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Sat, Aug 20
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Witnesses: Trump knew plan to overturn election was illegal
CNN Tonight
Jun 17, 2022

The third January 6 public hearing focuses on Trump's campaign, with the help of lawyer John Eastman, to relentlessly pressure Mike Pence into overturning the 2020 election. Witnesses testify that Trump knew the plan was illegal but tried to have it carried out anyway and an email reveals Eastman sought a presidential pardon a few days after the insurrection. Will there be any criminal referrals and if so, who is the most likely candidate? Two former attorney generals join CNN Tonight to discuss.

Also at the hearing: Trump slammed Pence as a "wimp," during a heated call just before the Capitol insurrection, a video shows testimony of rioters saying they invaded the Capitol at Trump’s direction, and the Committee presents new photographs of Pence hiding from the mob as the violence escalated and they put up gallows while calling for his head.