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We spent days roaming the hallways of Las Vegas to find the products that are actually worth paying attention to at CES 2023. From dual-screen laptops and high-tech beauty kits to a true breakthrough in the smart home space, this year’s installment of the world’s biggest technology show had no shortage of exciting hardware. But for every legitimate game changer there are dozens more pieces of vaporware, which is why we’re here to bring you just the good stuff.

In order to find the best tech of CES 2023, we spent countless hours meeting with top technology brands, went hands-on with dozens of products and had a long deliberation process to settle on winners. We focused on products that are truly innovative, improve on our existing recommendations in a meaningful way or just help make your life better, from inexpensive accessories to premium TVs. With that said, here are the tech products you should keep an eye out for this year.

Best TV: TCL Q7

best of ces 2023 TCL Q7

TCL has long made our best TV pick, and the Q7 looks like yet another great mid-level model for everyone from cord-cutters to gamers. The Q7 comes with a 4K Quantum Dot screen that promises even better color and brightness, but the real star of this show is its native 120Hz panel that can boost to an even smoother 240Hz — the kind of extra-fluid refresh rate that allows competitive gamers to play at their best. Throw in the Q7’s IMAX Enhanced certification and Dolby Vision, and you’ve got a great all-around set that really stood out when we saw it up close. The TCL Q7 will be available sometime in 2023 in sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches. No pricing has been announced, and TCL told us that the Q7 is not a direct replacement of an older model, so stay tuned for more. — Tobey Grumet, reviews editor

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Best accessory: OtterBox OtterGrip

best of ces 2023 otterbox

The OtterBox OtterGrip is the first iPhone 14 case we’ve seen that combines the extra grip of a PopSocket with seamless MagSafe accessory support, all within a flexible design that lets you switch between the two. This $60 case’s soft silicone design felt very comfortable in our fingers, and its range of designs — from cool tie-dye patterns to simple solid colors — looked great up close. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

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Best laptop: Lenovo YogaBook 9i

best of ces 2023 lenovo yogabook 9i

In what’s shaping up to be a banner year for laptops, the YogaBook 9i stood out from the competition by delivering a design that’s equal parts innovative and practical. This stunning dual-screen laptop gets you two full 13.3-inch OLED displays that you can combine with the included stand and keyboard to create the ultimate portable multitasking station, one that let us easily use two apps at once or expand a single window across both screens for more optimal scrolling. Ditch the stand, and the YogaBook 9i transforms into a traditional laptop that offers both virtual and physical keyboard options while giving you a second-screen experience for staying on top of things like weather and email. Switching between these modes was seamless and instant in our hands-on time, which proves the YogaBook 9i’s versatility isn’t just a gimmick. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

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Best gaming tech: Razer Kiyo Pro

best of ces 2023 razer kiyo pro ultra

The Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra improves on our best high-end webcam pick with a new sensor that offers DSLR-like camera quality at considerably less-than-DSLR prices. The Pro Ultra’s video quality truly wowed us during our hands-on time, and it could very well be the new camera to beat for devoted Twitch streamers and YouTubers. It’s available now for $300. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

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Best VR headset: PlayStation VR 2

best of ces 2023 playstation vr 2

Based on our brief hands-on time, the PlayStation VR 2 looks to improve on one of our best VR headset picks in just about every way. Designed for the PS5, Sony’s new headset looks sleeker, offers more dynamic and comfortable controllers and delivers a serious step up in visual fidelity — something we immediately noticed as we climbed and battled our way through the vivid sci-fi wastelands of Horizon Call of the Mountain. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

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Best gaming monitor: Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

best of ces 2023 samsung odyssey neo g9

Of all the tech gadgets at CES 2023, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is the one I had the hardest time pulling myself away from. Billed as the world’s first dual 4K gaming monitor, the Neo G9’s engrossing 57-inch ultrawide screen made driving around in Need for Speed Heat feel incredibly immersive, and offers the best combination of fidelity and performance we’ve seen on this kind of display. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

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Best smart home tech: Matter

best of ces 2023 matter

It’s about to get a whole lot easier for consumers to add smart home devices to their homes, thanks to a new standard called Matter, which was finalized late last year. Matter is already rolling out to millions of smart home devices through software updates from brands like Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung SmartThings. Many companies announced Matter certification for new or existing products (via a firmware update), so all the smart home devices can play nicely — without worrying about whether you have an existing Apple, Google or Amazon ecosystem. We even saw a new Samsung SmartThings hub built specifically for this technology, and it’ll likely be the first of many.

Matter will be available in smart categories like sensors, lighting, outlets and plugs, garage doors, thermostats and smart speakers, with more categories to be introduced in the future. — Andrea Smith, contributor

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Best home product: Kohler Anthem Digital Shower Valve and Control

best of ces 2023 kohler

Kohler’s Anthem Digital Valve and Control allows you to personalize the most important aspects of your shower: water temperature and flow. Warm up and pause features ensure you’re never unintentionally stepping under a freezing cold stream, and Anthem controls up to six shower outlets of myriad varieties, including rainheads, hand showers and body sprays, each of which can be independently adjusted. Meanwhile, nine presets allow you or others in your home to save their favorite shower settings. The whole system integrates with the Kohler Konnect smartphone app, so users can monitor their shower duration and opt to restrict the maximum flow of water for a more eco-friendly shower experience. Starting at $560 (though it looks to be marked down to $420 right now), Anthem is designed to fit the global plumbing standard, and it’s available in a range of finishes to match your bathroom aesthetic. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

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Best health device: Movano Evie

best of ces 2023 movano

The Movano Evie is both one of the best-looking and most practical smart rings we’ve seen yet. This high-tech piece of jewelry is designed to provide features like cycle tracking for people with uteruses (as well as basic sleep and health metrics), and Movano is in the process of earning FDA clearance to make sure your data will be kept safe. And unlike rivals like the Oura Ring (one of many sleep trackers we’ve tested), the Evie features a neat AirPods-like charging case that’ll keep it both safe and juiced up at all times. More importantly, we simply love how it looked and felt.

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