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3 PM ET: Ukrainian counteroffensive, ‘Unabomber’ dead, UEFA Championship match & more
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Putin Vows “Lightning-Fast” Response To Any Foreign Interference In Ukraine
Anderson Cooper 360
Apr 28, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that any country helping or intervening in Ukraine would be met with “lightning-fast” response from Moscow saying “we have all the tools for this” and “will use them if needed.” António Guterres is the United Nations Secretary-General and recently met with the Russian President. He is meeting with Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky tomorrow. He tells AC360 about his conversation with Putin and says it was a “very useful meeting.”

Plus, Anderson Cooper traveled to the Ukrainian city of Bucha to meet the man who captured some of the most haunting images that show the brutal executions of innocent citizens. He also spoke with the local prosecutor who is working to collect evidence and any other proof that the Russians committed war crimes, something Moscow has denied.