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One Thing: Anderson Cooper on Loss, Grief, and Covering War in Israel
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Sun, Dec 3
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Tracking hurricane Lee, 8 sightings in 8 days, stuck 3,500 feet deep
CNN This Morning
Sep 8, 2023

Hurricane Lee intensifies to a category 5 storm, with sustained winds doubling over 24-hours to 160-miles-per-hour. The big question - is the storm going to hit the East Coast or make a turn and stay in the Atlantic? Plus, after 8 sightings over 8 days escaped murderer Danelo Cavalvante is still on the run, as police expand their search perimeter. And, the ordeal of an American trapped 3,500 feet deep in Turkish a cave, who says he was very close to the edge and suffering from internal bleeding when rescuers saved his life. Also this morning: a former Trump adviser is convicted for ignoring his January 6 Committee subpoena, the full report from the Georgia special grand jury investigating 2020 election interference is set to be released, and the major pesticide maker that operates in the US, but is owned by the Chinese Government.