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War Tracker: April 4, 2003

Leaving the capital: Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Iraqis fled Baghdad Friday after coalition forces seized the airport. A source told CNN's Nic Robertson that electricity was restored in Baghdad, a day after power was lost in the city.
Baghdad airport: U.S. forces are holding Baghdad's airport, 12 miles outside the city center, but they are still facing sporadic resistance there, Maj. Gen. Stanley McChrystal said Friday. Full Story | Gallery: Airport battle
Heavy fighting: Some Iraqi forces are gathering close to Baghdad's airport, a source told CNN's Nic Robertson. Coalition forces fought Friday to maintain control around Saddam International Airport, renamed Baghdad International Airport by coalition forces. CNN's Walter Rodgers reported no coalition casualties and more than 400 Iraqi deaths in the battle. Full Story
Saddam on TV: Videotape aired Friday by Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. showed a man who appeared to be Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein walking through the streets of Baghdad in the midst of an excited, cheering crowd. Full story | premium content Video
Republican Guard surrender: Some 2,500 Iraqi soldiers with the Republican Guard's Baghdad Division have surrendered to U.S. Marines between Kut and Baghdad, said Capt. Frank Thorp, a spokesman for U.S. Central Command. Republican Guard
Iraqi deserters: Iraqi soldiers deserting their units in northern Iraq report low pay, little food and the execution of deserters who were caught, Human Rights Watch said Friday.
Checkpoint bombing: Three coalition soldiers were killed and two wounded in a car bomb attack at a western Iraq checkpoint overnight Friday, according to U.S. Central Command. Full Story
Khazar captured: Kurdish forces captured the town of Khazar in northern Iraq Friday after more than a day of fighting. Full Story
Iraqi informer: An Iraqi man who helped U.S. Marines plan the rescue of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch has been granted refugee status and has been described by the Marines as a "hero." Full Story
Gallery: War photos | Map: Troop movements
Baghdad bombed: With U.S.-led ground forces battling Iraqi soldiers in the outskirts of Baghdad, the coalition early Saturday launched heavy air assaults around the capital. Explosions were so intense that parts of the mostly blacked out capital were lit up by massive fireballs. At times, the explosions jolted the city one after another for minutes on end. Full Story
Strike sorties: Defense Department officials said Friday 700 strike sorties were flown in the last 24 hour period, with most attacks aimed at Saddam Hussein's elite Republican Guard.
Coalition: 84 coalition deaths reported.
List of coalition fatalities
Iraq: The Iraqi government has not released any military casualty details but has said that 420 civilians have been killed. CNN cannot independently verify Iraq's numbers.
Journalist killed: Washington Post columnist Michael Kelly was killed Thursday, the first U.S. journalist to die in Iraq. Full Story
Missing or captured: Seven U.S. troops are being held as POWs, and 15 are listed as missing in action.
Coalition POWs/MIAs
Brahimi: Baghdad clueless about airport Rodgers: Treating wounded Iraqi
Gupta: Docs grasp war through wounded
More On the Scene reports


Sources: U.S. Defense Department
Money pledged: The U.S. pledged $530 million in humanitarian relief for Iraq and said the U.N. would have a major role in delivering help to the country. The U.S. also allocated $1.7 billion for the reconstruction of Iraq after the war. Full Story
New color for rations: The color of all future humanitarian food rations will be changed after concerns were raised about the potential of Iraqi children confusing yellow packets of food rations with yellow cluster bomblets being dropped there, a U.S. official said Thursday. Full Story

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Shepperd: 'Not a small missile' in Kuwait
Shepperd: Planners must ask 'What if?'
Clark: Northern front 'desperately needed'
Clark: Quick victory 'not going to happen'
Grange: Iraqis fight with 'economy of force'
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