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War Tracker: March 22, 2003

• A U.S. soldier was detained in connection with a grenade and small arms attack early Sunday at an Army camp in northern Kuwait, the U.S. Central Command said. The attack on the 101st Airborne Division camp wounded 13 people, U.S. military officials said. Military criminal investigators say the soldier detained was recently reprimanded for insubordination, Time Magazine's Jim Lacey said. Full story
• U.S.-led coalition troops advanced more than 150 miles into Iraqi territory and crossed the Euphrates River using existing bridges, the Pentagon said Saturday. Full story
• Turkish military officials denied Saturday sending Turkish troops into Northern Iraq. Late Friday, CNN Turk reported seeing more than 1,000 Turkish troops crossing the border. Full story
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• Heavy U.S. airstrikes continued around Iraq Saturday night and into Sunday morning with both manned and unmanned aircraft, according to a Pentagon official. Air Force and Navy aircraft flew 1,500 sorties, 800 of those actual air strikes Saturday.
• The northern cities of Mosul and Kirkuk, major oil-producing centers, were bombed for the third night in a row Saturday. More explosions were heard in Baghdad early Sunday. Full story
• Two U.S. Patriot missiles destroyed an Iraqi missile fired at a U.S. Army base in northern Kuwait early Sunday, commanders at the base said.
• Three Tomahawk missiles fired by the United States might have missed their intended target, possibly landing in southwestern Iran, state department officials said Saturday. The State Department tried to prevent a potential diplomatic crisis with Iran, sending messages through a Swiss intermediary.
• Thousands of U.S. airborne troops are expected to fly into northern Iraq from eastern Jordan, bypassing Turkish airspace, Kurdish sources tell CNN. Full story | U.S. fighter jets
• Six British crewmembers and one American died when two U.K. Navy Sea King helicopters collided over the Persian Gulf, U.K. officials said Saturday. Full story
• Iraqi officials reported Saturday that 207 civilians had been injured in air strikes on Baghdad.
• An Australian cameraman and three Kurdish soldiers died Saturday when a bomber blew up his taxi at a checkpoint in northern Iraq, a Time Magazine reporter said.
• At least 14 British and seven American military personnel have died as a result of the conflict, according to coalition military sources.
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* Approximate number as of 4 a.m. EST Saturday.
Source: CNN; Pentagon
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EDITOR'S NOTE: CNN's policy is to not report information that puts operational security at risk.
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