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Sat, Apr 13
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State of the Union

Hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, State of the Union features interviews with top newsmakers on politics and policy—covering Washington, the country, and the world.

Interviews with Rep. Mike Turner, Amb. Cindy McCain and Israeli-American hostage family State of the Union
On CNN’s State of the Union, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Turner tells CNN’s Jake Tapper that he agrees Russian propaganda has "infected” a portion of the Republican base. World Food Programme Executive Director Cindy McCain warns that “children are dying as we speak” in Gaza. And, six months after the Hamas attack, an Israeli-American hostage family speaks out on efforts to bring back their son and brother. Plus, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria previews his new book “Age of Revolutions."
Apr 8, 2024
Interviews with: GA. Sen. Warnock, MD. Gov. Moore and NY. Rep. Lawler State of the Union
First, how Georgia Senator Reverend Rafael Warnock balances his faith with public service. Then, Maryland Governor Wes Moore talks about how Baltimore is starting the recovery after last week’s catastrophic bridge collapse. House Speaker Mike Johnson faces growing urgency as the GOP is split over aid to Ukraine. NY Rep. Mike Lawler weighs in on the effort to oust Johnson. Plus, Dana and the panel discuss Trump’s “USA Bible” and more.
Apr 1, 2024
Interviews with: US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and US Congressman Chip Roy State of the Union
First, Jake speaks with New York’s Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about Donald Trump and his deadline to post a $464M bond in a NY civil fraud case, Speaker Mike Johnson who is facing a new revolt from House Republicans after passing the Government Funding Bill and her calling on Joe Biden to cut off military aid to Israel.   Then, a one-on-one with Republican Congressman Chip Roy, who voted against the Government Funding Bill, to discuss his thoughts on what better deal Mike Jo...Show morehnson could have negotiated and whether he supports Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to oust Mike Johnson as speaker.   Plus, Jake and the panel discuss the rift within the GOP House Republicans and the effects it is having on the House of Representatives.
Mar 25, 2024
Interviews with: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds, Rep. Adam Schiff, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine State of the Union
First, Dana interviews Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the negotiations for Israeli hostages held by Hamas and his response to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s call for “a new election” in Israel. Then, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi joins Dana to respond to Netanyahu. They also discuss House Speaker Mike Johnson suggestion that he may allow a vote on a standalone bill for aid to Ukraine.   Next, Dana speaks with GOP Senator Mike Rounds about whether he will endorse Trump for Pres...Show moreident, as well as the House overwhelmingly passing a bill that could ban TikTok.   Plus, after a New York judge delayed Trump’s hush money trial until at least mid-April, Dana asks Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff about the possibility that none Trump's cases may go to trial before the election.   Finally, ahead of Ohio’s Senate Primary, Dana talks with Ohio’s Republican Governor Mike DeWine on his support for a different candidate than Donald Trump.
Mar 18, 2024
Interviews with: Dem. Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock, Rep. Senator James Lankford, Attorney General Josh Stein State of the Union
First, Jake talks with Dem. Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock of Georgia about President Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s rallies in Georgia on Saturday. Georgia is a key battleground state for both men.   Then, Jake talks with Rep. Senator James Lankford on Biden’s State of the Union address and in particular the factual assertions he made about the failed bipartisan border deal. Lankford was one of the authors of that deal.   And, Jake has a one-on-one interview with the Democratic nominee for Governor...Show more of North Carolina, Attorney General Josh Stein, and gets his views on whether Democrats can win in “Purple State” North Carolina.   Plus, Jake and the panel discuss Senator Katie Britt’s State of the Union response and her use of a graphic sex trafficking story.
Mar 11, 2024
Interviews with: Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas, Sen. Durbin, Sen. Mullin State of the Union
First, President Biden tried take on his vulnerabilities this week and flipped the script on immigration. Dana presses Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on executive border action. Then, the Supreme Court announced it will arguments in April, over former president Trump’s claim of presidential immunity. Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dick Durbin weighs in. Nikki Haley claims that Trump can’t beat Biden without the voters who are backing her. Sen. Markwayne Mullin offers his take. Plus, Dana and the panel discuss countdown to Super Tuesday.
Mar 4, 2024
Interviews with: US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Governor Greg Abbott, Governor Gretchen Whitmer State of the Union
First, Dana speaks with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to discuss congress blocking aid to Ukraine, Putin’s treatment of Navalny and the news that negotiators have agreed an outline of Israel-Hamas hostage deal.   Then, Governor of Texas Greg Abbott dismisses speculation about Trump VP pick, weighs in on Alabama IVF ruling and is pressed on the border crisis.   And, Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer talks about the potential Biden protest in Michigan, says that the Michigan prima...Show morery is a ‘very high stakes moment’ and the IVF ruling shows that reproductive rights ‘still very much at risk’ if Trump wins.   Plus, Dana and the panel discuss Trumps decisive win in South Carolina, home state of rival Nikki Haley. Is she still in the running?
Feb 26, 2024
Interviews with: Former Rep. Congresswoman Liz Cheney, Rep. Senator Tim Scott State of the Union
Today Jake speaks to former Rep. Congresswoman Liz Cheney about the news of Alexey Navalny’s reported death in a Russian prison and then Trumps silence on the issue and Republican opposition to a bill that would send aid to Israel and Ukraine.   Then, in a 1-on-1 interview with Rep. Senator Tim Scott talks about Trumps comments about not defending NATO allies and the fall of the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka to Russian forces.   Plus, Jake and the panel discuss Trumps railing against $355 million dollar ruling in civil fraud case and Nikki Haley’s pivotal test in South Carolina.
Feb 19, 2024
Interviews with: Rep. Senator Marco Rubio and Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein State of the Union
First, Jake interviews Senator Marco Rubio asking questions about Trumps statements about NATO and mocking Governor Haley’s husbands absence while he is deployed in Africa, Rubio’s opposition to a bill to help Israel and Ukraine and the choice by Senate GOP to torpedo a bipartisan US border security deal.   Then, a one on one interview with Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussing President Biden’s not being charged after classified documents probe and statements about the president’s mental faculties.   Plus, Jake and the panel discuss Biden and Trump as they are once again in the spotlight as the 2024 race heats up.
Feb 12, 2024
Interviews with: US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, GOP Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley, US Congressman James Clyburn State of the Union
First, after the 3rd straight day of US strikes against Iran-backed militias in the Middle East, can America avoid a wider conflict? US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan joins us to break down the aftermath of this retaliation. Then, with just three weeks until Republicans in South Carolina vote, Donald Trump's team says it's over. But as Nikki Haley ups the ante, what's her end-game? GOP Presidential candidate Nikki Haley is here exclusively. And, President Biden swept South Carolina wi...Show moreth his first official primary win last night. We are joined by the man whose endorsement propelled Joe Biden to the White House, South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn. Plus, Dana and the panel discuss the brewing fight inside the Republican Party and the results of the South Carolina Democratic primary.
Feb 4, 2024
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