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12 PM ET: Diseases hit Gaza, fossil fuels phase out, SCOTUS opioid ruling & more
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Fareed Zakaria GPS

Fareed Zakaria GPS takes a comprehensive look at foreign affairs and global policies through in-depth, one-on-one interviews and fascinating roundtable discussions.

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Camp David summit with Japan and South Korea; Two years since the Taliban's takeover; Inside Putin's Russia; Singapore's role in the Asia-Pacific
Fareed Zakaria GPS
Aug 20, 2023

This week Bianna Golodryga hosts the top of the show while Fareed is on assignment. Bianna begins with President Biden's historic summit at Camp David with the leaders of Japan and South Korean. She speaks with Danny Russel, former top State Department official on East Asia, about what this summit means for relations between those two nations with deep historical animosities. Next, Bianna talks to Adela Raz, the former Afghan Ambassador to the U.S., about how bad the situation is for women since the Taliban's takeover two years ago. Then, New York Times journalist Roger Cohen joins the show. He recently spent a month in Russia talking to Russians about how they feel about the war in Ukraine; he shares what he's learned. Plus, Fareed sends us his interview with Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, the presumptive next leader of the city-state. They talk about the Singapore's role in the global economy and in Asian-Pacific geopolitics. Fareed will be back next week,

GUESTS: Danny Russel (@dannyrrussel), Adela Raz (@AdelaRaz), Roger Cohen (@NYTimesCohen), Lawrence Wong (@LaurenceWongST)

Air date: August 20, 2023