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Election 101

If there's one thing we knew about 2020, it's that what's supposed to happen might not. This November was no exception. In Election 101, we’re getting back to the basics of what's at stake when you cast your vote. Whether you’re a political novice or longtime expert, this podcast will bring something new and vital to your understanding of what it means to be democratically elected. Hosted by CNN's Kristen Holmes.

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The Courts and the Election
Election 101
Oct 28, 2020

U.S. judges and justices may seem detached from our election process, but every vote impacts and shapes our judiciary system. And in many cases, these courts can affect the future of our elections. This week, Kristen Holmes talks with Harvard University Professor Maya Sen. Plus, we have an update from CNN Supreme Court Reporter Ariane De Vogue on the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.