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War Tracker: March 30, 2003

• The U.S. stepped up airstrikes against Republican Guard troops in one of the heaviest days of bombing in the 11-day war. Pentagon sources say about 800 strike sorties were flown Sunday, with more than 60 percent aimed at troops south of Baghdad. Full Story
• A U.S. Marine helicopter crashed in Southern Iraq Sunday, killing three and injuring one, the U.S. Central Command said. The crash appeared to be accidental, a Pentagon spokesman said. Full Story
• U.S. war planners underestimated Iraqi forces and are now re-writing battle plans, veteran war correspondent Peter Arnett told Iraqi TV in an interview that aired Sunday. Full Story
Weapons: Aircraft, munitions, 3-D models
• British Marine commandos killed an Iraqi colonel and captured five other paramilitaries near Basra Sunday, the UK military said. Full Story
• U.S. forces in western Iraq captured an Iraqi general who led U.S. troops to a stash that included 26 anti-aircraft missiles and six anti-aircraft guns. Full Story
• An Egyptian electrician working for the U.S. military drove a pickup truck Sunday into a line of American soldiers waiting outside the post exchange at Camp Udairi in Kuwait's northwest desert, injuring 15 of them.
• A "terrorist facility" in northern Iraq was destroyed by coalition forces, Gen. Tommy Franks said. Full Story
• Coalition forces secured Iraq's coastline, Gen. Tommy Franks said Sunday. But Iraqi Brig. Gen. Hazem al-Rawi said Iraqi forces launched a missile Saturday into Kuwait from the area.
Gallery: War photos | Audio Slide Show: Oil and you
• Coalition deaths in the war total 67.
Killed in Action: List of coalition fatalities
• Iraqi TV reported Saturday that 357 Iraqi citizens have died and 3,650 have been injured in the war. CNN cannot verify the numbers.
• Seven U.S. military members are being held as POWs, and 18 are listed as missing in action. Iraq still has not allowed Red Cross officials to visit the U.S. POWs, Gen. Richard Myers said Sunday.
Missing or captured: Coalition POWs/MIAs
• A pipe will be built Monday from the Kuwaiti water supply system to the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr that will deliver about 600,000 gallons of water a day to Iraqi civilians, U.K. Army official said Sunday.
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Sources: Pentagon; CNN. Numbers are estimates.
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