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Whether it’s their birthday, gotcha day, or you’re just feeling like you want to spoil them, all dogs big and small, young or old deserve a present (or two). That’s why we talked to veterinarians and dog experts to get the low-down on what to get dogs and their parents.

“I personally focus on practical gifts for pets, because I feel they have more potential to be useful in the long term,” says Dr. Mark D. Freeman, doctor of veterinary medicine and clinical assistant professor at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. “While yummy treats and fun toys are entertaining, they tend to be gone quickly.”

“Probably the single most important thing when considering a gift for a pet or pet parent is making sure it is something safe for the pet,” says Freeman. He warns against retractable leashes and encourages owners to research the treats and toys they’re buying to ensure they’re not harmful.

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Dr. Hunter Finn, a veterinarian and owner of Pet Method in McKinney, Texas, offers pet tips and insights to more than 2 million followers on TikTok. He echoes the importance of finding safe products, especially when you’re looking at toys. “When it comes to dog toys I have a rule I like to follow: If a dog toy starts breaking/tearing/becoming stringy, it needs to get thrown away and replaced with a new toy,” Finn says. “I promise that [a] new toy is cheaper than a surgery to remove the old shredded toy.”

And if there is a spoiled pup who already has everything, there are plenty of good causes to donate to. Freeman suggests shopping at The Animal Rescue Site, since a portion of its profits helps purchase food for shelter animals. “I purchase many of my holiday gifts for pet parent friends from The Animal Rescue Site, and have never been disappointed,” says Freeman. Mallory Kerley, marketing director at Muddy Paws Rescue, also suggests donating to your local rescue group to help dogs, cats and other animals in need. “I believe that the best gift for any dog lover is saving a pup’s life in their honor,” Kerley says.

Below, we’ve rounded up all the products our dog experts recommended, along with some of our personal favorites that follow their guidelines. From toys and treats to pet carriers, travel essentials and yes, carpet cleaners too, here are our favorite gifts for any dog and dog owner in your life. Have a cat? Check out vet-recommended cat gifts too.

Gifts for dogs

Freeman recommends shopping at The Animal Rescue Site, and this box is a great gift for any dog. It includes five premium pet products including tasty treats and fun toys. The best part? Each box feeds at least 142 shelter animals. You can sign up for a subscription to get this box every month to continue helping animals in need.

“A great, long-lasting rubber chew from Kong always seems to do the trick. They're great for stuffing with more tasty treats, and you don't have to worry about them breaking off any sharp pieces that could harm your pup,” says Kerley. Tip: Stuff your Kong with peanut butter then throw it in the freezer so it can last extra long.

“This is a wearable GPS tracker that can monitor your pet’s location, activity and health,” says Freeman. “It has a 20-day battery life and includes a night light to make it easy to keep up with your pet in the dark. These devices are going to become very popular and very useful in helping keep pets healthy and safe.”
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If you want to walk your pup in style, there’s no better option than this kit from Wild One, an Underscored editor favorite. The collar and leash are made with a durable, flex-poly coated nylon webbing that’s easy to hold on to. The kit is also available in a version that comes with a harness instead of a collar.
Editor Favorite

“The Game puzzle toy and food dispenser is an interactive device that reduces boredom and anxiety, entertains and encourages dogs to eat their meals more slowly,” says Freeman. “It’s dishwasher-safe, holds up to 1 1/2 cups of kibble and has multiple complexity settings, a weighted base and a finned top for spreadable treats like peanut butter.” Our editors love it too.

“Under the Weather makes incredible products that every dog needs at some point in their life,” says Kerley. “All of our fosters are gifted the bland diet to help soothe those tummies after they first arrive, and it's always helpful to have it on hand!”

“We need safer chew toys as they prevent choking hazards and won't cause tooth damage like many other chew toys,” says Finn. “Plus, every pet owner wants a toy that is durable and will keep their dog entertained for long periods of time (so you don't have to). West Paw products are some of the safest that I have found in both regards to preventing choking and tooth damage.”

A puzzle toy from West Paw that you can stuff treats inside for hours of entertainment. It’s made of non-toxic, BPA-free materials that can withstand even the toughest chewers.

If the dog you’re shopping for has a prey drive, they’ll love this toy that makes them think they’re hunting squirrels inside a tree.

Our pup absolutely loves treats from Bocce’s Bakery, which are all-natural, oven-baked and made in the USA.

Give your dog some mental stimulation with this puzzle toy from Nina Ottosson. Just insert treats or food into the compartments and let your furry friend push and nudge the compartments until they find all the goodies. This game comes in different sizes and configurations, and if your dog figures it out too fast, there are plenty of harder puzzles from the same brand for them to try.

Let your dog forage for their food with this simple, cheap snuffle mat. Just fold the kibble into the layers of fabric and watch as your pup sniffs and digs for their food.

If your pup has short hair, they might need to layer up when it's cold. We adore the sweaters and jackets from Little Beast. They're soft, easy to put on and, most importantly, unbelievably cute.

Whether you’re camping or training, having a cot for your dog can be super helpful. This one from Helinox is extremely lightweight, packs down and even has a compatible cot warmer so your dog doesn’t get cold.

This two-in-one dog bed has a removable insert that gives your dog even more places to nap. Our favorite feature of this bed is its raised, pillowtop exterior, which is the perfect place to rest a snoot.
Editor Favorite

Let your pup nap in ultimate comfort with this dog bed from Casper, which has a plush memory-foam filling and a removable washable cover. Our editors' pets love it.

If your dog likes to burrow and get cozy, they’ll love this super-fluffy donut bed that encircles them in comfort.
Editor Favorite

This stylish crate (yet another Underscored editor fave) gives your dog a safe, cozy place to nap without ruining your living room’s aesthetic. Not only is the crate gorgeous, it also features an ingenious garage-style door that tucks away when not in use.

This padded harness from Ruffwear is easy to put on and super comfortable, and comes with two attachment points.

The weather might be cold, but it’s never too early to get ready for the heat of next summer. This sprinkler pad is a fantastic way to keep your dog cool and entertained in the hotter months.

Dog paws aren’t as durable as you might think. Whether it’s hot cement, snow, dirt or sand, there are plenty of environments that can be irritating or even harmful to your dog’s paws. That’s why this wax from Musher’s Secret is a must-have for any dog owner. The wax protects their paws from the elements while remaining breathable so they can walk confidently.

Carrying a dog bowl around can be a pain. Opt for this water bottle attachment instead, which easily allows you to give your dog some water so they can hydrate on their walks.

These collapsible bowls are another great option for travel. Skip the bulky bowls and easily give your dog some water or food at the hotel, airport or trailhead.

These pet tags from Pine and Bark are some of our favorites since they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Not to mention they're irresistibly cute. We’re fond of the camping-themed tags but there are plenty to choose from to match your dog’s personality.