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Terrorism is one of the top concerns among voters, according to polls. What do you think? How did terrorism and homeland security issues affect your vote this November?
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Latest comments:
I'm sick and tired of the President vaporizing our constitutional liberties in the name of fighting terrorism. I want people in charge who will protect the document this country was founded on.
Michael Karafin - Kokomo, IN
Wait and see the changes in policy when the Democrats take charge. Watch the terror attacks start on U.S. soil. Looks like the American public has fallen asleep AGAIN ! But the Republicans brought this on themselves by losing their identity like the Dems did in 1994.
Orva McDonald - Gadsden, AL
I voted for the Democrats because the President has lost all focus overseas. We went over to find and kill Bin Laden. Since we couldn't find him, Bush stops talking about Bin Laden and assumes Iraq has WMD. When Bush is dead wrong about the weapons, he says we're taking over because of the Saddam. Bull Crap. He tried to change it up because he knew he was wrong about the weapons and now he put us into a civil and holy war. I wouldn't even call it Iraq War. Try Holy war. Finally, we have some real people in office.
Matt Dauphinee - Snellville, GA
After reading through the comments, it seems that Republican supporters just repeat the same old lines. This is starting to creep out this old conservative. It will be a blessing the day the republicans lose power. I thought the US had a representative government with checks and balances. Vote for change.
John Borasky - Reno, NV
When a top terrorist leader makes a statement encouraging voters to vote Democrat, we know the Repulicans are doing something right. Americans need to pulll their head out and realize that we are at war and these people want to kill everyone of us. Unfortunatly, I believe the average American is to short sighted to see the writing on the wall.
Ronald Brown - Magnolia, TX
Sometimes, you've gotta bite the bullet and go to war. We may well have to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities. Taking out Osama, of course, is a start. However, that does not mean that Mr. President should be listening in on my phone conversations. That's what they did in the Soviet Union under Communist rule. Do you really want the CIA eavesdropping on you're business? I didn't think so.
Justin H. - Purchase, NY
Anyone who would vote along party lines because of the issue of terrorism is negligent in their duty as a voter. Althought the Republican plan has been costly, it has been effective. ... I welcome the government to tap my phone lines at any time ... However the only time I would worry aobut being eavesdropped electronically is if I was guilty of something wrong in the first place.
CJ Wheadon - Clarksville, TN
I want to send this messages to the Americans that to win the war in Iraq we must support our troops, we must stand up to tell the terrorist that we will not let them free, we will defeat them and they have to surrender. We must stand up for victory ... The recent polls will not affect my vote at all, I still support Republicans and President Bush.
Miller Dao - Harbor Island, WA
Anyone can criticize, but it takes an exceptional person to come up with a solution. So, for all the people who want to cut and run, what is your plan for success?
Charles Thompson - Baxter Springs, KS
I am voting Democrat because the Republicans had their chance. They used their chance to discuss an amendment banning gay marriage (while hitting on pages) and stay the course in a losing war (without any materials or an actual exit strategy). Honestly, I would just assume check a box that says "reboot" and kick the whole lot of em out of Washington. If you really want to stop terrorists, create a Department of Homeland Security in Iraq. Or better yet, unleash FEMA on them to help them plan their rebellion. That way they won't be allowed to do anything but if they do find a way it will take them forever.
Chris Campbell - Seattle, WA
I will vote Democratic, because it is time for change. We are not fighting the terrorist in Iraq. Our troops are caught in the middle of a civil war. If the terrorist were in Iraq, I suspect we would be more offensively engaged. We should go back to Afghanistan and apprehend or kill Bin Laden and the rest of the terrorist that are responsible for attacking us.
Harold Mims - Chicago, IL
Let's get a grip America. If we did not fight them over there we do you think the terrorist would fight? In our backyard!
Craig Doyle - San Antonio, TX
I want smart military action in the Middle East. Al-Qaeda wasn't in Iraq on March 2003. They entered Iraq when we failed to secure Iraq's borders. We failed to secure Iraq's borders because many of us - me included - bought the line that we can secure a country that big with 150,000 troops. I'm grown up enough to admit I was wrong. Throw the bums out.
Lynn Walthall - McLean, VA
George Bush and his Republican Congress have made our country less safe with their attempt at an oil grab in Iraq. What ever happened to the values that lead us to victory in WWII? Unfortunately, values are sorely lacking with this bunch.
Henry Duvall - Spokane, WA
I have no love for terrorists, but I would not change American Values by legislation to torture people, imprison people without a trial, break the laws of our Constitution, and change the Geneva Convention. This President and Congress continue to use scare tactics to convince the people of this Country that they will only be safe by giving up some of their civil liberties.
Donna Viles - Alma, AR
As I believe Noam Chomsky once said "You can't fight an 'ism'." The war on terror cannot be "won". In fact, one trip to the airport makes it clear we already have lost -- our country is, in fact, terrorized. The only way to truly fight them is to stop being terrified. By all means, destroy the organizations that support terrorists, and watch those we suspect, but stop harassing every individual in the country out of fear.
Randy Tayler - Orem, UT
Where's Bin Laden? Terrorism is my top issue. Unfortunately, NOBODY running for office seems to be too concerned with that. I have no problem if the government wants to listen in on phone conversations between potential terrorists here in the U.S. or abroad. I'd like to see the fruits of that effort, though.
Robert Dempsey - Westerly, RI
I view of it this way. Terrorism is to the world as cancer is to the human body. Like cancer, when terrorism exists it must be dealt with. You can't ignore it or give in to it without being consumed. It must be caught before it has the chance to spread, corrupt and destroy. Would anyone diagnosed with cancer let it go without a fight?
Richard Wagle - Wasilla, AK
The GOP does not deserve to be returned to power. They have refused to adequately fund port security, even planning to turn over our ports to a Dubai corporation until public outcry stopped this irresponsible action. They have squandered our military resources on an ill-advised war while allowing Osama bin Laden to continue to run freely. ... I would feel safer with adults in charge.
Patrick Elliot - Chicago, IL
Terrorism and homeland security issues will defiantly affect my vote. However I'm yet to find a candidate that is willing to address the root causes of terrorism. Spending money on security and fight wars only address the symptoms. Until US policy is more evenhanded and realistic about the region I see no solution. I have no problem building up our defenses and taking actions needed but at some point we are going to have to talk with the parties involve and come up with an understanding and/or political solution.
Jorg Vazquez - Richmond, VT
I am voting Republican this year to keep the pressure on terrorists. To let any other party jeopardize the War on Terror would be a huge mistake. Keep the pressure on, keep the fight in their back yard. As long as the fight is in their backyard, you can BBQ in yours.
Donald Numbers - Lusby, MD
I am ready to vote for a party that actually protects our rights and freedoms instead of putting them on hold for safe-keeping each time we are threatened. The current situation reminds me of my mom who used to lock my favorite shoes in the closet whenever it rained or snowed outside, so they wouldn't get dirty. Eventually I forgot they ever existed!
Omur Bagci - Salem, MA
Terrorism is world wide and has been around for quite some time. Think back to the Boston Tea Party, that was an act of terrorism against property of England. Why did the Boston Tea Party happen? It's these questions we need to ask ourselves, why do people hate America right now? Is there something civil besides war and violence that we can solve our issues?
Craig Scott - Fremont, CA
How the current administration is handling the terrorism issue has 100% influence on my vote this year. This administration has been quite obviously not as forthright as they should have been. That the Detainee Bill, a bill that perverts the basic rights our founding fathers sacrificed so much for, was actually be passed into law in the name of protecting those rights is not something to be proud of. It should embarrass every patriot.
Eve Graebner - Beaverton, OR
There can be no "war" on terrorism. Wars have some faint hope of cessation through negotiation and surrender. So long as there is one individual willing to commit an act of terror that faint hope ceases!
Charles Bundy - Lebanon, VA
Terrorists, terrorism, you hear it everywhere, from every candidate. Are we safer now than we were after 9/11? No. So many of the comments here are right on. But I tell you, I am terrified by the "Homeland Security Act". I feel that our liberties are at stake because of "terrorist" mentality that pervades our current ADMINISTRATION. There is way too much power in this president's hands, and a do nothing congress who rubber stamps his agenda. We have "terrorists" in the White House and Congress. This has absolutely affected MY vote.
Rita Douglas - Harkers Island, NC
Of Course I support wiretapping legitimate suspects, and here's the key - with a proper warrant. I do not, however, support wiretapping anyone and everyone without probable cause.
Jim Flores - Arlington, TX
The only way to win the war on terror is to loosen the ropes that tie the hands of those out in the field. The true heroes of the war on terror, the CIA and NSA, must be given the appropriate means and measures to effectively fight this battle. Personally, I frequently go over to Egypt for studies, and when I call home, I like to begin my calls by saying thank you to the NSA operatives most likely listening in for insuring that I am not a terrorist calling into a sleeper cell in the US. Then I go about my regular conversation.
Tom Kent - Westfield, NJ
I am voting for Democrats. That way the enemy will win and it will all be over with anyway.
Diane Kay - Norfolk, VA
This is the single most important issue and I'd probably be more middle of the road if I didn't feel the Democrats would be utterly incompetent in fighting the war on terror. Comments made by Kerry, Dean, Edwards and company during the 2004 election cycle proved to me that the Democratic Party as a whole has no concept of what it takes and what it will take to win this war.
Clark Walton - Charlotte, NC
Terrorism is not even an issue for me. As far as i am concerned the terrorists already won on 9/11. What is a terrorist's purpose? To instill fear. And guess what, the Republican administration has assured that the terrorists have achieved their goal. They have successfully scared the American public enough that they are willing to give up their rights in order to achieve an illusion of safety.
Jason Rankine - Savannah, GA
Terrorism issues will impact my vote in one way only - and that is the loss of our basic freedoms by virtue of the Patriot Act. Any time my government can arrest me and lock me away with out benefit of counsel, it the day that government has stopped working for me.
Linda Masterson - Orlando, FL
Terrorism is something that America was fortunate to have avoided while Europe and other parts of the world suffered. Unfortunately, America finds itself in the middle of what most other countries have had to deal with for decades. I believe that diplomatic solutions will not protect America. I strongly believe that only military action and covert actions can succeed in protecting America and its people. ... I want someone representing me that is willing to take a stand against terrorism and who is willing to fund legislation and military action necessary to prevent terrorist acts. I don't want someone who is interested in only talking about it.
Jeff Reynolds - Dallas, TX
You want to make the US safe from terrorism? Bring the troops home. Let them guard our borders, which remain so porous, it's laughable. Let them guard our ports, rather than hiring a foreign country to do it. Let them help patrol airports. Let them help guard events where thousands of US citizens are expected to gather. But please don't think I am naive enough to believe that fighting a war half a world away will make me any safer.
K. Edwards - Indianapolis, IN
Fighting terrorists is like fighting ants. You can kill a bunch of them, but you won't get rid of them. Taking away our civil liberties, and turning the country into a police state will not make the US safer. It'll just create more enemies for the state.
Dave Graham - Carol Stream, IL
It's a dangerous world. I personally feel more danger crossing the street or riding my motorcycle than I do from terrorists. 911 was a trajedy of mythic proportions, but other countries in the world have been dealing with terrorists for a long time. Perhaps rather than alienating ourselves from the world community, we should have taken them up on their offers of help in combatting the problem.
Alan Franz - La Crosse, WI
Certainly terrorism and the fear of another attack on US soil motivates my vote. One would think the Republicans would have actually done something to make our homeland safer, other than illegal wiretaps that erode our civil liberties. ... I must vote for balance in government. I'm voting for Democrats.
Michael McAllister - Atlanta, GA
Obviously the new Republican advertisement is playing the fear card once again. I hope the voters ignore them. My plan is to vote against every incumbent possible. Congress is not doing its job of oversight.
Bettye Matthews - Westminster, MD
For those who say that the Democrats can do a better job with terrorism, I say look at the Carter and Clinton administrations. These two men should have done more. Ignoring the problem gave us 911 and I am proud of how Bush handled it.
TJ Fetter - Cary, NC
Terrorists do not care about politics or diplomacy or sanctions. They only care about destroying our way of life and they will do so in any way that suits their needs. We can not reason with them, we can not change their minds, we can only deal with them in the manner they best understand. And the only thing they understand is military power. They are the bully on the block and we MUST stand up to them or they will win.
Alina Miller - Melbourne, FL
Terrorism is a genuine threat to us here at home, that cannot be downplayed or diminished. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, if we give up liberties to gain security, we will have less of both. We must fight vigorously those that wish to bring down our nation ... but I strongly feel that we must do it while retaining our liberties here at home.
Sean Winnington - Spokane, WA
We should all vote for someone other than a Democrat or Republican. If that is not a choice, vote against the incumbent. Terrorism is simple -- find those responsible and kill them. It seldon requires a war to do this. If a war is required we should use overwhelming force. Wipe them out and get it over with. We keep trying to swim with one foot out of the pool.
David Hurtt - Amarillo, TX
As long as our elected officials refuse to join forces for the good of the American people, nothing good will be accomplished. How can we negotiate with other nations if our elected officials will not meet in harmony and discuss what's best for the American people they are suppose to represent? I shall vote to remove the present Congress and Senate.
Rollon Thompson - Gilbert, AZ
Terrorism is a very important issue and will not affect who I vote for. We are less safe and more corrupt today because of these children running the country, than ever before.
James Joiner - Gardner, MA
Terrorism is about instilling fear and having control over the world. We must fight fire with fire if we are to overcome their villainous acts. We cannot use diplomacy in spite of its merits.
James MacIntosh - Muskegon, MI
Isn't it scary to think that to defend freedom the price we pay is to give it up?
Stacy North - Morgantown, WV
How do you install economic sanctions on terrorist organizations? How do you propose bilateral talks with terrorists? As far as I know, Al Qaeda does not have an ambassador or allow open lines of communication. Their only communication is via pre-recorded rants and demands. Their only actions are bombings or ambushes. The option to communicate and discuss a peaceful coexistence is an option they scoff at. They leave us three options, we cease to exist, we empower them by acquiescing to their demands...or we take military action.
Mike - Seattle, WA
I agree with the person who stated we should basically walk softly and carry a really big stick. We should not care one bit about what another country thinks about us. If someone threatens like North Korea has, we should knock them into the stone-age. Forget what does not work, diplomacy. Use what does, the Military muscle!!!
Rudolph Soto - Eagar, AZ
Bush & his puppeteer Karl (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain) Rove have just used this to take a slight change off FDR's famous speach. "The only thing we have to "sell" is fear itself." They have used 9/11 to hold their power, while never going after and getting the man responisble for it. Clue, Bin Laden is not nor has he ever been in Iraq.
J. Curtis - Sharon, WS
Terrorism has been nothing more than a political tool for the Republicans over the last 6 years. How do you fight a war on idiology? Terrorism is something that obviously needs to be addressed and dealt with but not in politics. Shame on the GOP and Republicans for scaring the American public and using terrorism as a political tool.
David Ogle - Wilton Manors, FL
Democrats and all of their talk on "talking it out" with those countries that want to do us harm is utterly ridiculous. We need to stop worrying about what other countries think of us, and simply defend ourselves. We must show them that we will defend ourselves, not tell them.
Kristen Seevers - Ocean Springs, MS
The administration and the Republicans have dropped the ball on terrorism and frankly the Democrats have let them get away with it. The unconstitutional detainee treatment bill is an indictment of the administration and the Congress. While some democrats coted for it and some republicans voted against it, on balance, the Repubicans are more at fault.
Vicki Rowan - Charlotte, NC
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