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MK bomb series
Type: General-purpose unguided, free-fall bomb; MK-82 is the 500-pound version; MK-83 is the 1,000-pound version; MK-84 is the 2,000-pound version
Precision-guidance: When a Joint Direct Attack Munition tail kit is attached, the MK series of unguided bombs are transformed into precision-guided munitions that use Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites for guidance. The JDAM version of the MK-83 is known as GBU-32 and the MK-84 is known as the GBU-31 (GBU is short for Guided Bomb Unit).
Launch: Dropped from aircraft. JDAM versions can be dropped by B-1B, B-2 and B-52 bombers or from F-16 C/D Falcon and F/A-18 C/D Hornet fighters.