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10 PM ET: North Carolina outages, Georgia runoff, Kirstie Alley dies & more
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Tue, Dec 6
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Oath Keepers January 6 trial begins
CNN Tonight
Oct 4, 2022

The highest profile January 6 case begins as opening statements are presented in the Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trial, with the DOJ revealing a recording in which founder Stewart Rhodes says his “only regret” after January 6 is that his group “Should have brought rifles”. Rhodes’s estranged wife, Tasha Adams, joins CNN Tonight to discuss what she thinks her ex-husband’s objective was on January 6, the abuse she faced from him over a ten-year period and how the Yale Law School graduate truly believes he can manipulate people through his voice and body language.

Former police officer and rescue diver Johnny Lauder swam a half-mile to rescue his 84-year-old mother in Naples, Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. He tells Kasie about how he evacuated his mother through fast moving floodwaters, and that although his family has lost everything, says he still has his hope. Plus, Trump attacks Mitch McConnell, saying he has a “Death wish”, and the panel discusses the Supreme Court’s new term beginning with a slate of historic cases.

Hosted by Kasie Hunt.