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9 AM ET: Trump hits back, DOJ sues Norfolk Southern, critical fire threat & more
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Fri, Mar 31
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The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

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A historic indictment The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Not long after today's show begins, three sources tell CNN that a Manhattan grand jury has indicted former President Donald Trump in connection with the Stormy Daniels hush money scheme. The indictment is under seal and the exact charges are not known. It's the first time a sitting or former president has been indicted.
Mar 31, 2023
Police: school shooter believed to have had weapons training The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
First Lady Jill Biden is set to attend a vigil for the six victims of a school shooting in Nashville, Tennesse as police reveal the shooter may have had weapons training. Also, the New York grand jury investigating Donald Trump will take a break for most of April. How might that impact the decision to indict the former president? Plus, the crisis unfolding in Israel is testing relations with the United States after President Biden criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s divisive judicial overhaul plan. A former ambassador to Israel joins to discuss the latest.
Mar 30, 2023
Biden urges Congress to act, repeats call for assault weapons ban The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
New reaction to the chilling body camera video police just revealed involving the national school shooting. This as President Biden pleas for an assault weapons ban. Law enforcement is sharing new information about the shooter’s arsenal and mental health. Also, we’re learning more about the New York grand jury investigation of Donald Trump. Sources say the panel won’t hear the hush money case again this week amid questions about when, or if, the former president will be indicted.
Mar 28, 2023
Nashville police: school shooting was a targeted act The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Nashville police say they have identified the woman who opened fire at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, killing three children and three adults. Vice Mayor Jim Shulman joins to provide updates. Plus, a key player in the Stormy Daniels hush money saga meets with the New York grand jury. Also, after mass protests, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delays the judicial overhaul plan that’s dividing his country.
Mar 27, 2023
U.S. assessing damage, casualties from new rocket attacks The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Hours after the United States retaliated for a deadly drone strike in Syria, American forces are being targeted yet again. President Biden vows to forcefully protect U.S. citizens as his administration casts blame on Iran and seeks to punish its proxies. Also, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is under orders to testify along with other former top Trump aides in the January 6th criminal investigation. Plus, North Korea threatens to unleash a giant radioactive tsunami as it claims to test a nuclear capable underwater drone.
Mar 24, 2023
Grand jury in Trump hush money probe set to reconvene Monday The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Donald Trump is defiant ahead of his potential indictment in the hush money investigation in New York and his lawyer's testimony in the classified documents probe in Washington. Also, members of Congress double down on their threat to ban the hugely popular social media app TikTok after grilling the company’s CEO about ties to China and national security concerns.
Mar 24, 2023
Appeals court: Trump lawyer must testify The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
In a major legal ruling against Trump, a federal appeals court says the former president’s lawyer must testify before a grand jury in the criminal investigation of Trump’s handling of classified documents. Also, stock prices plunge after the Federal Reserve raises interest rates again despite bank meltdowns that are adding to American’s economic fears. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers joins to react. Plus, Ukraine is accusing Russia of deliberately targeting civilians in the deadly missile strike that hit residential apartment buildings.
Mar 22, 2023
Law enforcement preps underway for possible Trump indictment The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Donald Trump braces for a potential indictment as the Manhattan district attorney weighs historic charges against the former president that could come at any time. The Republican defense of Trump is now expanding to the Senate while law enforcement prepares for protests or worse if Trump is arrested. Also, the leaders of China and Russia wrap up their second day of high-stakes talks with no evidence that the two countries reached any major breakthroughs on the war in Ukraine. Plus, a Virginia grand jury just indicted all ten people charged in the death of an African American man in custody.
Mar 21, 2023
NYPD increases security ahead of a potential Trump indictment The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
A Trump ally just wrapped up testimony before a grand jury in New York investigating the former president’s alleged role in a hush money scheme. This as New York police are increasing courthouse security just ahead of a potential Trump indictment. Also tonight, Trump’s top GOP allies are rushing to his defense and trying to discredit the New York district attorney who is investigating Trump. Plus, China’s President Xi Jinping visits Russia, praising Putin and calling him a dear friend.
Mar 20, 2023
Zelensky hails Putin war crimes arrest warrant as “historic” The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Vladimir Putin is formally charged with war crimes as the International Criminal Court seeks his arrest for an alleged scheme to deport Ukrainian children to Russia. Also, a monumental court ruling against former President Trump as his lawyer is ordered to testify in the grand jury investigation of Trump's handling of classified documents. Plus, U.S. stocks slide as fears about the banking system persist despite new multi-billion dollar rescues.
Mar 18, 2023
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