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6 PM ET: Historic hush money trial, “Rust” armorer sentenced, Boston Marathon results & more
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Mon, Apr 15
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Manhattan DA seeks gag order on Trump in criminal hush money case
Anderson Cooper 360
Feb 27, 2024

Prosecutors are asking the judge to impose a gag order in the New York hush money case to stop the former president from publicly disparaging potential witnesses and individuals involved in his upcoming criminal trial. In a court filing on Monday, prosecutors said the gag order is in response to the hundreds of threats their office has already received due to Trump's comments on the case. Former Manhattan chief assistant district attorney Karen Friedman Agnifilo discusses the legal implications with Anderson. Plus, investigators have revealed new details on the charges against the man suspected of murdering a 22-year-old nursing student on a trail at the University of Georgia. The suspect's status as an undocumented migrant has been highlighted by several Republican leaders to support their calls for stricter border security. CNN’s Ryan Young and former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe join AC360 to talk about the case.