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Hurricane Ian regains strength, heads for South Carolina
CNN Tonight
Sep 30, 2022

One of the most catastrophic storms in Florida's history regains strength to become a category 1 hurricane and is projected to make landfall on Friday in South Carolina. Cajun Navy Incident Commander and veteran fire fighter Jay Carter joins to talk about the personal motivation behind his involvement in the search and rescue effort, as he and his team push on through the night in treacherous conditions to help as may people as possible.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians rush to the Country’s borders amid draft fears, ahead of Putin’s ceremony to formally annex four Ukrainian regions. CNN Political Analyst Josh Rogin joins to discuss the sham referendums supporting Putin’s land grab, and the mounting international suspicion that Russia has sabotaged the Nord Stream gas pipelines after European security officials observed Russian Navy support ships in the vicinity of leaks caused by underwater explosions.

Hosted by Laura Coates.