Our Place’s Always Pan and Perfect Pot have already reached cult status, and now the brand is adding to its repertoire with the launch of ovenware that’s just as gorgeous and functional as its other products.

Don’t think you’re going to clutter up your cupboards with this set either; like the rest of Our Place’s cookware, these pans are designed to execute a number of tasks flawlessly so you don’t need as many things, which is great in kitchens where space is limited.

The Ovenware Set ($195) includes five nonstick, nontoxic pieces. First up, an oven pan that works as a roasting pan in the oven as well as a griddle on the stovetop. Thanks to slightly deep sides, it can also work for sheet cakes. There’s also an oven mat that should replace your parchment paper or foil use forever (a sustainability win), and it’s designed with 1-inch squares to make sure you space your cookie balls appropriately. Finally, the set includes a trio of baking pans that can bake anything from lasagna (Main Bake) to smaller sides (Side Bake) to loaf-sized sides (Tiny Bake). They all nest into the Oven Pan for easy storage.

Our Place

The set comes in colors designed to match the rest of your Our Place collection (or complement, if you’re not a matchy-matchy person). Choose from Spice, Blue Salt, Steam, Sage and Char.

Shop the set online at fromourplace.com before they all sell out — so far, they’re still in stock, but like all Our Place drops, we can’t promise that’ll last for long.