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Fri, Sep 22
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Zelensky in DC, troops to the border, murder suspect freed by mistake CNN This Morning
BREAKING NEWS: Russia bombards Kyiv and cities across Ukraine overnight, ahead of President Zelensky’s visit to Capitol Hill and The White House. Plus, the Pentagon sends 800 active duty troops to the Southern border as migrant crossings surge, and the White House gives nearly half a million Venezuelan civilians protection. And, and an urgent manhunt for a murder suspect is underway after he was mistakenly set free due to a clerical issue two days after his arrest. Also this morning: new and dis...Show moreturbing allegations against Rudy Giuliani after a star witness in the January 6 hearings claims she was groped by him on the day of the insurrection, and NASA astronaut Frank Rubio breaks the US record for the longest spaceflight.
Sep 21, 2023
Attorney General testifies, Republican dysfunction, Trump aide told to play dumb CNN This Morning
Attorney General Merrick Garland is set to testify before Congress this morning, and is expected to rebuke GOP critics accusing the DOJ of political bias by stating he is “not the President’s lawyer” or “Congress’s prosecutor”. Plus, Republican dysfunction in the House continues with a handful of far-right conservatives blocking debate on a Pentagon spending bill. And, Donald Trump's ex-assistant says the former President told her to play dumb about classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, according ...Show moreto reports. Also this morning: New federal charges in the fentanyl death of a 1-year-old child at a day care center in the Bronx after investigators say they found a kilogram of the drug on top of play mats, and Hollywood writers will be back at the negotiating table today after five-months of strike action, as the autoworkers strike moves into day-six.
Sep 20, 2023
Back in America, confronting Global crises, shutdown drama CNN This Morning
BREAKING NEWS: five American citizens who were wrongly detained in Iran are now back in the US, freed as part of a deal that includes the release of five American-held Iranian citizens and $6 billion in humanitarian funds. Plus, President Biden is to deliver a UN speech today as key leadership skips the gathering. And, Kevin McCarthy shrugs off threats to oust him as House Speaker as he grapples with GOP infighting and a looming government shutdown. Also this morning: Trump is to skip the second...Show more GOP presidential debate for a Detroit prime-time speech, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alleges India is involved in the death of a Canadian Sikh leader, and the UAW chief says more autoworkers will walk off the job if there's “no serious progress” in pay and benefits negotiations by noon this Friday.
Sep 19, 2023
US-Iran deal, Stellantis to meet with UAW, Russell Brand allegations CNN This Morning
BREAKING NEWS: after months of negotiations, Iran is expected to release 5 American prisoners today in exchange for the release of five Iranian prisoners held in the US, and the release of $6B in funds from South Korea to Qatar, which is to be spent on humanitarian goods. Plus Stellantis is to meet with UAW as the autoworkers strike enters day-four over pay and benefits. And, a UK documentary dives into allegations of rape and sexual assault against Russell Brand. Also this morning: in a candid ...Show moreinterview with NBC’s “Meet The Press”, Trump refuses to take a clear stance on abortion restrictions and says it was “my decision” to try to subvert the 2020 election results, and a Rolling Stone co-founder is removed from the Rock Hall Board after saying the black and female artists he has encountered professionally, are “not articulate”.
Sep 18, 2023
UAW begins a historic strike, catastrophe in Libya CNN This Morning
In a historic first, 12700 United Auto Workers members at 3 major auto plants have gone on strike today. Workers are demanding better wages and conditions, which they say the corporations can easily give them. Union members seek to increase wages by 40% over 4 years and end the tiered wage structure at the companies. General Motors is offering workers a 20% pay increase despite CEO Mary Barra's pay increasing by 34% over the last 3 years.
Disastrous flooding in Libya has killed an estimated 500...Show more0 people, and approximately 10000 people are missing. The UN says that most of the deaths could have been avoided with proper warning and evacuation.
The US Department of Justice has indicted Hunter Biden on firearm possession and making false statements.
House Republicans have not agreed on a spending bill. Some further-right Republicans want to remove Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as House speaker.
The US Senate has launched an investigation into the US Coast Guard Academy's decades long coverup of numerous sexual assault cases. The Academy allegedly has had an institutional rape culture in which leaders supported abusers and threatened victims into silence.
Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee has ruled that Donald Trump and his co-defendants be tried separately, as 2 defendants are seeking a speedy trial.
Sep 15, 2023
Impeachment meeting, auto workers' strike looms, new capture details CNN This Morning
Speaker Kevin McCarthy is expected to meet behind closed-doors today with House Republicans to plot their impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Plus, 18-hours from now, autoworkers in Detroit could strike against the big three automakers. Their union president says targeted action is likely. And, new details on the capture of the escaped killer in Pennsylvania, about how he survived for so many days, and where he was planning his escape to. Also, new storm watches are issued for coastal New England from hurricane Lee.
Sep 14, 2023
Dictator backs Russia, Biden impeachment inquiry, murderer manhunt latest CNN This Morning
Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un meet as the US raises the alarm about an arms deal  between their two countries. The North Korean Dictator has vowed to stand by Russia. Plus, Kevin McCarthy orders an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden without a floor vote, alleging he profited from his son Hunter’s business deals, despite not having any evidence. Also, as the manhunt in Pennsylvania enters week two, police say Danelo Calvacante is now armed, desperate and dangerous. Also this morning: a new op-ed...Show more in the "Washington post" argues that President Biden should not run again in 2024, saying that it risks undoing his biggest achievement in stopping Donald Trump, top tech executives are to attend a Senate A.I. forum today, and Apple unveils its new iPhone 15 lineup.
Sep 13, 2023
Pennsylvania killer armed, armored train to Russia, Putin weighs in CNN This Morning
BREAKING NEWS: Police warn the escaped Pennsylvania killer is now armed, and urge residents to stay indoors. Plus, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has crossed into Russia on an armored train, and is expected to discuss an arms deal with Putin for the War in Ukraine. And, Putin weighs in on Donald Trump's indictments, saying the cases are “persecution of a political rival”. Also, Trump formally asks the judge to step aside from the federal 2020 election case, arguing her past public statements show bias. She's now asking Special Counsel Jack Smith's team to weigh in.
Sep 12, 2023
9/11 victims remembered, Kim Jong Un heads to Russia, race to rescue CNN This Morning
On the 22nd anniversary of the September 11th attacks, CNN covers ceremonies and remembrances throughout the course of the morning. Plus, South Korean media report that Kim Jong Un appears to be on his way to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin. US intelligence said last week the two leaders might meet to discuss advanced arms negotiations between their two countries. And, it's a race against time to rescue survivors in Morocco with mores than 2,100 people already confirmed dead after last week’s...Show more earthquake. Also this morning: the escaped murderer on the loose in Pennsylvania slips through the police perimeter and is spotted 20 miles away, and hurricane Lee strengthens back to a category 3 storm.
Sep 11, 2023
Tracking hurricane Lee, 8 sightings in 8 days, stuck 3,500 feet deep CNN This Morning
Hurricane Lee intensifies to a category 5 storm, with sustained winds doubling over 24-hours to 160-miles-per-hour. The big question - is the storm going to hit the East Coast or make a turn and stay in the Atlantic? Plus, after 8 sightings over 8 days escaped murderer Danelo Cavalvante is still on the run, as police expand their search perimeter. And, the ordeal of an American trapped 3,500 feet deep in Turkish a cave, who says he was very close to the edge and suffering from internal bleeding ...Show morewhen rescuers saved his life. Also this morning: a former Trump adviser is convicted for ignoring his January 6 Committee subpoena, the full report from the Georgia special grand jury investigating 2020 election interference is set to be released, and the major pesticide maker that operates in the US, but is owned by the Chinese Government.
Sep 8, 2023
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