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10 PM ET: Mar-a-Lago documents, tropical storm warning, E. coli outbreak & more
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Sat, Aug 20
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Cascade of states move to outlaw abortion
CNN Tonight
Jun 28, 2022

As a cascade of states move to outlaw abortion following the SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe, Sara speaks to both sides of the abortion rights debate. Dr. Meera Shah argues all abortion bans do is traumatize women, especially the poor and medically underserved, while physician and activist Lila Rose believes abortion is homicide and should be treated as such.

Andrea Gallegos is the executive administrator of two abortion clinics in red states. She tells CNN Tonight about having to cancel 27 scheduled abortions and turn away a room full of patients. Plus, The January 6 Committee sets an unexpected hearing tomorrow on “Recently obtained” evidence, and the FBI seizes the phone of Trump’s election attorney John Eastman.

Hosted by Sara Sidner.