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Each weekday, Dana Bash and a panel of well-sourced reporters bring you the most important political stories of the day. On the weekend, Abby Phillip kicks off CNN's Sunday morning political programming with Inside Politics Sunday. Dana and Abby get answers from the people making headlines, explain the political that stories matter, and report on how the news will impact you.

John King and Abby Phillip
IP 092223 CNN Inside Politics
Sep 22, 2023
Kevin McCarthy hits the wall CNN Inside Politics
First: The speaker suffers another humiliation on the House floor. Republicans can't agree to move forward on a defense bill and will remain nowhere close to solving a shutdown riddle.
Plus: Life or death politics. Ukraine's president tries to convince a coalition to pay billions more in bullets, but Washington decides what will be felt.
And: Media titan Rupert Murdoch steps down and says he will hand off the business to his son.
Sep 21, 2023
Inside Politics Update for September 20, 2023 CNN Inside Politics
There is no new episode of the Inside Politics Showcast. If you haven’t already, please check out CNN’s other podcasts and Showcasts at
Sep 20, 2023
Ukraine today, you tomorrow CNN Inside Politics
First: The president uses the global stage to warn the rest of the world that failing to protect Ukraine means no nation is safe. 
Plus: Consider the gauntlet thrown. The House speaker issues a challenge to Conservatives whose demands could lead to a shutdown. 
And: A key narrative as told by a whistleblower center to the Hunter Biden investigation is refuted by others outside the room.
Sep 19, 2023
Freed prisoners and a rising labor movement CNN Inside Politics
First: The US and Iran have agreed on the release of 5 Iranian Americans which the Iranian government has imprisoned for several years. The Biden administration also announced new sanctions on Iran today.
Next: Today is the fourth day of the UAW strike at the 3 largest US auto makers. Union representatives have met with company executives, but progress has been slow. Unifor workers at multiple Canadian plants may go on strike tomorrow, which would increase pressure on the auto giants.
Then: Do...Show morenald Trump recently expressed a slightly less anti-abortion stance than many of the other Republican presidential candidates.
Later: Kevin McCarthy has less than 2 weeks to avert a government shutdown.
Sep 18, 2023
Trump's interview and McCarthy's troubles CNN Inside Politics
First: Meet the Press interviewed Donald Trump this week. He discussed his recent indictments, saying he was not concerned by them. Trump also expressed a less anti-abortion stance than he had previously, in contrast to his evangelical Christian supporters and some other Republican presidential candidates.
Next: Some Republicans are excited about the newly opened impeachment investigation into Pres. Biden, but others see it as political theatre without evidence.
Then: Some US Conservative representatives want to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to force more conservative policies. The House of Representatives has less than 2 weeks to pass a spending bill or face a government shutdown.
Sep 17, 2023
A defining test for the president CNN Inside Politics
First: Auto workers walk out on the big three. It may force Joe Biden to make a choice between the unions he says he loves and the economy that will help decide his reelection fate. 
Plus: The president's Justice Department charges his son with crimes. Hunter Biden's attorneys respond by borrowing from the Trump political playbook. 
And: Temper tantrums and big divides over how to pay the nation's bills up the odds that Kevin McCarthy can't steer away Congress from a crippling shutdown.
Sep 15, 2023
'Move the f-ing motion' CNN Inside Politics
First: A fired-up Kevin McCarthy dares Republican hardliners to actually do what they talked about doing for months and try to take his gavel. 
Plus: The judge in charge of the Trump case makes a critical decision and says the former president's trial won't happen in October. 
And: Detroit drives towards a strike. A walkout could trigger nationwide sticker shock and inch the economy closer to a recession.
Sep 14, 2023
They got him! CNN Inside Politics
Today's show begins shortly after we learn that police finally captured Danelo Cavalcante, the convicted murderer who escaped from a Pennsylvania prison. Brian Todd provides details on how it all went down, followed by an in-depth look at the incident that baffled police and terrorized residents for two weeks. 
Also on today's show: Kevin McCarthy tries to explain why he made a unilateral decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.
Sep 13, 2023
Kevin McCarthy opens an impeachment inquiry CNN Inside Politics
First: Today, US House speaker Kevin McCarthy directed the house committee to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.
Next: Kim Jung Un went on a diplomatic visit to meet with Vladimir Putin today, which may strengthen their alliance and dealings.
Then: Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) says that there is no evidence for any impeachable offense by President Biden.
Later: Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis plans to try Donald Trump and his 18 codefendants at once.
Sep 12, 2023
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