The war in Iraq will definitely influence the way I vote 100%. If we had sent troops to Afghanistan the day after 9/11 and stayed there until Ben Laden was taken, I would have supported that. It's my opinion that the President wanted to take Saddam Hussein to finish what his father had begun. ... I have voted a split ballot in every year up until now but consider myself a Democrat. I will vote in this election to oust any incumbent and to elect anyone who isn't Republican. I'm sick of the lies, cover-ups and inconsistencies.
Chris Karr - Carrollton, GA
The Iraq war is the pivotal issue that will drive millions to the polls on election day. I have never been as angry with any administration as I am with this self serving and corrupt group of crooks that reside in Washington D.C. I say throw the bums out on election day!
Candy Arnold - Santa Monica, CA
The problem in Iraq is that we have to choose between a bad Republicans plan and no Democrat plan. Democrats opine that we need to change course. O.K. fine. On what course would they have us? I am forced to back the President because he is the only one with a plan. I just want a plan that has us leaving with a secure Iraq.
Daniel Benson - Houston, TX
I'm a Democrat, and many of my Democrat friends believe that we should just pick up our troops and leave Iraq. But I think to do so would be to abandon the very principles of the Democratic Party - morality, informed decision-making, and getting the job done. We know that to leave Iraq today would be to send the country and its millions of citizens into a full-out civil war for power. Whether or not we agree (and I don't) with our pretenses for this war, the fact is we're there now, and Democrats ought to realize that the right choice for America and Iraq is to finish what we started.
Joel Fishbein - Wynnewood, PA
Those who think that Iraq does not have an affect in the war on terror have their heads stuck in the sand. They are clueless. Why do you think the terrorists are spending so much time in Iraq now? Duh!
Herb Conner - White Plains, MD
I live in Canada, but if I could vote I would vote Republican in every respect, because they have the better vision. The war in Iraq is about a lot more than Coalition troops dying, as much as they have my support and admiration. This is about the ongoing struggle for democracy and freedom in the world, which is a struggle which has started at the dawn of human civilization.
Robin Hittos - Victoria, BC
I was an economic conservative in the 1990's, and was overjoyed when the Republican Congress forced a compromise that led to a balanced budget. But the party has no place for a free speech advocate now, and I've been accused by my local Republicans of everything from being unpatriotic to un-American for saying that the government should be as unintrusive as possible. So, I guess I'm stuck voting Democratic due to a sad lack of Moderate Republicans.
Jeremy Fridy - Kent, OH
I just saw Clint Eastwood's "Flags of our Fathers". It is interesting that the War on Terrorism has not yet reached 1/2 the death count of one medium battle in WW2 like Iwo Jima. If the population and press of 2006 were alive in 1943 we would all be goose-stepping to the 3rd Reich right now. We would either be speaking German or living in one of their prison camps. Our Father's are rolling over in their graves with our lack of resolve and courage in protecting our country and the basic tenets of our freedoms.
Ken Kramer - Los Angeles, CA
Clearly, no rational person can look at Iraq and say that, yes, this is what we intended. This administration has made a huge mess, and to clean it up, we need to vote BLUE.
Justin Karundeth - Dallas, TX
Republicans created a flawed plan and the Democrats did not stand up nor offer alternatives to the situation in Iraq. Now thousands of people have died and the only time the Democrats and moderate Republicans stood up was when the polls for the President were in the toilet. If there really is a voice of opposition, it was not loud enough. This is why I am an Independent and I will vote accordingly.
John Murphy - Warwick, RI
I feel we cannot leave now, but I think the president should be punished heavily for getting us into this mess. Unfortunately public flogging is not permitted. I feel the only real solution is to get rid of his rubber stamp congress. I will vote against my incumbent representative. Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism. But the president had his mind made up well ahead of time. This just gave an excuse.
Thomas - Baton Rouge, LA
I would consider myself a Goldwater Republican, against the bigs -- big government, big business, big entitlements ... but the questions is now who represents me. Considering the Republicans have so sided with corporations that we have corporate robber barons who simply buy and sell companies and outsource jobs, considering that the republicans have increased the size of government ... considering they've saddled my child with their debt, and considering we are now trying to run other countries despite it being impossible, I have to vote Democratic, ironically it's now the smart, conservative choice.
Greg Wallach - Annapolis, MD
I truly do not believe either party has a good plan for Iraq. However, the current administration has chosen to ignore Congress and the public in addressing a plan to hand over control to the Iraqi people. I am a democrat and will vote this way across the board, because something needs to be done about bringing our troops home. If the Bush administration wants to continue believing that Iraq and Sadaam were at the center of the 9/11 attacks, they can very well do without my vote.
Lisa Bloom - San Diego, CA
I would never vote for any candidate that is willing to pull our troops out of Iraq. Sure we could bring our troops home, but if we do, we will be nothing more than sitting ducks! Being proactive is why we are in Iraq, being reactive is what the Democrats want us to be now! Does anyone honestly believe by pulling our troops out, we will be better off?
Rick Dolph - Fort Worth, TX
The US government should turn our military loose, and get the job done! By pussy-footing around and being politically correct, we are dragging this thing out way too long and endangering our troops!
Sam Rodgers - Memphis, TN
The fact that the current administration has repeatedly lied to us about the war in Iraq has persuaded me to vote Democratic in the coming election. ... We are being lied to, and I for one am sick of it.
Dave Felton - Cincinnati, OH
As a U.S. citizen living in Kuwait at the time of the start of the Iraq War I can tell you that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was not only ill-advised, but completely unnecessary. I lived 30 minutes from Iraq and never felt threatened. What a sad and tragic loss of American lives and treasure for nothing. I will never vote Republican as long as they continue to represent greed over the common good.
Chris Erbe - Vacaville, CA
Iraq will be the most fragile issue in the upcoming elections. Although my decision will be based upon related issues, I believe we will see some major headway in either direction to swing the midterm polls. I do believe that we should be in Iraq and so did all of Washington (Dems, Rep, and Indep, as to whether or not we should even go into Iraq 5 years ago) as Sen. Lieberman put it in an interview a several months ago. I do think that the Iraq situation has been planned poorly but have definitely made significant steps toward not only a safer America but safer world.
Adam Holmes - Urbana, IL
The only reason I'm voting Democrat all the way is to get rid of the Republican control. I understand that the majority of politicians are corrupt in multiple different ways. Iraq IS a quagmire. There are suicide bombers, IED's, militia's, sniper teams and much more. I see Iraq in worse shape now then it was under the control of Saddam.
Tim Bardon - Bexley, OH
The war is the most important part of this election, and my vote, but the war will not end by this election. I will be voting on a Democrat ticket. ... We need a change in Washington.
Michael Waller - Lawrencevill, GA
The war will not affect my vote. I do hope we find a way to end the war and to say we won. But if we don't whether it was right or wrong in the first place, I will still vote Republican.
Joyce Streible - Arthur, IL
I feel that the war in Iraq is very relevant to terrorism. I feel that on 9-11-2001 a terrorist made an attack on US soil and that terrorists should be punished. I do not agree 100% on the direction that we have taken with the war on Iraq. I feel that recently our government has been to "soft" in Iraq. I am for the war in Iraq and I am behind our President, therefore I am voting Republican this year. I will not vote for anyone who is afraid and wants to run from the war in Iraq.
Tommy Hunt - Morgantown, WV
Think of what all the money we spent in Iraq could have done for our education system right here in the UNITED STATES!!!
David M. - Bunkie, LA
I will vote 100% based on Iraq and terrorism. It will be 100% anti-Bush policy vote.
Greg M. - Chicago, IL
It sounds like the President has only changed the words he will use to describe our presence in Iraq. We were told 3 years ago that the Iraqi troops would be ready to defend their country in 12-18 months. It is the same old "stay the course" stand with new language, just in time for the mid-term election. All in hopes this will make prospective voters think he has "seen the light" and then vote Republican, all the while never changing anything.
Angela Dillon - Nashville, TN
The war in Iraq is just one front on the war on terror. Those who believe that it is not linked to terror have their heads buried in the sand. Islamic extremism-the quest for absolute power and imposition of a theocracy in the Middle East and around the world-is the fuel that drives the insurgency. Although war is never a thing to be desired, this one is just and necessary to avert a wider catastrophe.
Joe O. - New York, NY
As a soldier in the army reserve, I believe that "staying the course" is extremely important, and that we as a nation cannot afford to fail in Iraq. However, I also believe that the administration has used the war in Iraq and the war on terror at large to hijack all aspects of American political and social life. With this in mind I think its more than time for a shakeup in Washington.
Ryan Sparks - Everett, WA
I can't believe people are so eager to switch to one party if the other doesn't give them what they want. The truth is that Democrats and Republicans have had the same agenda for many years and it is simply a game each election to see who can get in power. The policies won't change. I don't trust Democrats any more than I trust Republicans--which is not at all. I say we forget these power hungry parties and vote for what is right. It would be nice to be rid of parties altogether, but if we can't then we at least need a new party.
Ben Petersen - Provo, UT
Iraq is the war on terror. We took the fight to them and as a result we have not had another major attack here. The war on terror is more than Iraq. Democrats display weakness in the constant attack on one of the only administrations in the world to stand up to these animals. Look deeper that the normal liberal emotion. Think! Liberals as usual have No CLUE, NO PLAN, NO VISION!
James Peterson - Germantown, WI
Iraq occupation is the #1 issue deciding my vote. Close seconds are illegal snooping, suspension of habbeas corpus and condoning of torture, fiscal irresponsibility, corruption, war profiteering, inefficiency of dealing with terrorism, usurping national security and constant lying. Any one of these would be enough to cause me to vote Dems this time. But with so many, clearly there is no choice but vote for change.
Adrian - Oakton, VA
I have never agreed with this "war on terror". Our citizens and the the citizens of Iraq are being slaughtered and the country is in ruins. We cannot make them democratic no more than they can make us believe in a religious-based dictatorship. I am voting against almost all incumbents ... and wish we had a strong independent party for people who voted their own conscious, not for a "party" vote.
Karen Clark - Fairhope, AL
End the war in Iraq now, today. Vote all demo! We need a clean sweep change now!
John Estes - Boca Raton, FL
T. Marco of Texas [previous post] is right. This war is tough on my personal convictions; yet, I believe we must stay. Have we forgotten 911? We have made mistakes but what is war but a series of mistakes? The usual winner is the side that makes fewer mistakes. We moved on bad Intel, we didn't commit enough troops, and the enemy hasn't cooperated. ... Let's fight to win and we will win. We need changes in our battleplan but we must continue.
Don Clark - Springfield, MO
The problem with the Iraq war is that it was utterly irrelevant to the War on Terror. ... The administration and the Republican leadership have from the beginning shown their contempt for logic and reason. I am a certified Libertarian myself but to get the Republicans out and some actual intelligent human beings in control, I plan to vote Democrat down the list.
Michael Humler - Cincinnati, OH
My voting desicion is 100% influenced by the war in Iraq. I feel that I am forced to vote Republican across the board to show support of my President and my country. In fact, if the insurgency was not so strong at this time, I would probably vote some Domestic minded Democrats in office to help with some of our own issues. That will have to wait until later.
Thomas Ellis - Hebron, OH
I will not vote for any republican this November. I see the mid-term elections as 435 referendums on Iraq. If we return a Republican congressional majority to Washington in January, the president will be able to keep this up for two more years.
Robert "Bob" Smith - New York, NY
The War in Iraq is part of the war on terrorism. There is no quick fix. We were in Bosnia for over ten years, that didn't get fixed overnight. We can't cut and run,and I won't vote for the man or woman that wants to do that.
Tim Spradlin - Oklahoma City, OK
War is a waste and never should happen and I will vote for a change of the government.
Bob Smith - Hartford, CT
I have been against this unncessary war since the beginning and I still don't understand why we attacked Iraq. Well, maybe I do. The bush cabal wanted this from the beginning and when 9/11 happened, they felt this was their opportunity. I'm finding myself getting more and more liberal because I cannot stand the way this administration has screwed up our country. I have never voted a straight ticket in my life, but I plan to vote straight Dem this election.
Arleen Roy - Summerfield, FL
Every week we occupy Iraq, more people join the terrorist cause. While we are bound by the rules of combat (and rightly so!), our enemies will gladly commit suicide to remove our presence from their country. I'm no expert, but this does not sound like a winning situation. We are trying to make Iraqis adopt our Individuated system of politics where they have a more Tribal form of politics. The two differ much like oil and water. This may be obvious, but the Iraq war is a crucial part of my vote.
Joseph DiSandro - Baton Rouge, LA
Simply put, even though the war in Iraq is a mess there is no way I would vote for the other party. My concern for domestic issues such as gun rights, the life of the unborn, and economic freedom from increased taxation would prevent me from punishing the Republicans for their stance on Iraq.
Darin Gray - Louisville, KY
To stem the insurgent movement, partition iraq into Kurd, Sunni, And Shiite provinces with a common parliament or some political body and the three work together as one. It works for us with 50 different state level governments. Why not there?
John Hawn - Columbus, IN
The war in Iraq is like the girl in school you tried desperately to get in bed and when it finally happened not only was it not all you thought but you got her pregnant and now you are stuck in a long term relationship that will be very expensive. The billions of dollars spent fighting the war in Iraq could be better used securing our ports our borders and other sensitive sites critical to our national security.
John Howie - Houston, TX
The iraq issue will definitely play a part on how i vote in the midterm elections; citizens must remember that this is a war on terrorism and that there is no quick fix to it, although Mr. Bin Laden is in Afghanistan his ideology is in Iraq; many strategic flaws occured with the war in Iraq but the biggest mistake would be to pull out of this war to do that would only embolden the radicals to harm or kill more innocent people.
Germain Dearlove - Brooklyn, NY
Another moderate Republican here. Yes, there are a few of us left. This war was wrong and it needs to end.
Daniel Fauth - Shawano, WI
At this point it really doesn't matter whether or not we had just cause to go in. Now that we're there, we can't leave until the Iraqi people are able to secure the peace on their own.
Otto Baskin - Hickory, NC
While I respect T. Marco [previous post] for serving, he's wrong for saying most Americans have forgotten 9/11. The total mess that the current admin has made in Iraq and Afghan has disilliusioned many people, myself included. If Mr. Bush had finished the job in Afghanistan, there's no doubt I would be the first to applaud him. Bush didn't, Bin Laden still mocks us and the Taliban are making a resurgence. We've broken Iraq, so we will have to fix it. I hope T. Marco returns home safely, but I don't see how Iraq is going to end well. I think we need fresh ideas on this issue.
B. Andrews - Louisville, KY
The GOP is wrong and the DEMs can't agree on what's for lunch. Our troops, Iraq and the Constitution are taking a direct hit with the whole thing paralysing foreign policy and budget.
Linda Bleakley - Bella Vista, AR
Why do you label people who oppose the war as "left"? Why do you consider this whole war issue as left vs. right (liberal vs. conservative)? Just because President Bush calls himself a conservative and he starts a war doesn't mean that in order to be a conservative you have to support that war. Millions of conservatives oppose this war, including notable conservatives like Patrick Buchanan.
Kurt Manship - Brigham City, UT
In two weeks, America, let's reclaim the feeling that reigned over our hearts in the days following 9/11. Let's send a clear message to Washington that we will not support the use of scare tactics to further political agendas, and that we will not allow those lives lost on that Tuesday morning be used as pawns in a political war. Let's repair our relationships abroad, so that we can win in Iraq, and be prepared to bilaterally face other nations. Let's vote blue.
Michael Jones - Winston-Salem, NC
The premise that anyone who opposes Bush's war and wants a redeployment of troops in automatically on the left if very wrong. Real conservatives have long seen the folly of Bush's Iraq advanture. Now that the Neo Cons have hung themselves true conservatives can come back and lead the Republican party. Hopefully, Democrats and moderate Republicans will work together to get the country back on track.
Bruce Dumas - Deerfield Beach, FL
My vote will be mixed. I favor fighting terrorism, yet I favor pulling out of Iraq for it is a no win situation. In my opinion, one cannot fight against an enemy that fight amongst themselves in that they are zealous over religious beliefs. We have bigger concerns, namely, worldwide terrorism, North Korea, and Iran. The war in Iraq pales to what we are faced with in the future.
James MacIntosh - Muskegon, MI
This issue is too important to vote party. I am looking for candidates that understand the world scene. Someone that isn't afraid to talk to every country or faction in the Middle East while at the same time isn't afraid to use force when necessary and smart to do so.
Sam Ackley - Winter Park, FL
I trust only Democrats now. The Republicans have made it clear that they cannot be trusted on any subject. I believe we need to shift a little to the left to straighten out this country. Also, a shift will show the world that we are ready to rejoin it rather than Bush's wacko policies. It will also go along way toward getting Iraq in better shape.
John Gill - Philadelphia, PA
We made a mistake to get in it--but we are in it. So we stay the course. We have a leader who is a few degrees off center--but what alternatives do we have--the ones I see are not my choice of far seeing leaders--just politicians! It's not just the top guy who got us in this mess, our do nothing congress and senate were in lock step all the way. ... My selection choices are easy this mid term -- I will vote any and all incumbents out.
Alvin P. Sherman - Fort Pierce, FL
The Iraq war did not have to be a battle in the war on terror but now it is. In fighting any war you will have some successes and some failures. When you run into a failure you pull out and re-deploy your troups and keep fighting the war. It's as if during the Civil War, the Union would have continued to send ther men into Fredricksburg. They would have lost the war if they had presisted. You win some and lose some battles but any military man will recognize that you need to chose your battles well and manuvar to win, not go up the middle and lose.
Raphael M. - Bristow, VA
I believe we are losing if our goal is supporting the human rights of the Iraq citizens, but if our presence is bringing terrorist organizations to the battlefield we must take advantage of the opportunity. I believe world opinion of the US makes us no longer effective intervening outside our borders on human rights. Today, you cannot win on a stage where local media is controled by the opposition.
Chuck Thompson - Eatonton, GA
President Bush and his administration are too stubborn to change their mind or admit they are wrong. It is imperative that we change course in Iraq, our approach is not working. For that reason I am working for and voting for a change in Congress in November.
Beverly Aksamit - Cleveland, MO
I have never cut and run on anything, and never will. I will always stand up to anything that is wrong. I have been serving in Iraq for two years now. Americans need to understand (boy how soon most Americans forget) it all started with 9/11. Yes, no matter how you slice it or dice it, even if this administration had the intel wrong (which they did), if, and that's the key word if, Saddam was still in charge, would he have given up chemical or biological agents, or the know how to terrorists? Hell yes he would, it was just a matter of time. Who is the next target America? You in your home town!!!
T. Marco - Copperas Cove, TX
This issue is much a main element that I will think about on my vote this mid term election. ... The President does not have any reason to be over there other than his personal vendetta against Iraq and to benefit from their supply of oil. I support our troops because I know personally that we took and oath to protect our country from any enemy foreign and domestic. It is time to bring the troops home and pay attention to our own country.
Roland Gonzalez - Lone Tree, CO
As Democrats seek to gain control of Congress and Republicans strive to hang onto power, a number of issues will guide their campaigns.
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