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War Tracker: March 29, 2003

• At least four large explosions rocked a residential area of Baghdad Sunday and smoke could be seen pouring from apartments in the area. The area contains buildings where government officials live, reported CNN Correspondent Nic Robertson. Full Story
• CNN's Ben Wedeman reported hearing large explosions late Saturday on the Iraqi side of the front between the Iraqi military and the Kurds near Mosul.
• A Patriot missile destroyed an Iraqi missile Saturday afternoon headed toward Kuwait, Kuwaiti officials said. The intercept -- the 14th missile launched towards Kuwait since the war began -- came about 10 hours after a missile struck a Kuwait City shopping mall, injuring one person. Full Story | Patriot missile
• U.S. Navy ships in the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea have stopped firing cruise missiles over Turkey and Saudi Arabia after complaints by those two nations that some missiles have fallen into their territory, a Pentagon official said. Full Story
Weapons: Aircraft, munitions, 3-D models
• Four U.S. soldiers were killed Saturday morning when an Iraqi suicide bomber attacked a checkpoint in the town of Najaf, U.S. military sources told CNN. Full Story
• U.S. Marines and Iraqi fighters faced off on either side of the Euphrates River on Saturday, waging a fierce battle for the city of Nasiriya. Full Story
• Bloodied U.S. battle fatigues believed to be those of some of an ambushed Army maintenance unit were discovered hidden in a hospital in Nasiriya, a Pentagon official said. The troops also discovered what appeared to be a torture device. Coalition POWs/MIAs
• Two journalists for Newsday, reported missing while in Iraq, may have been detained by the Iraqi government, the newspaper's editor said Saturday.
• More than one-third of the U.S.-led coalition's 290,000 troops in the Persian Gulf region have entered Iraq, the Pentagon said Saturday.
Gallery: War photos | Interactive: Street fighting
• Coalition deaths in the war total 59.
Killed in Action: List of coalition fatalities
• Two U.S. Marines were killed in separate incidents in south-central Iraq, the U.S. Central Command announced Saturday. Both Marines were from the First Marine Expeditionary Force. One was killed late Friday night when he was hit by a Humvee, while engaged in a firefight with Iraqi soldiers. The other Marine drowned early Friday when the Humvee in which he was riding rolled over into a canal.
• The bodies of 10 British military service members killed in a "friendly fire" incident and accident in the Persian Gulf area returned to England on Saturday. Full Story
• Iraqi TV reported Saturday that 357 Iraqi citizens have died and 3,650 have been injured in 10 days of war. CNN cannot verify the numbers.
• Seven U.S. military members are being held as POWs, Pentagon officials said. Twenty one are listed as missing in action.
Missing or captured: Coalition POWs/MIAs
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Sources: CNN; Pentagon
• Two International Red Cross vehicles with medical supplies and spare parts for a water treatment plant headed Saturday toward Basra in hopes of easing the humanitarian crisis in the southeastern Iraqi city.
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