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The Source with Kaitlan Collins

Kaitlan Collins goes straight to the source and chases the facts so you can get the very latest on The Source with Kaitlan Collins.

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Henry Kissinger dies at age 100
The Source with Kaitlan Collins
Nov 30, 2023

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has died at age 100, according to his consulting firm Kissinger Associates. The Source looks at the legacy of the only person to have served as the National Security Advisor and Secretary of State at the same time. Plus, the fragile truce between Israel and Hamas could potentially come to an end in just three hours. Right now, there's a real possibility that it may not be extended. And, an 84-year-old hostage, freed by Hamas, provides new details about her time held inside Gaza.

For information on the Israel-Gaza conflict, check out CNN’s podcast ‘Tug of War: Attack on Israel’.