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3 PM ET: Israel says negotiations with Hamas reach ‘dead end,’ Biden impeachment inquiry push, Home Alone star immortalized & more
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Sat, Dec 2
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3 PM ET: Shutdown deadline looms, high schooler sues, asteroid sample landing & more
CNN 5 Things
Sep 23, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is projecting optimism despite a possible government shutdown now just one week away. A Texas high schooler is suing Gov. Greg Abbott after being suspended for his hairstyle. Talks continue in Hollywood as the financial toll of the writers' strike grows. Pain and silence loom large in an Oregon community nearly eight years after it was rocked by a school shooting. And NASA prepares for asteroid samples to land on Earth. 

Episode Transcript
David Rind
The GOP is stuck. And that could mean a government shutdown. Hey there. From CNN, I'm David Rind with the 5 Things you need to know for Saturday, September 23rd.
David Rind
Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is logging some weekend hours at the Capitol with a deadline to fund the government just one week away. He's still searching for enough support from members of his own party to back a stopgap funding measure. He admitted he doesn't have the votes yet, but he's hopeful the hardliners will budge as it gets closer to that deadline.
Kevin McCarthy
I think when he gets crunch time people will finally that have been holding off all this time will finally hopefully move off because shutting down and having border agents not be paid, your Coast Guard not get paid. I don't see how that's a victory.
You may have heard about this story out of Texas. A 17 year old black high school student has been suspended for more than three weeks because of his hairstyle. Barbers Hill High School officials say Darryl George's lock hair style violates the school dress code, which places limitations on hair length for male students. Well, now George and his mother are suing Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the state's attorney general, Ken Paxton, for allegedly failing to enforce the Crown Act, which is the law that protects against hair discrimination. CNN has reached out to Abbott and Paxton's offices for comment, as well as the attorneys for the Barbers Hill Independent School District.
Camila Bernal
Are you ready to go back to work?
Matt Chester
Yes, I think we all are.
David Rind
That's the mood on the picket lines As Hollywood writers and studios meet at the negotiating table today for the fourth day in a row. The two sides have gone back and forth on a number of issues, including wages, worker protections and artificial intelligence. The Writers Guild of America has been on strike since May. Screenwriter Morgan Green told CNN's Camila Bernal that things are starting to get tough financially.
Morgan Green
I've been through all my savings. Luckily I was able to save a lot like when I when I first got stabbed and I knew the strike, there was a potential strike. So I was aggressively saving. But that's pretty much gone.
David Rind
And this is the longest strike in the union's history was in 1988 that lasted 154 days or less than ten days away from matching that. Yesterday, President Joe Biden announced the first ever White House office devoted to preventing gun violence. And he talked about how communities can be changed forever after a shooting, even for the people untouched by bullets. For example, it's been nearly eight years since the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Nine people were killed. CNN's Alaa Elasaar went back there recently and found a town still struggling to cope. All these years later.
Alaa Elasaar
No one wants to talk about it, especially the leaders. It took a lot of work to try getting any of the leaders to talk to me, the mayor said no, police said no. All council members said no. And their excuse for that is, you know, a lot of the families are still suffering and 100% the families are still suffering. But there were so many families suffering that did have so much to say. And one of the biggest things that they've said is that their pain is just not allowed.
Al Jenkins
Put up or shut up. I heard a lot of that. Some people were struggling with it, but didn't have any outlet, didn't have any way of communicating, didn't feel confident enough or didn't feel protected enough.
Alaa Elasaar
That stigma against mental health care, especially in, you know, more conservative towns like Roseburg, is something that I think that part of the story can't be ignored either.
David Rind
After the break. A gift from the heavens. Coming soon to a Utah desert near you.
David Rind
An asteroid is set to hit Earth on Sunday. Well, a tiny bit of it anyway. Here's what's happening. If all goes according to plan, when the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft swings by Earth tomorrow morning, it will drop a capsule containing 8.8 ounces of asteroid rocks and soil toward a landing zone in the Utah desert. NASA's says the samples come from Bennu, an asteroid a third of a mile wide after the drop off. ORISIS-Rex will continue on its next adventure in our solar system. Getting a closer look at another asteroid called Apophis.
David Rind
That's all for now. Just want to let you know you can read Alaa's full story about Roseburg on right now. It's really powerful. I'm David Rind, talk to you later.