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No issue loomed greater over this fall's midterm elections than the war in Iraq. What do you think? How did the Iraq issue affect your vote this November?
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Latest comments:
The war in Iraq affected my vote in no way at all -- I stand with the President on this issue. I believe that if the Senate goes to the Democrats, we're all in serious trouble.
April Spinks - Lawrenceburg, KY
One of the reasons I voted today was because of the Iraq war. I am tired of seeing the numbers of casualties increase every day. I want a change and voted for it.
Keara Williams - Tucson, AZ


Gas prices and general pocketbook angst fueled some voters to cast their ballots on Election Day. What do you think? How did economic issues (such as gas prices or the minimum wage) affect your vote this November?
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Latest comments:
The estate tax is one of the most distorted issues I have ever seen. I grew up in South Dakota, a state that desperately needs that tax repealed. Every time a farmer dies, he can't leave his farm to his kids, because a big chunk of the land goes to the tax and there's not enough left to make a living. The same is true of many small businesses - the lifeblood of America. Just because something is worth over a million doesn't make its owner mega-rich. These farmers only make a median income. They've paid their income tax. They've paid their property tax. They've paid their sales tax. They've paid enough. The estate tax kills our economy. "Tax cuts for millionaires?" Not even close.
James Free - Westminster,, CO
Although the economy has been getting better, the one thing that STILL makes my blood absolutely boil is when I think of the price of gasoline. Why did the price go up so much? And why did the oil companies show such huge profits in the last year? And why did the price of oil suddenly start to go down around election time? I have this vision in my mind of the oil executives sitting around their boardroom and laughing and pointing at the American public, saying, "Ha-ha!! You got fooled!!!" Well fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice and shame on me. This election, I have done some research and everyone who has voted in favor of something for the oil companies will NEVER get my vote again.
Sunita Buddhu - Wethersfield, CT


Terrorism is one of the top concerns among voters, according to polls. What do you think? How did terrorism and homeland security issues affect your vote this November?
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Latest comments:
I'm sick and tired of the President vaporizing our constitutional liberties in the name of fighting terrorism. I want people in charge who will protect the document this country was founded on.
Michael Karafin - Kokomo, IN
Wait and see the changes in policy when the Democrats take charge. Watch the terror attacks start on U.S. soil. Looks like the American public has fallen asleep AGAIN ! But the Republicans brought this on themselves by losing their identity like the Dems did in 1994.
Orva McDonald - Gadsden, AL


The battle over illegal immigration promises to rage until Election Day and beyond. What do you think? How did the immigration issue affect your vote this November?
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Latest comments:
I think it is wonderful that people from other countries want to leave their homelands and come live and work in the USA. This kind of immigration proves that America is a great country and a land of opportunity. This country was populated and built by immigrants from all over the world. Those immigrants now call themselves Americans; just as I do.
Jonathan Crawford - Addison, TX
I'll make a deal with you liberals. I'll agree to bring the troops home by the end of next year if you agree to send home the illegals by the end of next year. Is it a deal?
John Smith - Boston, MA

Moral Issues

Moral issues sometimes drive voters to the polls not only to support or oppose a candidate, but also to make their voices heard on dozens of ballot measures dealing with issues like same-sex marriage. What do you think? How did moral issues (such as abortion, same-sex marriage and stem cell research) affect your vote this November?
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Latest comments:
I'm deeply saddened by the yes vote win on the amendment to the WI constitution on same-sex marriage. I am a Christian, but truly believe in separation of church and state. Unfortunately, the church has greatly influenced the definition of the amendment.
Melissa - Little Chute, WI
My state voted in favor of a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. This is something that will not affect me directly; I voted against it because amendments are not something I take lightly. Amendments are good when they protect or give rights to all people. They are good when they protect or improve our economy. We already do not legally recognize gay marriage - how is this amendment doing any of the above?
C. Watkins - Nashville, TN
As Democrats seek to gain control of Congress and Republicans strive to hang onto power, a number of issues will guide their campaigns.
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