underscored garage storage

The garage is a place where we tend to put everything that doesn’t have another place to go: holiday decorations, bins of hand-me-down clothing and extra bedding, tools and sporting equipment and extra household supplies. All of that stuff can quickly turn into a cluttered mess and, because the garage contains a jumble of different types of things, finding the right garage storage ideas can be really tricky.

With the help of organizing experts Lisa Kron, who documents the process of making her small home functional and stylish on the site Smallish Home, and Ann Lightfoot, co-founder of Done & Done Home, we picked out 20 of the best garage organization tools and products.

Garage storage bins

Sterilite 20-Gallon Latching Storage Bin

$9.29 at Target

Sterilite 20 Gallon Latching Storage Bin

Kron calls these plastic storage bins “perfect for storing holiday decorations or camping gear. These bins are made of tough plastic, and they latch to keep dust out.” The opaque dark gray color ensures that light exposure doesn’t cause damage to items that can fade.

Large Stackable Storage Trays, 4-Pack

$18.99 $12.84 at Amazon

Large Stackable Storage Trays

For storing large items that you need easy access to, and that don’t need to be stored in a water- and critter-proof environment, cubby-style bins are the way to go. This set of four heavy-duty storage trays can be stacked vertically, aligned horizontally or wall mounted on rails (included).

Clear Weathertight Totes

From $12.99 at The Container Store

Clear Weathertight Tote

If light exposure isn’t an issue, either because of the design of the garage or because the item being stored isn’t at risk for fading, clear plastic bins are great because they allow you to see the contents within. Lightfoot recommends these clear jumbo bins that she says are “perfect for storage in basements, garages and storage units to protect items from moisture, pests and dirt.”

Household Essentials MightyStor Storage Bin

$19.99 $13.01 at Amazon

Household Essentials MightyStor Storage Bin

Storing very bulky or oddly shaped items can be a challenge, but this soft-sided storage bag is the perfect thing for duvets to outdoor furniture cushions. It’s made of water- and tear-resistant polyethylene tarp material, and has four handles for carrying.

Garage storage drawers

HDX Black 4-Tier Plastic Storage Shelving Unit

$34.98 at Home Depot

Black 4-Tier Plastic Garage Storage Shelving Unit

This four-tier plastic shelving unit is a bargain — and it gets high marks for ease of assembly and sturdiness.

Sterilite Small Deep Modular Drawer

$15.99 at Target

Sterilite Small Deep Modular Drawer

Kron recommends these plastic drawers to hold small tools, lightbulbs or painting supplies like brushes and rollers. These individual, self-contained drawers are perfect to use on shelves.

Room Essentials 3-Drawer Medium Cart

$15 at Target

Room Essentials 3-Drawer Medium Cart

This three-drawer rolling cart can be used to store everything from crafting supplies to hardware and tools. The clear drawers allow contents to be easily identified, and the drawers are fitted with stops to prevent them from accidentally coming out of the unit.

Room Essentials 3-Drawer Wide Cart

$22 at Target

Room Essentials 3-Drawer Wide Cart

For just a few dollars more, you can pick up the same style storage cart but in a larger, wider size. Both carts also come with wheels that can be affixed for a portable storage solution.

Garage wall organizer

Mop/Broom Holder Wall Mount

$18.99 $13.99 at Amazon

Mop/Broom Holder Wall Mount

A wall-mounted mop, broom and tool caddy is a great thing to install in a garage. This tool organizer can hold long-handled items like mops, brooms, rakes and grabbers in the spring-loaded gripper clamps, and the four small hooks can be used to store smaller items like scrub brushes and dustpans.

Command Mop and Broom Grippers, 2-Pack

$20.14 $13.77 at Amazon

Command Broom & Mop Grippers

If you’re a renter, you may not want to install storage systems that require drilling holes for anchors and screws. Kron likes these Command hooks for holding brooms or mops on the wall, and because they use no-damage Command strips to adhere to surfaces, they won’t leave a mark behind when you move out.

Azar Design Pegboard, Set of 2

$28.23 at Wayfair

Azar Design Pegboard

Pegboards are an old standard for organizing garages — and for good reason. They’re incredibly versatile, allowing you to store everything from tools and gardening equipment to that spare set of pots and pans you keep around for the demands of holiday cooking.

Knape & Vogt Steel Garage Storage System

$24.98 at Lowes

Knape & Vogt Steel Board

It’s worth noting that one of the ways in which pegboards are so versatile is that they come in a variety of sizes and materials, like this metal version made of heavy-duty galvanized steel. It has a 500-pound load capacity and can fit all standard and heavy-duty peg hooks and accessories.

Blue Hawk 43-Piece Steel Pegboard Kit

$14.98 at Lowes

Blue Hawk 43-Piece Steel Pegboard Kit

Of course a pegboard is of no use to you without hooks! This set of 43 pegboard accessories is designed to fit both 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch pegboards, and contains peg hooks, holders, storage bins and peg locks.

Rubbermaid Garage Corner Tool Tower Rack

$34.60 at Amazon

Rubbermaid Garage Corner Tool Tower Rack

Corner shelves are a smart way to turn unused space into clever storage spots. This corner shelf is designed to serve as a tool rack for everything from gardening tools like rakes and hoes to cleaning supplies such as mops and brooms.

Garage bike storage

Remiawy Garage Hooks, 12-Pack

$39.99 $26.99 at Amazon

Remiawy Garage Hooks, 12-Pack

Garage hooks are an incredible investment for those looking to tidy up their storage, because they can be used for so many things. This set of eight multipurpose storage hooks can be used to hold hoses, ladders, extension cords, strollers, etc. They can also be used for sporting equipment from bikes to canoes. Check out more bike storage ideas here.

Bike Lane Products Bicycle Hoist

$17.99 at Amazon

Bike Lane Products Bicycle Hoist

This ceiling-mounted bicycle hoist can hold up to 100 pounds, and it has a safety lock mechanism to ensure that the bike isn’t accidentally released. Two sets of rubber-coated hooks latch under the bike’s seat and handlebars, and the pulley system hoists the bike and locks it in place.

Hangers for Ceiling and Wall Bicycle Storage, 4-Pack

$16.99 $15.99 at Amazon

Hangers for Ceiling and Wall Bicycle Storage

Another option for bicycle storage is to install ceiling or wall-mounted hooks. This set of four heavy-duty storage hooks can hold up to 100 pounds each and can be used for bike storage as well as for holding power equipment, furniture, hoses, etc.

Garage storage for sports equipment

Kesito Wall Mount Holder for Basketball/Volleyball/Soccer Ball

$14.99 $7.99 at Amazon

Kesito Wall Mount Holder for Basketball/Volleyball/Soccer Ball

Leaving a basketball, volleyball or soccer ball on the floor of the garage isn’t an ideal way to store them, as they can roll underfoot and become a tripping hazard. They can also roll under things and get lost, and then there goes that pickup game you’d planned for the afternoon. A wall-mounted ball holder solves that problem.

Champion Mesh Sports Equipment Bag

$6.99 at Amazon

Champion Mesh Sports Equipment Bag

If you have a collection of more than three medium or large sports balls like basketballs, soccer balls, playground balls or footballs, take a page from your elementary school gym teacher’s book and get a large mesh sports equipment bag to keep them in one easy-to-find spot.

Coolbebe Extra-Large Sports Duffel Bag

$24.99 $16.99 at Amazon

Coolbebe Extra Large Sports Duffle Bag

Extra-large sports equipment duffel bags are typically meant for travel, but they do double duty as storage units too. This water-resistant duffel can be used to store everything from camping equipment to hockey gear.