Lead Google Pixel 7 Cases Bellroy

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are two of the best smartphones Google has ever produced. They both have phenomenal cameras, run the latest version of Android and have a unique design that’s just begging for you not to drop it.

The all-glass back of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro is one of the more slippery finishes, and while it looks nice, it’s not going to withstand too many tumbles.

Instead of taking your chances, below you’ll find a roundup of protective cases that at a bare minimum will cover up that smooth finish, but better yet add a layer of protection to your shiny new phone.

From $52 at Casetify

Casetify Pixel 7 and 7 Pro cases
Casetify has a bunch of fun Pixel 7 cases that can not only handle a drop or two but also come in plenty of fun designs. From a case that looks like a shipping label — including a fragile sticker — to a case full of yellow smiley faces that are all melting and look just plain weird, your options are limitless. You can even customize the design to your liking. The cases are built to survive a drop of 8.2 feet, which is pretty darn high.

$29.99 at Google

Google Pixel 7 or 7 Pro case
Google made great cases for its Pixel smartphone lineup until last year’s Pixel 6 case offering, which felt cheap, was flimsy and just wasn’t worth the cost. This year, however, Google has redeemed itself and the Pixel 7 cases are back in good graces. The minimal cases come in matching color options for the respective phones, ensuring that you can color coordinate and add some grip to your phone.

From $49 at Bellroy

Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel
The Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro looks fantastic. Leather cases feel good to hold but also take on a life of their own as they age from daily use. And on top of that, Bellroy has some super-interesting colors for you to pick from, including a Blue Daze option that is just calling our name. You're looking at $49 for the Pixel 7 version or $55 for the Pixel 7 Pro model.

$64.95 at Best Buy

Otterbox Defender Series Pro
Is it just us, or does the OtterBox Defender Series Pro for the Pixel 7 Pro make the phone look like Robocop? Just us? OK. The Defender Series Pro is a ruggedized case that’s made up of several parts that snap together on the Pixel 7, each one designed to handle its share of bumps and bruises. A belt holster is even included so you don’t have to carry around the extra-bulky phone and case in your pocket.

$17.99 at Amazon

Spigen Liquid Air
Spigen’s Liquid Air case gets its name from its thin design that lacks adding any bulk to your new smartphone. Its textured back is sure to add some "grippability" to the phone as well. The navy blue color option looks nice, but if you’d rather go for the straightforward black option, then you’ll save yourself $1 on the overall cost.

$15.99 at Amazon

Spigen Ultra Hybrid
If you’re looking for a clear case, then the Spigen Ultra Hybrid fits the bill. You’ll be able to show off your phone in its entirety without skimping on protection. If you’d prefer for a mix of clear and color, you can opt to get the Ultra Hybrid case with matte black around the edges and partially on the back of the phone — all the while still revealing the color scheme of your Pixel phone.

$19.95 at Best Buy

UAG Scout Case
The UAG Scout Case looks sleek. It vaguely reminds us of a rugged suitcase that frequent travelers love. The all-black exterior is something that should withstand several drops. In fact, the product listing states that the case was tested for 26 drops at 48 inches, resulting in zero damage to the phone. That’s impressive.

$54.99 at Incipio

Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case
Kate Spade cases are decorative and fun, and the New York Protective Hardshell is no exception. The clear shell is broken up by different colored flowers across the rear of the case. You’ll still get the standard layers of protection that similar cases provide, of course. Like the rest of the cases we’ve highlighted, this Kate Spade is compatible with wireless charging.

$29.95 at Speck

Speck Impact Hero
Speck has a long list of cases and designs for smartphones, but right now that list is fairly short regarding the Pixel 7. Actually, it’s so short there’s only one model currently listed on the Speck Products website: the Impact Hero case. The Impact Hero case has two layers, adding extra shock absorption. Speck touts your phone’s safety from drops of up to 8 feet for the Impact Hero, which, if true, would live up to its namesake.