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War Tracker: March 28, 2003

• A missile struck near a Kuwait City shopping mall Saturday, the first time the capital was hit since the war began, Kuwaiti authorities said. Two people suffered minor injuries, authorities said. Full Story
• Explosions rocked Baghdad early Saturday. It appeared Iraq's Information Ministry was hit. Full Story
• U.S. aircraft destroyed a building in Basra where about 200 Iraqi militiamen were meeting Friday, the U.S. Central Command said early Saturday.
• Pentagon sources told CNN Friday that a B-2 Stealth bomber dropped two 4,500-pound GBU-37 "bunker buster" bombs in Baghdad Thursday. It was the first time the powerful bombs have been used in this war. Animation: 'Bunker-buster' bombs
• Coalition airstrikes Friday targeted Iraqi troops along a ridge in northern Iraq near a Kurdish-controlled area. The nearby city of Mosul also was bombed. Full Story
• The Medina Division of Iraq's Republican Guard, placed south of Baghdad, is now at 65 percent of its capacity after heavy airstrikes, U.S. officials told CNN.
Weapons: Aircraft, munitions, 3-D models
• Scores of coalition soldiers were dropped deep into Iraq Friday in what is being called the longest helicopter-borne air assault operation ever. Full Story
• U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Syria is shipping military supplies, including night-vision goggles, into Iraq. "We consider such trafficking as hostile acts," he said Friday. Full Story
• Saddam Hussein's regime controls only a small portion of Iraq, President Bush said Friday. Full Story
• Coalition strikes Friday targeted a hospital in the town of Rutbah where intelligence indicated Baath Party officials were stationed, sources said. Coalition officials say Iraqi forces are hiding in civilian buildings.
• Three U.S. Marine infantry battalions occupy the northern and southern parts of Nasiriya, military officials told CNN Friday. Full Story
• Thousands of civilians trying to flee Basra Friday were fired upon by Iraqi paramilitaries, British officials said. Full Story | premium content Video Securing Basra
• About 2,000 Marines from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit landed in Kuwait to support U.S. forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom, officials said Friday.
Gallery: War photos | Audio Slide Show: In harm's way
Animation: Battle scenarios
• Coalition deaths in the war total 51.
Killed in Action: List of coalition fatalities
• A hospital official said at least 52 people were killed when a Baghdad neighborhood was bombed Friday. Iraq's health minister said the war has left 4,000 civilian dead and wounded. CNN cannot verify the numbers. Full Story
• Four U.S. service members wounded in the war were taken to an army hospital in Washington D.C.
• Seven U.S. military members are being held as POWs, Pentagon officials said. Twenty one are listed as missing in action.
Missing or captured: Coalition POWs/MIAs
Amanpour: Aid as a psychological tool
Franken: U.S. forces secure airstrip
Muriel: Civilians caught in firefight
Diamond: Excitement as aid arrives
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Sources: Pentagon, CNN. Numbers are estimates.
• A British supply ship carrying nearly 200 tons of humanitarian supplies docked Friday in Umm Qasr. Full Story
Audio Slide Show: Aid for Iraq
• The U.N. Security Council Friday approved a resolution to restart Iraq's oil-for-food program. Full Story
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