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March 7 coronavirus news

By Ben Westcott, Adam Renton, Rob Picheta, Fernando Alfonso III and Amir Vera, CNN

Updated 9:00 p.m. ET, March 7, 2020
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10:28 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

US coronavirus cases rise by 100 in just 24 hours

The US now has 329 confirmed or presumed positive cases of the novel coronavirus in 28 states, according to CNN's tally of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state totals.

Compared to the Thursday night total of 227 cases, that is a jump of more than 100 infections in just 24 hours.

The largest clusters of cases are in Washington state, California and New York. In total there have been 15 deaths from the virus in the US.

10:26 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

Indonesia confirms 2 new coronavirus cases

From journalist Chermaine Lee in Hong Kong

Indonesia confirmed two new novel coronavirus cases on Friday, raising the nationwide tally to four, according to a report from state-run news agency Antara News.

10:23 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

American Nurses Association calls for collaborative coronavirus response

From CNN Health's Ben Tinker and Jacqueline Howard

The association representing four million nurses in the United States called on Friday for "a concerted effort among all members of the health care team, decision makers and the public to respond to the coronavirus outbreak."

The American Nurses Association said in a statement that while their members were ready to respond to the crisis, they needed "proper support."

"This includes clear, evidence-based protocols and the highest level of protection in order to care for infected individuals as well as prevent the spread of the coronavirus in health care facilities and the community," the statement said.
"In order to effectively respond, nurses must have the full support of their employers and government organizations to access the appropriate safeguards and secure proper supplies ... The current lack of supplies, testing kits, proper protective gear, and the lack of a universal set of guidelines, all contribute to the spread of coronavirus."
10:24 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

Vietnam reports first coronavirus case in over 3 weeks

From journalist Chermaine Lee in Hong Kong

Vietnam reported its 17th novel coronavirus case on Friday night, the government’s media office said on Twitter.

The new case is the first Vietnam has had in 22 days. 

10:17 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

Inside the religious group blamed for sparking South Korea's coronavirus epidemic

From CNN's Joshua Berlinger

Members of the Shincheonji religious group dress in identical white shirts, black pants and name tags when they gather to hear founder Lee Man-hee preach.

There are no chairs, except for those provided for the elderly or sick. They sit on the floor to listen to sermons to maximize space.

The religious practices of Shincheonji are in the public eye because the movement appears to be the source of South Korea's growing novel coronavirus outbreak that has infected more than 6,700 people across the country.

Shincheonji, however, is not the only fringe faith in the country.

Today there are hundreds of similar minority religious groups in South Korea -- including Christian ones -- according to Tark Ji-il, a professor at Busan Presbyterian University and a respected expert on the country's religious movements.

And no one is really sure why South Korea has so many.

Read the full article here.

10:13 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

FBI employee near San Francisco tests positive for coronavirus

From CNN's Shimon Prokupecz

An FBI employee out of the San Francisco field division is among those to test positive for the novel coronavirus, an FBI official confirmed Friday.

The infected person is based out of a smaller satellite office and not the main offices in San Francisco.

Employees of the satellite office were sent home and the FBI is taking all necessary steps to prevent further spread of the virus, the official said. 

It’s not clear how the employee contracted the virus. The FBI has notified local health officials and is tracking people who had contact with the employee.

10:05 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

Malaysia reports sharp jump in new cases of novel coronavirus

From Chermaine Lee in Hong Kong

There are now 83 nationwide cases of the novel coronavirus in Malaysia after the country's state news agency reported a rise of 28 new cases Friday.

According to state news agency Bernama, the 83 cases nationwide comprise of 65 Malaysians, 15 Chinese nationals, and one case each in citizens of the US, Japan, and Italy.

As of Friday, a total of 23 cases in Malaysia had fully recovered and been discharged from hospital, the report added.

10:03 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

South Korea confirms 483 new cases of coronavirus, bringing national total to 6,767

From CNN’s Sophie Jeong in Seoul and Taylor Barnes in Atlanta

The number of new infections in South Korea is continuing to grow rapidly, with the country's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcing 483 new cases today.

The national total for South Korea is now 6,767.

Two new deaths were also announced today, bringing the death toll to 44.

Out of the 483 new cases recorded on Friday, 390 are from the city of Daegu, where the outbreak has been concentrated. So far, 5,084 cases during the outbreak have been from Daegu, with about 90.6% of cases nationwide either from Daegu or the surrounding North Gyeongsang province.

9:59 p.m. ET, March 6, 2020

California's Placer County confirms 3 cases of coronavirus tied to Grand Princess cruise ship

Placer County in northern California has confirmed three more presumptive positive cases of the novel coronavirus, all of whom were passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship from San Francisco to Mexico.

Placer County Public Health said in a news release that all three had been isolated at home and didn't require hospitalization.

Placer County has a total of five cases, including one death. California's total is now 64.

In total, 10 confirmed US cases are from former passengers who were on the Grand Princess cruise ship. The vessel is now in quarantine off the coast of California.