always pan cast iron

Our Place is known for nonstick cookware that lives up to its promise — as well as for taking the clutter out of our kitchen cabinets with pans and pots that truly do it all. Now the stylishly colorful brand is adding one more piece to its collection, and it’s one we’ll happily find the storage space for: a cast-iron pan.

If you think you’ve heard of the Cast Iron Always Pan before, you’re right: It soft-launched back in April but sold out in 20 minutes. Now it’s back for good, though you’ll still want to shop it before the stock is gone.

The Cast Iron Always Pan is now available in six colors. Be sure to shop soon before your preferred hue sells out.

Cast-iron pans are great because (unlike nonstick pans) they last for actual decades if you take care of them. This one in particular is made from enameled cast iron, which means you get the benefits of your usual cast iron (hello, perfect browning) without the seasoning you have to do with other raw cast-iron pans. The company calls it “cast iron you can’t screw up.”

Like the rest of Our Place’s offerings, this pan is designed to replace up to eight pieces of traditional cookware: It’s deep enough to boil pasta in and shallow enough to sauté some asparagus. Unlike usual cast iron, it comes with a glass lid that’s oven-safe so you can steam away, and silicone grips are included for entry and exit from the oven.

Plus, like the nonstick Always Pan, it comes with a built-in spatula and spoon rest so you and your spoons can both rest easy while you’re waiting on your dinner to finish up.

We have a feeling these will sell out fast, so head to Our Place to pick one up for yourself today.