Fred Thompson

Candidate status: Dropped out January 22, 2008
Announced candidacy on September 5, 2007 Full story

States won: None

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Current job: Actor -- most recently appeared on TV's "Law & Order." ABC radio commentator

Birth date: August 19, 1942, Sheffield, Alabama

Family: Married Jeri Kehn Thompson (2001-present); divorced Sarah Knestrickin 1985.

Religion: Protestant

Education: Memphis State University, B.S., 1964; Vanderbilt University Law School, J.D., 1967
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Today, the focus of this war is Afghanistan and Iraq, but it is clear that this struggle and our enemies extend far beyond those borders. To defend ourselves, we in the democratic world must assert our intentions in the clearest possible terms.
-- from a speech November 13, 2007
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Fred Thompson Fundraising
TOTAL as of 12/31/2007
Raised: $21,812,644
Spent: $19,672,377
Cash-on-Hand: $2,140,266
provided by FEC
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Thompson on the Issues
Opposes abortion rights. Says Roe v. Wade is a "bad law" and "bad medical science."
Supports stricter enforcement of existing laws to prevent future influx of illegal immigrants. Opposes blanket amnesty programs, but willing to consider allowing some illegal immigrants to earn citizenship without being unfair to those here legally. Supports expanding visa program for skilled workers.
Voted for use of military force in Iraq. Supports Bush Iraq policy, but says U.S. entered war with too few troops and wrong strategy.
Same-sex marriage
Opposes same-sex marriage. Personally opposes civil unions, but says the issue should be left to states.
Social Security
Voted in favor of using budget surplus funds to create a private savings account program as a supplement to Social Security.
Voted in favor of 2001 Bush tax cut law.
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