These numbers underscore the difficulty of reuniting immigrant families

By Jason Hanna

Published June 28, 2018

A US federal judge on June 26 ordered the reunification of undocumented families separated at the US-Mexico border. It's a tall order.

And these numbers help illustrate the task ahead.


The number of children separated from their parents in the roughly two months after the government began referring all adults crossing illegally for prosecution.

Associated Press


The number of children reunited with parents from the start of the policy until last week.

Still, 2,053 children were apart from parents as of June 20.

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The decrease of separated children in HHS custody from June 20 through June 26 -- when the judge issued his order. That day, 2,047 children were awaiting reunification.


The number of days the judge gave the government to reunify parents with children under the age of 5.


The number of days the administration has, to reunify parents with minor children who are 5 or older


The phone number of the Office of Refugee Resettlement that parents and immigration lawyers are asked to call to locate children.

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