Hong Kong protesters hit the streets as China marks 70 years of Communist rule

This video appears to show the moment a police officer shot a person who appears to be protesting on Tuesday in Hong Kong. The video also appears to show the individual striking the police officer with a pole just before the officer deployed his firearm. A police source confirmed CNN that a man was shot with a live round by police in the Tsuen Wan district of Hong Kong on Tuesday afternoon. The man's condition is currently not known, CNN have approached police for an official statement.
Protester shot in Hong Kong amid unrest on China's National Day
01:34 - Source: CNN

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What you need to know about the protests in Hong Kong

A pro-democracy protester walks in front of a burning barricade during clashes with police in Wan Chai on October 1, 2019 in Hong Kong

Massive protests broke out in Hong Kong on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Man shot by police: Police have confirmed that an officer shot and injured an 18-year-old man. This is the first time lethal force has been used in nearly four months of unrest. The decision to shoot a live round was “legal and reasonable,” the police commissioner said. He confirmed that the victim is still recovering in the hospital.
  • More than 180 people were arrested: Hong Kong police arrested more than 180 people in protests across Hong Kong on Tuesday, police said. The police commissioner called the day’s rallies the “most violent scenes” he has seen in the city. At least 25 officers were injured in the protests, he said.
  • Meanwhile, in Beijing: Today was filled with elaborate celebrations in the Chinese capital to mark the anniversary. The day began with a speech in the morning by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Then came a military and mass parade, which unveiled new weaponry and showed off China’s military might. The celebration ended with a fireworks display paired with musical and cultural performances.

Decision to shoot live round was "legal and reasonable," police commissioner says

An 18-year-old man who was shot with a live round by police was arrested for assaulting an officer, police commissioner Stephen Lo Wai Chung said.

The man is still receiving treatment in hospital, the commissioner told reporters.

Lo said he believed police, who fired six shots on Tuesday, exercised restraint, but added that they will further investigate. Police will also decide whether to bring charges at a later time.

“The police by that moment didn’t have much choice and time to make decision [to use other less harmful weapons], his colleague was in serious danger, the decision of shooting a live round is therefore legal and reasonable,” Lo said.

Lo criticized demonstrators, saying their only objective was to vandalize and injure citizens.

“Today is a really sad for me,” he said.

More than 180 people arrested in Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong police arrested more than 180 people in protests across Hong Kong on Tuesday, police said.

Hong Kong’s police commissioner called the day’s rallies — which were held on China’s National Day — the “most violent scenes” he has seen in the city. At least 25 officers were injured in the protests, he said.

A CNN reporter was reporting live when police starting firing tear gas

As CNN’s Anna Coren was reporting live outside of Hong Kong’s Mong Kok police station, officer began firing what appeared to be tear gas at protesters and members of the media.

“They’re firing tear gas at the media,” she said as the sound of shots rang out. You can watch the moment in the video below.

Earlier, a police pointed a weapon at reporters gathered in the area, she said.

It was not clear what kind of ammunition was inside the gun.

CNN has emailed police for comment about that incident.

Local residents are out on the streets, too

It’s not just protesters who are out tonight: Local residents are on Nathan Road in Hong Kong’s Prince Edward. Unlike protesters, they’re not wearing gas masks or any protection — they’re just in T-shirts.

Many are yelling at the police line, taunting the riot police who are equipped with helmets and shields.

“Shoot your gun! You were so brave to shoot the protester,” some taunted, referring to the person who was shot earlier today.

“Shoot all of us!” some yelled angrily.

So far, the police haven’t responded.

What the protests look like in Hong Kong's Prince Edward suburb

The scene in the suburb of Prince Edward in Hong Kong shows how fast things can change. 

Earlier, black-clad protesters gathered on Nathan Road. Some sheltered behind umbrellas, while others set off handheld fireworks in the direction of Mong Kok police station — a station that has often been targeted during the protest movement.

Suddenly, that all changed: Riot police charged from both ends of the road, chasing protesters down a side street.

Now, police are asking people to leave Prince Edward, but many bystanders are still milling about.

Here’s a look at the scene from earlier today: