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The Australian Defense Force has deployed a number of units from the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Australian Navy as part of the buildup of coalition forces in the region.

Royal Australian Air Force
Deployed to: Persian Gulf region
Units: A squadron of 14 F/A-18 Hornet fighter aircraft deployed on February 8, 2003, from RAAF Tindal base in Northern Territory. Two C-130H and one C-130J Hercules transport aircraft, along with crews and support personnel, left from RAAF Richmond base in New South Wales on February 7, 2003.

An Air Forward Command Element responsible for coordinating air operations with coalition partners and providing national control of RAAF assets also has deployed. A small air force reconnaissance team was already in the Middle East to prepare for the F/A-18 deployments.

Two Australian P-3 Orion aircraft based at RAAF Edinburgh, South Australia, are already in the Persian Gulf conducting maritime patrol operations.

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Australian Army

The Australian Army has deployed a Special Forces Task Group to the Persian Gulf region, which includes soldiers from the units listed below.

Special Air Service Squadron
Home base: Perth, Australia
Deployed to: Persian Gulf region
Units: An advance party for the Special Forces Task Group, including a Special Air Service squadron, left Perth, Australia, on January 24.

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16th Air Defense Regiment
Home base: Woodside barracks, South Australia
Deployed to: Persian Gulf region
Units: An undisclosed number of gunners have been deployed from the regiment, which is the Australian Army's only ground-based air defense unit.

5th Aviation Regiment
Home base: RAAF Base Townsville, Queensland
Units: CH-47D Chinook transport helicopters and personnel from 5th Aviation Regiment deployed from Townsville on February 11.

Incident Response Regiment
Home base: Holsworthy, New South Wales
Units: An undisclosed number of personnel have deployed from the IRR, which is a specialized unit for response to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive incidents.

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4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (Commando)
Home base: Sydney, Australia
Units: Elements from the battalion will make up a quick reaction support force to support the Special Air Service squadron in the Persian Gulf.

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Royal Australian Navy

HMAS Kanimbla
Date deployed: January 23, 2003
Destination: Persian Gulf
Home port: Sydney, Australia
Type of vessel: Amphibious transport ship converted from ex-U.S. Navy tank landing ship.
Crew: 180
Aircraft: Capable of carrying up to four Sea Hawk/Black Hawk-size helicopters or three of the larger Sea King helicopters. Ship's hangar also can handle a Chinook helicopter.
Armament: One 20mm Phalanx rapid-fire close-range weapons system, .50 caliber machine guns and SRBOC anti-missile chaff and decoy system
Maximum speed: 20 knots
Power plant: Six diesel engines
Length: 525 feet
Embarked forces: A Sea King helicopter, Army landing craft, an Army air defense detachment and a specialist explosives ordnance team.

HMAS Darwin
Date deployed: October 28, 2002
Destination: Persian Gulf
Type of vessel: Adelaide-class guided-missile frigate
Home port: Perth, Australia
Total personnel: 186
Aircraft: Up to two Sea Hawk helicopters
Armament: One 76mm rapid-fire gun, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Standard surface-to-air missiles, one 20 mm Phalanx rapid-fire close-range weapons system, and two triple-mounted anti-submarine torpedo tubes for Mk 32 torpedoes.
Maximum speed: More than 30 knots
Power Plant: Two gas turbine engines
Length: 455 feet

HMAS Anzac
Date deployed: October 28, 2002
Destination: Persian Gulf
Home port: Sydney, Australia
Type of vessel: Anzac-class guided-missile frigate
Crew: 173
Power plant: One gas turbine and two diesel turbines
Aircraft: Capable of carrying a single Sea Hawk helicopter
Armament: One 5-inch Mk 45 rapid-fire gun, Sea Sparrow anti-air missiles, two Mk 32 triple-mounted anti-submarine torpedo tubes, and four 50-caliber machine guns.
Maximum speed: More than 28 knots
Power plant: One gas turbine and two diesel turbines
Length: 389 feet
Launched: May 18, 1996

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Australian Ministry of Defense, Periscope
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