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Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Army
Deployments in the Persian Gulf

Sgt. David Kellogg of the 318th Psychological Operations Battalion, a reserve unit out of Jefferson Barracks St. Louis, Missouri, attached to the 101st Airborne Division, plays with Iraqi children near the entrance to the ancient city of Ninevah in Mosul, Iraq, on September 5, 2003.  
Army Reserve

Soldiers: More than 10,000

Deployed to: Kuwait and Iraq

Units: Reserve units from all 50 states have been called up in support of U.S. military operations in Iraq.

Duties: According to "Operation Iraqi Freedom -- By the Numbers, a document released April 30, 2003, by the Combined Forces Air Component Command, 10,863 Army Reserve soldiers participated in the war in Iraq. As of October 1, 2003, there were 127,208 Army National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers on active duty around the world.

According to the Army Reserve, 54 percent of reserve units are combat service support units, including medical, finance, supply, quartermaster, transportation, judge advocate, petroleum/water, logistics, administrative services, civil affairs and fixed-wing aviation units; 18 percent are combat support, including signal, chemical, military police, engineer, military intelligence, psychological operations and medium helicopter support units; 27 percent are mobilization base expansion units, including training divisions, garrisons, schools, hospitals, depot support and port operations units; and 1 percent are combat units, either infantry or attack aviation units.

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