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6 AM ET: Cipollone subpoenaed, Upper East Side shooting, Cami's back & more
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Thu, Jun 30
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6th public hearing sends shock waves through Trump world CNN Tonight
The House Select Committee’s 6th public hearing sends shock waves through Trump world following Cassidy Hutchinson’s explosive testimony, with some aides acknowledging "This paints a picture of Trump completely unhinged and completely losing all control”. Panel Vice Chair Liz Cheney renews call for White House Counsel Pat Cipollone to testify, following Hutchinson’s testimony saying Cipollone had warned Trump’s team on January 6, “People are going to die and the blood’s gonna be on your f**king ...Show morehands”.

Susan Matthews is Slates’ News Director and host of the ‘Slow Burn’ podcast, which focuses on Roe v. Wade. She joins CNN Tonight to discuss the case of the first American woman charged with manslaughter for undergoing an illegal abortion and how the legal consequences for accessing abortion services will now be determined by individuals at state level, following the Supreme Court ruling.

Hosted by Sara Sidner.
Jun 30, 2022
CNN Tonight update for June 28, 2022 CNN Tonight
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Jun 29, 2022
Cascade of states move to outlaw abortion CNN Tonight
As a cascade of states move to outlaw abortion following the SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe, Sara speaks to both sides of the abortion rights debate. Dr. Meera Shah argues all abortion bans do is traumatize women, especially the poor and medically underserved, while physician and activist Lila Rose believes abortion is homicide and should be treated as such.

Andrea Gallegos is the executive administrator of two abortion clinics in red states. She tells CNN Tonight about having to cancel 27 sch...Show moreeduled abortions and turn away a room full of patients. Plus, The January 6 Committee sets an unexpected hearing tomorrow on “Recently obtained” evidence, and the FBI seizes the phone of Trump’s election attorney John Eastman.

Hosted by Sara Sidner.
Jun 28, 2022
Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade CNN Tonight
In a landmark case, SCOTUS overturns the constitutional right to abortion that had stood for half a century. Nancy Northup is the President & CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, and has tracked what would happen if Roe fell since 2004. She joins CNN Tonight to discuss how far she thinks some states will go in criminalizing abortion, how fertility services could be effectively outlawed in some states, and says her organization will now try to sue those states over their abortion bans to bl...Show moreock them from going into effect.

Democratic nominee for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams joins to give her reaction to the SCOTUS ruling and discusses the impact it will have on red states & minority women. Plus, Congress passes its bipartisan bill on gun reform day the after SCOTUS expands access to firearms, experts say women of color will be impacted the most by abortion bans, and protests begin across the US after Roe is overturned.

Hosted by Sara Sidner
Jun 25, 2022
CNN Tonight update for June 23, 2022 CNN Tonight
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Jun 24, 2022
“Deluge of new evidence” received by January 6 Committee CNN Tonight
After receiving what Rep. Jamie Raskin calls a “deluge of new evidence” from “divergent sources”, the Select Committee delays its subsequent public hearings until next month. The fresh evidence includes new information from a tip line, the National Archives, and a newly revealed Ivanka Trump interview about the 2020 election that shows contrast with her Committee testimony.

The Uvalde school police chief is placed on administrative leave as CNN Tonight reports the latest on the investigative ...Show morethreads, and timeline of the changing story of law enforcement's response during the Robb Elementary School massacre. Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez joins to discuss how he is suing the Department of Public Safety for access to its records on the police response to the shooting.

Hosted by Sara Sidner.
Jun 23, 2022
Next hearing will focus on Trump’s alleged role in fake elector scheme CNN Tonight
Top Georgia and Arizona officials will testify to the January 6 Select Committee tomorrow about Trump and his allies’ effort to overturn the 2020 election, with new details expected on the former president’s alleged involvement in the plot to install fake election officials to falsely declared him the winner of the seven states he lost. Federal prosecutors are now reviewing the fake Electoral College certifications the Trump campaign sent to the National Archives. Does the DOJ have enough eviden...Show morece to indict him?

Karen Amsden is the mother of Jared Boyce, one of the 31 Patriot Front members arrested for criminal conspiracy to riot at a Pride event in Idaho last week. She tells CNN Tonight about her son’s radicalization, how it makes her “sick to listen to” his extremist views, and how it’s an example of a larger story of polarization in American families.

Hosted by Sara Sidner
Jun 21, 2022
Capitol rioter leads election standoff in New Mexico CNN Tonight
Maggie Toulouse Oliver is the New Mexico Secretary of State. She joins CNN Tonight to discuss how a Capitol rioter & GOP County Commission member is leading an election standoff in her state, by refusing to certify local election results hours after being sentenced for involvement in the January 6 attack. Trump lashes out at Pence, Barr and the entire House Select Committee after damning testimony and new evidence surfaces, floating presidential pardons for defendants if reelected.

Capt. Evan...Show more Baach is the Vice Chair of Communications for the Delta Airlines Pilots Union. He tells Laura about Delta pilots’ frustration over the schedules and flight delays he detailed in his in open letter to airline customers. Plus, the bipartisan gun bill is in jeopardy as lawmakers struggle to finalize the details and Ginni Thomas agrees to testify about January 6.

Hosted by Laura Coates.
Jun 18, 2022
Witnesses: Trump knew plan to overturn election was illegal CNN Tonight
The third January 6 public hearing focuses on Trump's campaign, with the help of lawyer John Eastman, to relentlessly pressure Mike Pence into overturning the 2020 election. Witnesses testify that Trump knew the plan was illegal but tried to have it carried out anyway and an email reveals Eastman sought a presidential pardon a few days after the insurrection. Will there be any criminal referrals and if so, who is the most likely candidate? Two former attorney generals join CNN Tonight to discuss...Show more.

Also at the hearing: Trump slammed Pence as a "wimp," during a heated call just before the Capitol insurrection, a video shows testimony of rioters saying they invaded the Capitol at Trump’s direction, and the Committee presents new photographs of Pence hiding from the mob as the violence escalated and they put up gallows while calling for his head.
Jun 17, 2022
CNN Tonight update for June 15, 2022 CNN Tonight
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Jun 16, 2022
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