Dennis Kucinich

Candidate status: Dropped out January 25, 2008
Filed a statement of candidacy with the FEC on December 29, 2006

States won: None

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Current job: U.S. Representative from Ohio

Birth date: October 26, 1947, Chicago, Illinois

Family: Married Elizabeth Harper (2005-present); Sandra Lee McCarthy-Horn (1977-1986); Children: Jackie

Religion: Roman Catholic

Education: Case Western Reserve University, B.A. and M.A., 1973

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In Their Own Words

I say we achieve strength through peace. That's the new doctrine that I'm going to promote throughout this campaign.
-- at the July 23, 2007, CNN/YouTube debate
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Some supporters, who may have also contributed to other candidates, include:
Deirdre Hall
Donated $1,000
Deirdre Hall
Shelley Morrison
Donated $1,600
Shelley Morrison
Alexandra Paul
Donated $1,300
Alexandra Paul
Robert Bender
editor at Simon and Schuster
Donated $500 in December 2006
Valerie Dejean
founder of Spectrum Center for autistic children
Donated $600
Charles Filipi
Professor, surgeon
Gave $1,000 in December 2006
Charles Pinkney
Cleveland-based painter
Gave $408 in December 2006
Robert Desmarais Sullivan
New Orleans teacher and civic activist
Gave $600 in December 2006
* Money figures are according to FEC
Some of the top and notable advisers, according to the campaigns and/or media reports.
David Bright
Campaign manager, director of field operations
Proprietor of BrightBerry Farm, an organic farm in central Maine; treasurer of wife Jean Hay Bright's unsuccessful 2006 Senate run
Marcos Rubinstein
Field operations
Deputy campaign manager for Iowan Art Small's 2004 Senate campaign
Andy Juniewicz
Campaign spokesman
Worked for then-Cleveland Mayor Kucinich, reporter for Cleveland Plain Dealer
Chad Ely
Media operations
National director of media for Kucinich's 2004 presidential campaign
Evan Moody
Former intern in Kucinich's House office
Christina Kraich-Rogers
Senior New England coordinator
New Hampshire coordinator for Kucinich's 2004 presidential campaign
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• Needed to Win: This refers to the total number of delegate votes needed by a candidate to win the party's nomination.
• States won: This refers to CNN's projected winner for each race until a final result has been determined. How CNN projects winners
Dennis Kucinich Fundraising
TOTAL as of 12/31/2007
Raised: $3,863,174
Spent: $3,614,515
Cash-on-Hand: $291,111
provided by FEC
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Kucinich on the Issues
Supports abortion rights, though previously opposed them.
Supports legal status for some illegal immigrants with long-standing ties to the U.S. Opposed legislation authorizing a 700-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexican border.
Voted against use of military force in Iraq. Voted against war spending bill with Democratic troop withdrawal plan because timeline was nonbinding and because it continued to fund the war. Supports ending war funding. Opposed Bush plan to send additional troops to Iraq. Opposes additional war funding and has called for troop withdrawal. Proposes opening talks with Iran and Syria to assist in Iraq.
Same-sex marriage
Supports same-sex marriage. Opposes constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
Social Security
Opposes Bush plan allowing workers to divert some Social Security payroll taxes into private retirement accounts. Says that the program is not in "crisis."
Opposed 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts. Opposed extending tax cuts through 2010. Supports restoring tax rates in place during Clinton administration.
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