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War Tracker: April 2, 2003

Closer to Baghdad: U.S. troops are nearing Baghdad after beating back Iraqi Republican Guard units in what one officer called a "quick-moving" battle, military field commanders said. Full Story
Getting there: Commanders with the Army's V Corps told CNN that American troops could be on Baghdad's southern outskirts by early Thursday. Full Story
Rescued American: U.S. Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, 19, rescued in a special operations raid on a hospital, arrived at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in southwestern Germany for treatment. She suffered two broken legs, both apparently from gunshot wounds, her family said. Full Story | premium content Video
Fighting at Karbala: The U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division engaged the Republican Guard near Karbala, according to U.S. Central Command. CNN's Walter Rodgers reported that Army sources said the division's brigades captured Karbala with "little effort."
Full Story | 3rd Infantry
Marines cross Tigris: The 1st Marine Expeditionary Force attacked the Republican Guard's Baghdad Division, capturing a bridge and crossing the Tigris River Wednesday. Air Force Maj. Gen. Stanley McChrystal said the Baghdad and Medina divisions are "no longer credible forces." Full Story | 1st MEF
Religious shrine: Iraqi forces are using a historic mosque in Najaf as a covert base of operation, U.S. Central Command said Wednesday. Iraqi soldiers are operating from the gilded dome of the tomb of Ali, which Shiite Muslims venerate as the burial site of the prophet Muhammad's son-in-law. Full Story
Battle at Nasiriya: U.S. Marines in Nasiriya are going block-by-block to flush out Iraqi paramilitary units.
Gallery: War photos | Audio Slide Show: Army arrives
Helicopter down: Pentagon officials said Wednesday a U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter with 11 soldiers aboard was shot down by small arms fire near Karbala, killing seven. Four others were rescued.
Iraqi capital blasts: Several explosions were heard in Baghdad Thursday morning. The source was not clear.
Turkey agrees: After a trip by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Turkey agreed to allow overflights of U.S. military equipment and passage of humanitarian assistance into Iraq, U.S. officials say. Full Story
Guided bombs: About 40 satellite-guided bombs late Wednesday pounded a "heavily secured" storage facility used by Saddam Hussein's regime in Baghdad, U.S. Central Command said.
Weapons used: More than 10,000 precision-guided weapons have been used in Iraq so far, and 700 cruise missiles have been fired, Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Stanley McChrystal said Wednesday.
Coalition: 76 coalition deaths reported.
List of coalition fatalities
Iraq: The Iraqi government has not released information on military casualties but has said that 420 civilians have been killed. CNN cannot independently verify Iraq's numbers. • Journalist: The British Broadcasting Corporation said one of its cameraman was accidentally killed in northern Iraq Wednesday. Kaveh Golestan, 52, was working at Kifri when he mistakenly stepped on a land mine. Full Story
Missing or captured: Seven U.S. military members are being held as POWs, and 15 are listed as missing in action.
Coalition POWs/MIAs
Wedeman: Iraqis abandon ridge
Bellini: Marines play 'street cop'
Rodgers: Mighty army rolling
Penhaul: Commanders optimistic
More On the Scene reports


Sources: Pentagon, CNN, British Ministry of Defense
Aid rations: The United Nations warned Wednesday that humanitarian food rations being handed out by coalition forces in Iraq have yellow wrapping the same color as a bomblet being dropped, which could mean death for children who confuse the two. Full Story
Food shortage: Iraqi homes could run out of food by early May, prompting a humanitarian crisis, the United Nations said. Full Story
Audio Slide Shows: Aid for Iraq | Devil Docs
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Grange: POW recoveries 'high priority'
Shepperd: 'Terrible' situations at checkpoints
Grange: Too early to judge the battlefield
Shepperd: War plan 'audacious, prudent'
Shepperd: 'Not a small missile' in Kuwait
Shepperd: Planners must ask 'What if?'
Clark: Northern front 'desperately needed'
Clark: Quick victory 'not going to happen'
Grange: Iraqis fight with 'economy of force'
Map: Major flash points

Animation: Battle scenarios | More battle scenarios
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March 27: More U.S. troops headed for Iraq
March 26: Northern front opens
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