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3 PM ET: Massive Texas wildfire, McConnell stepping down, Prince Harry’s legal loss & more
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Wed, Feb 28
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Michigan results, Hunter testifies, Texas wildfires CNN This Morning
President Biden and former President Donald Trump take home easy wins in the Michigan primaries, but both campaigns have some cause for concern. It's a long day ahead for Hunter Biden as he testifies behind closed doors with GOP lawmakers trying to impeach his father. In Texas, evacuation orders have been issued as dangerous and fast-moving wildfires spread across hundreds of miles of the state.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 28, 2024
Biden backlash, Trump turn-off, Haley hopes CNN This Morning
Will President Biden's support for Israel trigger a backlash when voters head to the polls in Michigan today? Are too many Republicans turned off by Donald Trump to vote to the White House again? What results does Nikki Haley need in Michigan in order to stay in the race?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 27, 2024
Trump cruising, Haley hurting, Biden eyeing Michigan CNN This Morning
Edging closer to clinching the Republican nomination after a decisive win in South Carolina, Donald Trump cruises into Michigan with momentum, and a message of unity ahead of Tuesday's primary. After being trounced on her home turf, Nikki Haley finds out one of her biggest financial backers is cutting her off. And a big question for President Biden: Will Michigan voters punish him for his handling of the war in Gaza?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 26, 2024
IVF debate, punishing Putin, moon landing CNN This Morning
The controversy over IVF injects a new political debate in the 2024 campaign. What President Biden is saying and what Donald Trump is not. Also today, the Biden administration is set to punish Vladimir Putin for the death of Alexey Navalny with a new sanctions package, including ones directly targeting the Russian president. And, the US touches down on the moon for the first time in more than 50 years. How did it happen, and what's next?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 23, 2024
Executive border action, Biden blasts Putin, panda diplomacy CNN This Morning
President Biden is now considering new executive action that would restrict the ability to seek asylum at the US-Mexico border. Meanwhile, the Kremlin is now responding to the president's comments to describe Vladimir Putin, language that's too colorful for morning TV. And: China plans to send more pandas to the US this year, a small move that could have a big impact.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 22, 2024
Hunter Biden twist, Trump on Navalny death, Haley defiant CNN This Morning
There's been a major new twist in the Hunter Biden saga: The former FBI informant accused of lying about the Bidens now says that information came from Russian intelligence. Donald Trump addresses Alexey Navalny's death on camera for the first time ... and makes it about himself. Nikki Haley makes a defiant new vow to go the distance in the primary.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 21, 2024
Navalny cover-up, Putin ally supports Trump, US calls for Gaza ceasefire CNN This Morning
Alexei Navalny's widow accuses Russia of a cover-up, insisting her husband was poisoned. Donald Trump refuses to condemn Navalny's death, instead sharing a video of a Putin ally declaring that Trump should be president again. The United States offers a UN resolution calling for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, a clear warning to Israel to rethink its next move.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 20, 2024
Ukraine setback, Navalny fallout, Trump outrage CNN This Morning
A key Ukrainian town falls to the Russians. Alexei Navalny's family says they can't get access to his body. Donald Trump expresses outrage after being ordered to pay $355 million in his civil fraud trial.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 19, 2024
Trump rulings, FBI informant accused, 'personal conflict' caused shooting CNN This Morning
Donald Trump is waiting for three different rulings in three different courtrooms. We break down what you can expect today. Plus, the Republicans' impeachment inquiry takes a hit as the special counsel charges a former FBI informant with lying about President Biden's and his son Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine. And, in Kansas City it was a "personal conflict" that started the fatal shooting that ruined the Chiefs' Super Bowl celebration.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 16, 2024
KC shooting update, Gaza hospital raid, Trump's busy day CNN This Morning
Nine children are among the 21 people shot - one fatally - after yesterday's Super Bowl parade in Kansas City. Israeli special forces raid one of the last working hospitals in Gaza. It's a big legal day for Donald Trump in both the Stormy Daniels hush money case and the Georgia election subversion case.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 15, 2024
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