Manhunt underway in Canada after deadly mass stabbing

By Aditi Sangal, Mike Hayes, Maureen Chowdhury and Meg Wagner, CNN

Updated 0141 GMT (0941 HKT) September 6, 2022
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7:40 p.m. ET, September 5, 2022

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6:33 p.m. ET, September 5, 2022

Suspect still at large is believed to be injured, Canadian authorities say

Suspect Myles Sanderson is believed to be injured and remains at large, Canadian officials said during a news conference.

"His injuries, we can't confirm those injuries, but we do have strong reason to believe that he has sustained some injuries. We're not exactly sure what those injuries are," Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said.

“But we do want the public to know this because there is a possibility he may seek medical attention,” she added. “Even if he is injured, it does not mean he is not still dangerous.”

Blackmore said Myles has a lengthy criminal record that involves both persons and property crimes.

5:59 p.m. ET, September 5, 2022

One suspect found dead, the other remains at large, Canadian officials say

Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore speaks at a press conference on September 5.
Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore speaks at a press conference on September 5. (CTV Network)

Damien Sanderson, one of the two suspects in the mass stabbing across Saskatchewan, was found dead earlier today, Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said at a news conference.

His injuries do not appear to be self inflicted, Blackmore said.

His brother Myles — the second suspect in the stabbings — is still at large. Blackmore said he may have sustained injuries and may seek medical attention.

5:06 p.m. ET, September 5, 2022

Prime Minister Trudeau calls stabbing attacks "shocking and heartbreaking"

From CNN's Paula Newton and Amy Simonson

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes a statement in Ottawa, Ontario, on September 5.
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes a statement in Ottawa, Ontario, on September 5. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press/AP)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called Sunday’s stabbing attacks that killed 10 and injured 18 “shocking and heartbreaking” and said the federal government will be there for the people of James Smith Cree Nation. 

“My thoughts and the thoughts of all Canadians are with those who've lost loved ones, and with those who are injured. This kind of violence or any kind of violence has no place in our country,” Trudeau said in a press conference Monday. 

Trudeau said he is monitoring the situation closely and urged everyone to follow updates from the authorities. 

“The priority is keeping you and your loved ones safe,” he said. 

Trudeau said he has been in touch with the James Smith Cree Nation leadership and told them that the federal government “will be there with the resources necessary right now in this time of crisis,” and will also be a support in the weeks and months and years to come." 

He added that in addition to lowering the Peace Tower flag to half-mast, the flags of all federal buildings will also be lowered. 

“Sadly, over these past years, tragedies like these have become all too commonplace. Saskatchewanians and Canadians will do what we always do in times of difficulty and anguish – we’ll be there for each other, be there for our neighbors, lean on each other, help grieve and help heal. We will continue to do that, and all Canadians will be with you in this difficult time.” 

CNN’s Tanika Gray and Jennifer Feldman contributed to this report.

4:27 p.m. ET, September 5, 2022

Canadian authorities tell people in Saskatchewan to "remain vigilant"

From CNN’s Paul Newton

Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers at James Smith Cree Nation talk to each other on September 5.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers at James Smith Cree Nation talk to each other on September 5. (David Stobbe/Reuters)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the people of Saskatchewan to “Please remain vigilant,” while two individuals remain at large in connection to a stabbing rampage that left at least 10 people and 18 injured.

“The RCMP continued through the night, and this morning we continue to use every available resource to address both the crime scenes and the efforts to locate these two individuals. Damian Sanderson and Myles Sanderson have both been charged with first-degree murder,” Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said in an update on the investigation. “They are wanted men.” 

Blackmore urged anyone who has any information that could be beneficial to the investigation or to locating the individuals to call the police immediately. 

“We are undertaking every effort to locate them as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of the public,” Blackmore said. 

Blackmore also sent a message to those who have lost loved ones. 

“To those of you who have lost a loved one, our hearts ache and break for you. I hope that you can find some comfort in the days ahead as you deal with your grief,” she said. 

Blackmore also thanked partners that have assisted RCMP in the investigation.

Amy Simonson contributed to this report

3:03 p.m. ET, September 5, 2022

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau lowers Peace Tower flag to half-mast following stabbings in Saskatchewan

From CNN’s Amy Simonson

The flag on Canada’s Peace Tower will be flown at half-mast Monday and Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a tweet Monday afternoon. 

The Peace Tower is a widely recognized symbol of Canada that sits on Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River. 

“Today and tomorrow, the flag on the Peace Tower will be flown at half-mast — in memory of those who lost their lives during yesterday’s attacks in Saskatchewan, and in solidarity with everyone affected by this violence. All Canadians are there for you,” the tweet said.

2:30 p.m. ET, September 5, 2022

Police charge mass stabbing suspects still at large as number of injured increases to 18

From CNN's Paula Newton  

The amount of people injured from Sunday's mass stabbing incident now stands at 18, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Saskatchewan police said in an updated news release.  

"Investigators have confirmed there are ten deceased victims. We anticipate releasing further details about the victims later in the day," police said in a news release obtained by CNN affiliate CTV.  

"In addition, there are now 18 individuals reported as injured," the release added.  

Police have also officially charged the two suspects, Myles and Damien Sanderson, with, "first degree murder, Section 235(1), Criminal Code; one count, attempted murder, Section 239(b), Criminal Code; and one count, break and enter – residence, Section 348(1)(b), Criminal Code." 

Police also plan to extend its "dangerous person alert," the update said. "This alert will be extended, and we urge residents to continue to remain vigilant until Myles and Damien Sanderson are located and arrested," the release stated.

As far as the men's whereabouts, police said they might be in Regina, but that it "has not been confirmed."  

Multiple police agencies, including Regina police, Manitoba RCMP, and Alberta RCMP are assisting in the search.  

11:44 a.m. ET, September 5, 2022

Mass stabbing suspects still at large after unsuccessful overnight search effort, police say 

From CNN's Paula Newton  

Overnight search attempts to catch the two men suspected of a mass stabbing on Sunday in Saskatchewan, Canada, were unsuccessful, the Regina police chief said in an update on Monday.

"The two suspects are still at large, despite efforts through the night by @reginapolice and @RCMPSK," Chief Evan Bray said in a tweet. "If anyone has information that would assist in locating and safely taking Myles and Damien Sanderson into custody, we urge you to call police." 

Myles and Damien Sanderson are suspects in a mass stabbing Sunday that left at least 10 dead and 15 injured at multiple scenes in an Indigenous community and the surrounding area in Saskatchewan, authorities say.

"Unfortunately, the two males are still at large," Bray said in a video accompanying his tweet. "This despite ongoing relentless efforts through the night by both the RCMP and the Regina police service to locate these two individuals. They have not yet been located," he added.

Bray said a new shift of workers and eyes is taking over the search Monday.

"We will not stop this investigation until we have those two safely in custody," he added.

Watch the latest update from the police chief here:

11:27 a.m. ET, September 5, 2022

Here's what we know so far about how the attacks unfolded

From CNN's Elizabeth Wolfe, Artemis Moshtaghian and Jamiel Lynch

A police forensics team investigates a crime scene in Weldon, Saskatchewan, on Sunday.
A police forensics team investigates a crime scene in Weldon, Saskatchewan, on Sunday. (David Stobbe/Reuters)

Police received the first report of a stabbing on the James Smith Cree Nation at 5:40 a.m. local time (6:30 a.m. ET) on Sunday morning, and within minutes several more calls came in reporting other stabbings throughout the community, police said.

Within hours, the situation developed into a mass stabbing event with at least 25 victims, 10 of whom died, police said.

Three helicopters from STARS Air Ambulance were dispatched to James Smith Cree Nation during the attack, company spokesperson Mark Oddan told CNN. The first crew to arrive jumped into triage the victims and the second aircraft brought a physician to help with triage and lead the emergency response, he said.

The helicopter crews took some victims to the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon and several other patients were brought to local hospitals by ground ambulances, Oddan said. He was not able to provide details on the patients or their conditions.

Multiple dangerous persons alerts were issued by police over the course of the morning, expanding across the Saskatchewan province and into neighboring Manitoba and Alberta.

Canadian Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino asked residents to take shelter.

“To everyone in Saskatchewan, especially those in proximity to the James Smith Cree First Nation area, please shelter in place and stay safe,” he tweeted.

Authorities have identified 13 separate scenes where the attacks took place.

There may be additional victims who were injured and transported themselves to the hospital, police said, urging possible victims to contact law enforcement.

“Our thoughts are with the many victims deceased and injured, their family, friends and community. It is horrific what has occurred in our province today,” Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Rhonda Blackmore said.

Here's where the attack occurred in Saskatchewan: