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10 PM ET: Funding deal battle, IRS contractor charged, Trump co-defendant pleads guilty & more
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Horror in Colorado, Iger Disney return, Musk faces heat over Trump
CNN This Morning
Nov 21, 2022

5 people are killed and at least 25 suffer injuries after a shooter opens fire at an LTGBQ nightclub. CNN speaks to survivors of the attack at Club Q. CNN Media Analyst Sara Fischer joins to discuss Bob Iger returning as Disney CEO after the empire’s tumultuous year. CNN Host Audie Cornish joins to discuss the heat Elon Musk is facing for restoring Trump’s Twitter account. CNN Sports Correspondent joins to report on Kyrie Irving’s return after his suspension by the NBA over his anti-Semitic film firestorm.

In a new escalation in the DOJ investigations into Trump, the Attorney General appoints a special counsel. CNN This Morning looks at who has been tasked with overseeing the probes. Biden turns 80, becoming the first octogenarian president in US history. CNN Senior Data Reporter Harry Enten gives a rundown of the oldest US presidents. CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta reports on parents giving birth to twins from embryos frozen in 1992. Plus, tensions grow as a killer remains on the loose in Moscow, Idaho, after four students were stabbed to death last week.

Hosted by Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins.