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War Tracker: April 6, 2003

Tighter grip: U.S.-led coalition forces encircled Baghdad Sunday, closing off highways in and out of the Iraqi capital while armed Iraqi soldiers manned the streets and hunkered down for battle. Full Story
U.S. plane lands: A C-130 Hercules transport plane brought troops and equipment to Baghdad's airport under the cover of darkness Sunday, the first coalition aircraft to put down at the facility since the U.S. Army took it over. Full Story | C-130 Hercules
Tanks back in: For the second straight day, U.S. Army forces Sunday conducted reconnaissance missions into downtown Baghdad, engaging pockets of Iraqi fighters, U.S. Central Command said. Battle scenario
Counterclaims: Iraq's information minister insisted Iraq was making progress in the war, touting the destruction of U.S. tanks and helicopters and claiming U.S. forces at Baghdad's airport had been beaten.
Basra gains: British forces took up key positions to secure Basra Sunday after meeting little resistance in a morning raid. Full Story | U.K. commandos
Suicide honors: Two women suicide bombers in Iraq were honored by Saddam Hussein, Iraqi TV reported.
Hiding out: Iraqi forces were meeting in mosques, hospitals and schools in Baghdad, U.S. officials said.
Slow advance: U.S. Marine units trudged north toward Baghdad early Sunday, taking aim at small pockets of resistance along the way. Full Story | U.S. Marines
Gallery: War photos | Map: Troop movements
Strikes persist: Baghdad, whose residents were under curfew Sunday night, continued to be bombed. One source said the blasts appeared focused on the city's eastern edge, where there may be Iraqi troop concentrations. premium content Live Baghdad video
Kurdish convoy bombed: A U.S. warplane mistakenly bombed a convoy of Kurdish fighters near Mosul, killing 18 people and wounding 45. Full Story
Perpetual patrol: At least two coalition warplanes will fly over Baghdad at all times, a U.S. military official said. The planes will be able to summon six other aircraft to provide close air support. Full Story
Bombing in north: U.S. F-15 fighters and B-52 bombers dropped at least 28 500-pound bombs on Iraqi positions in northern Iraq. Coalition ground forces there are an hour's drive north of the Iraqi capital.
Coalition: 110 coalition deaths reported.
List of coalition fatalities
Friendly fire: An accidental F-15E Strike Eagle airstrike killed three U.S. service members and injured five others, U.S. officials said.
Iraqi military: U.S. incursions Saturday into Baghdad killed and wounded more than 2,000 Iraqi soldiers, U.S. Central Command said. Iraqi officials have not provided military casualty details.
Helicopter crash: Six U.S. soldiers died when their Black Hawk helicopter crashed in central Iraq late Wednesday, U.S. officials said. Black Hawk
Journalist dies: NBC reporter David Bloom, 39, died suddenly of a non-combat ailment while in Iraq, the network said Sunday. Full story | premium Video
Missing or captured: Seven U.S. troops are being held as POWs, and eight are listed as missing in action.
Coalition POWs/MIAs
Search for pilot: Coalition forces searched for an F/A-18C Hornet pilot after the aircraft crashed Wednesday over central Iraq, U.S. Central Command said Sunday.
Iraqi POWs: About 6,500 Iraqi soldiers, including some who surrendered without a fight, are in coalition custody, U.S. Central Command said Saturday.
Rodgers: U.S. says Baghdad is encircled
Arraf: Friendly fire in Kurdish deaths
Bellini: Nasiriya dead could top 400
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* Estimates | Source: Pentagon
Civilians flee: Civilians continued to stream out of Baghdad or move to the city's outskirts Sunday, U.S. Army sources said. A few merchants are operating in the city, but many stores have empty shelves.
Worsening health: The World Health Organization is concerned about the health situation in Iraq, specifically citing large numbers of civilian casualties, difficulty reaching the sick and the lack of drinking water. As many as 1.5 million people lack access to safe water, WHO said, citing Red Cross figures. Full Story
Aid convoys: A spokesman for the World Food Programme said the agency sent a convoy into Iraq from Turkey carrying 850 metric tons of flour. The Red Cross reportedly sent a convoy carrying medical supplies to hospitals in Basra. Full Story
Audio Slide Show: The injured
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Animation: Battle scenarios | More battle scenarios
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