No matter how cautious we try to be, fashion emergencies happen. That pair of perfectly worn-in jeans might rip, or your favorite heels start to fall apart, the cute new top you bought doesn’t have the support to keep your bust contained. If you’re looking to fix these little incidents quickly without dropping your entire paycheck, here are a bunch of amazing items you can pick up at Amazon to get the job done. With these 35 products, you can breathe easier, knowing that you can fix whatever goes awry and keep looking your best.

These DREETINO Clear Bra Straps Are Better For Strappy Tops

As the warmer weather is starting to come around, that means it is time for tank top season. If you don't want your bra straps hanging out of the side of your shirt all the time, try using these DREETINO Clear Bra Straps that can easily attach on and detach off of your favorite bras to support your throughout the summer without causing any distractions to your cute outfits.

Want To Hide A Tattoo? This Hide Premium Concealer Is Thick Enough To Do The Job

Ever have to go to a big event, with photographers, and wish that just this once you could make the scene without your acne, scars or other blemishes? Or maybe you'd like to cover your tattoo to make grandma happy at her 80th birthday party? This Hide Premium Concealer can hide whatever you'd like to keep out of sight for the evening, or even a whole day.

Support And Secure Those Loose Shoes With The Elandy Transparent Detachable Shoe Strap

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who like shoes and those who love shoes. If you are the kind of person who loves shoes but hates when they are uncomfortable, this is the fix you need. Use these Elandy Transparent Detachable Shoe Straps in order to support your feet and keep them in place, while also being able to run around town in your favorite heels.

Dirty Kicks? Use KIWI Shoe Whitener To Restore Them

Getting those perfect, new white shoes dirty after taking such good care of them can be a big fashion emergency. If you are looking to whiten up your shoes as quickly and as easily as possible, try using this KIWI Shoe Whitener that comes with a sponge applicator to wipe away at the mess. All you do is rub the formula and sponge around the places you would like to whiten and let the product do the rest of the magic.

Use These Ouch-free Boottique Boot Snugs To Look Your Best In Boots

When you are going for that classy look, check out these Boottique Boot Snugs that can keep your pants tucked into your boots all day and night. Instead of allowing your pants to bunch up every time you try to tuck them into your boots, this strap will keep your pants and boots in place, and don't have a pinchy buckle under your feet.

Avoid The Scandals With This Breast Lift Tape And Nipple Cover Set For Your LBD

We all know what it's like to find the perfect low-cut dress for a night out with the girls and to realize you won't be able to wear a bra with it. Take a leaf out of Kim Kardashian's fashion toolbox and get yourself this Brostown Breast Lift Tape and Nipple Cover Set so you can step out on the town this summer while preserving your dignity. The kit is simple; you apply the nipple covers and lay the tape for the appropriate coverage. The tape does all the work for you, and the results are phenomenal.

Take That, Cruel Shoes: These Sargarita Heel Pads Make Them Comfortable To Walk In

Prevent a fashion emergency from emerging with these Sargarita Heel Pads that can protect your feet from getting sore and forming blisters. Just place these pads on the back of your heels in order to comfort and support your feet all day long. They make walking in heels actually feel enjoyable and it will make you want to wear them much more often.

Be The Boss Of Your Bras With These Thsinde Bra Strap Clips

In the case of an emergency where your bra strap breaks or just isn't fitting right, these Thsinde Bra Strap Clips can solve all of your problems. It comes with a few extra bra straps as well as clips to design your bra to fit and shape to your exact liking. These clips can be used to turn your bra into a halter, racerback or even a one-strap. Keep these in your purse or bathroom just in case of a last-minute emergency.

This VANBARIS Jewelry Extender Can Fix Your Favorite Everyday Necklace

If that gorgeous bracelet or necklace that you love wearing everyday just snapped, do not panic. This VANBARIS Jewelry Extender can add a clasp on to the back of any chain jewelry in order to extend the length or add a place to close it. This can be used to make your jewelry fit more comfortably, or to repair it after a minor breakage. It comes in both silver and gold so it can match your favorite pieces.

Use These Hip Huggers To Make Those Loose Pants Hug Your Curves

Turn any and pants more form-fitting with Hollywood Fashion Secrets Hip Huggers. This elastic band can be attached to both sides of your pants in order to fill in any gaps, allowing to let your pants hug you at the perfect tightness. They can also be adjusted to make the waist a little looser, allowing for your pants to have a little extra room.

Always Have Backings With These DIYEAR Earring Backings

If you've lost earring backings, then you have to invest in these DIYEAR Earring Backings that can fit on to the back of all your favorite accessories in order to keep them snug and secure on the back of your ear. They are super light and easy to put on and remove. The clear plastic also makes them almost impossible to see.

Push Your Girls Together With The Lesome Push up Frontless Bra

Feel as confident as ever with this Lesome Push up Frontless Bra that will give your chest the push and lift that it needs. This is the perfect bra for any strapless or low-cut clothing item that requires something with less straps and attention. This bra is supportive and will keep you covered and confident.

Use This DHATMYC Ring Clip To Style Your Shirts

As much as well all love a nice oversized t-shirt, once in a while it's nice to have one that is a little more form-fitting. With this DHATMYC Ring Clip, you can easily adjust any size shirt to the tightness of your liking in order to create a fit and flattering look. This ring makes it easy to tie up your shirt, shortening it in length and making every outfit into an adorable and chic one.

Stay Covered In Slinky Dresses With This Vince Camuto Women's Underwear

When it comes time to wearing that dress that may be a little too see through, try using these Vince Camuto Women's Underwear that are light, comfortable and breathable. They will blend in underneath the fabric of your clothes, relieving you of the stress of your underwear showing through. They don't scrunch up either so you don't need to worry about visible panty line.

Be Good To Your Fave Outfits By Keeping This Sewing Gear Kit In Your Purse At All Times

Do you have a serious love of clothing? If so, keep one of these mini Sewing Gear Kit in your purse. In case of a fashion emergency, you can pull out this kit that has everything you may need to fix a loose button, small hole or even a ripped shirt. This kit has everything you need: scissors, strings, needles and threads to fix all of your fashion emergencies. Your favorite clothes are your friends -- and friends take care of friends.

These LKJIO Jean Buttons Will Let You Wear Your Perfectly Broken-in Jeans Longer

Instead of purchasing new pants when those old ones just aren't fitting anymore, invest in these LKJIO Jean Buttons that can easily be attached to the inside of your pants in order to make them fit your waist just right. These come in a pack with 12 buttons, allowing you to fix the size and fit of all of your different jeans and pants. It takes just a few seconds, and will last you a while.

Use A Deep Plunge Bra To Get The Benefits Of Low-cut Shirts Without The Risk

Nothing is more frusturating than putting on that new top just to discover that your whole bra is popping out of the v-neck. If you are trying to show off some skin but your bra keeps popping out, this ToBeInStyle Women's Deep Plunge Bra is just what you need to fix the problem. It will give you a little lift while also supporting your chest. It is so comfortable and adjustable that you will forget it is even there.

All The Single Ladies: This Zpsolution Dress Zipper Helper Will Become Your New Best Friend

Living alone or not having an extra hand in the morning to zip up your dress can be difficult. With this Zpsolution Dress Zipper Helper you will always have an extra hand to help you look your best each day. Just attach this handy tool to the back of your dress and pull up for the magic to be done. Now you won't have to waste time each day, trying to zip it up by yourself. Definitely a useful tool for every closet.

Keep Those Vintage Jeans Wearable With Denim Patches To Cover Up Tears And Holes

You love that lived-in look that your jeans have acquired -- there is no need to toss them over a small rip. Amazon is now selling these ZEFFFKA Denim Patches that come in different shades and colors to match your jeans. If you think that small hole, rip or tear may have just ruined your whole day, just iron on one of these bad boys to cover it up like it never even happened in the first place. These are life savers.

Heel Cracked? This Boot-Fix Shoe Glue Will Save Your Favorite Pair

Don't you hate it when the heels of your favorite shoes get damaged? Instead of struggling to have to repurchase the same pair, fix your broken shoes with this Boot-Fix Shoe Glue. With just a little dab of this glue, you can glue together any broken heels, soles or fabric.

Use This Leather Hole Puncher To Make Your Belts And Shoes Fit Perfectly

Make any belt the perfect fit with this PRO-MASTER SMART & SIMPLE Leather Hole Puncher that can be used to make your belt fit your waist as tightly or as loosely as you would like. This leather hole puncher can also be used on your heels to make the strap a little extra tighter.

Use This Hem Tape To Tailor Your Clothes—No Sewing Necessary

Don't panic if you slide on those adorable new pair of jeans just to realize that they may be a little too long. Instead of taking them in to the tailor and waiting a week for them to get fixed, use this Hollywood Fashion Secrets Hem Tape instead. Just place the tape at the length that you would like your new pants to be and fold it over, and the hem of your pants will be just where you want it.

This Grandma's Secret Spot Remover Works On Both Clothes And Furniture

If you consider yourself to be a little clumsy or messy, this Grandma's Secret Spot Remover may just be your new best friend. This formula is so strong is can also be used on your furniture for messes such as wine spills or a dropped plate of food.

Avoid Yucky White Pit Stains With This Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant

Say goodbye to those white stains that your deodorant has been leaving all over your favorite shirts and tank tops, and say hello to this Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant. This deodorant has a clear formula that will last on your skin all day and night, as well as insuring that no discoloring or white stains will be left on your clothing.

Loose The Droopy Look With These Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Supporters

We can all admit that we have bought earrings that may be a little too big or heavy for our ears, but we wear them anyway. If you want to get rid of that drooped look that those earrings cause your earlobes to have, check out these Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Supporters that can be placed on the back of your ear and support your lobes when you are wearing dangling or heavy earrings.

This Baublerella Jewelry Cleaner Can Renew And Restore Your Favorite Pieces

Every piece of jewelry deserves to have its own moment. Keep your gorgeous accessories clean and shiny with this Baublerella Jewelry Cleaner that can gently and quickly clean and sanitize all of your favorite pieces. Gently brush the pen over your favorite necklace, bracelets or earrings before you leave the house to give them that clean, shiny look that we know they deserve.

Fix The Zippers On Jackets And Jeans With This Zipper Rescue Repair Kit

Instead of purchasing a new coat because the zipper on your favorite one is no longer usable, try using this Zipper Rescue Repair Kit first. It comes with all of the necessary tools you need to reattach or fix the zipper on any dress, jacket, skirt, or pair of pants that you own. It comes with 11 different zippers along with 10 other accessories that may help you get the job done.

Need Secret Socks? Get QING No-Show Socks

The perfect pair of sneakers requires the right socks. Fix that fashion sock emergency with these QING No-Show Socks that support and cover your feet without popping out of the shoe and causing a distraction. These are the perfect go-to socks for anyone who likes to wear ankle shoes or other low-fitting shoes that may show off some sock fabric.

Did Things Get A Little Out Of Hand? This Wine Stain Remover Can Clean Wine Stains

When you're having a few glasses of wine, spills can happen. Don't panic over that red spot that you may have gotten on your favorite outfit, Amazon has got you covered. This Emergency Stain Rescue Wine Stain Remover can remove the evidence and smell of wine in just one quick use. It's reliable, affordable and can also be used on your furniture too.

Shave And Save Those Shaggy Clothes With The FEEKE Fabric Shaver

Restore and renew any piece of clothing that you own with this FEEKE Fabric Shaver that can get rid of any excess fabirc, pet hair or loose strings that may be attached to your clothing. Just gently run this bad boy across the front of your clothing in order to remove all of those little balls that are getting in the way. You will feel like you're wearing a brand new shirt after just one use.

This Shinywear Women's Fake Collar Will Make Your Spring Outfits Look Chic

Layering is the secret to the best outfits this season. If you don't have a comfortable button up to get the job done, these Shinywear Women's Fake Collars are the perfect alternative. They easily fit under all your favorite dresses and sweaters, making it easy to create and form some of the cutest outfits for the spring and summer time. It is also weather-friendly, meaning you won't get too hot with all the layers.

Keep That Cleavage Under Control With These Cover Up Buttons

These Trenton Gifts Cover Up Buttons can be the fix if you have a shirt that shows off more cleavage than you want. Just attach one of these buttons at the center and you will be all good to go. The buttons have an adorable design to them and are easy to place and remove.

These Gel Heel Protectors Won't Let Painful Shoes Hobble You

We all know the disappointment of investing in the most adorable pair of shoes just to find out that they are giving you blisters and cuts. With these ViveSole Gel Heel Protectors any pair of shoe can be a comfortable one. Just place these covers over your heels in order to protect them from any friction that may harm the back of your heels.

Cheat Your Way To Nice Nails With OPI Clear Nail Polish

We all forget to take care of our manicures once in a while. If you are getting ready to hit the town and you need to perfect your nails quickly, this OPI Clear Nail Polish can easily give you that clean and shiny look you are going for. They will smooth out the texture of your nails without adding a distracting color or design to them. You also won't have to worry about painting inside the lines due to its transparency.

Avoid Pit Stains With SweatWELLth No Sweat Spray

If you sweat a little more than the average bear, you may want to invest in some of this SweatWELLth No Sweat Spray. This spray can be applied before you head out for the day so that you don't need to worry about any pit stains or marks on your clothes. It will make you feel fresh and clean, preventing you from any sweat throughout the day.