Saatva Classic Mattress set up in bedroom

Saatva mattresses stand out from other direct-to-consumer beds for two important reasons: The company’s beds are made to order, and they aren’t delivered to your home squished into in a box for you to unwrap and wrestle into your bedroom. Instead you get your new bed delivered and set up in your home with a scheduled appointment.

We tested one of Saatva’s most popular styles, the Saatva Classic Mattress. It’s a hybrid mattress with a pillow top, memory foam and a coil case. And after sleeping on the Saatva Classic for a month, we’ve found out everything you need to know.

A custom-made bed with white-glove delivery that's great for back sleepers

The Saatva Classic Mattress comes in your choice of two depths and three firmness levels, all off which offer a lot of support, which back sleepers will appreciate. Fuss-free, white-glove delivery comes at no extra charge.  

What we liked about it

The combination of firm support and cotton top material mean that you aren't likely to overheat sleeping on the Saatva Classic Mattress, even though it isn't sold as a "cooling" mattress.

Good support for back sleepers or anyone who likes a firm but plush bed

While most of Saatva’s mattresses are only available in one firmness level, there are a few exceptions, including the Saatva Classic mattress, which you can order in three firmness options: plush soft, luxury firm and firm. You can also choose between two thicknesses and get each firmness option in a 11.5-inch or 14.5-inch size (more on this later).

Since I sleep on my side and prefer a soft mattress, I chose the 11.5-inch plush soft mattress — Saatva’s softest option for this model — and I have been quite surprised by how firm it feels compared to other soft mattresses I’ve slept on. Although the plush topper was soft and comfortable, there was little give to it. If you like the feeling of floating on top of your mattress rather than sinking in, you’ll like this mattress. For reference, I am 5 feet, 2 inches tall and around 140 pounds, so someone with a larger frame may find it has more give. However, because of the lack of sinking in, I found the mattress very supportive; it felt more like a traditional bed rather than a memory foam one. My back felt very supported while I slept, and it also has solid edge support for those who sit on the edge of their mattress.

White-glove delivery service is stress-free

After struggling to move another bed-in-a-box mattress into my home and set it up in my bedroom, I found it a relief that Saatva only does white-glove delivery service. You get a scheduled delivery, not a wrapped, compressed mattress in a box, and the company sets the mattress up for you in your home. Delivery is free, as with most of the direct-to-consumer mattress brands, but white-glove service makes it an even better experience.

Scheduling the delivery was easy. Once you’ve ordered, the company emails and calls when your bed is ready to set up a date to deliver the mattress. And if you run into conflicts, rescheduling is also a breeze. I had to make a change in delivery date and was able to do it with just one phone call, and I didn’t have to wait on hold.

Delivery was prompt, well within the assigned four-hour window, and Saatva called 15 minutes before arrival. The entire delivery process from scheduling to in-room setup was completely hassle-free, professional and, of course, free of charge. While I didn’t need mattress removal, Saatva offers that service for free also.

Better at keeping you cool than a foam mattress

One of the biggest complaints people have about memory foam or hybrid memory foam mattresses is that they sleep hot. It only took a few minutes for me to notice that this mattress felt cooler than most foam mattresses I’ve tested. The cooling effect was comparable to the more-expensive Casper Wave Hybrid Snow, which is designed specifically as a cooling mattress.

The Saatva Classic is effective at cooling for a few reasons. The top layer is a pillow top, and the cover is made with an organic cotton fabric that I found breathable and not as heat-retaining as foam. In addition, since I didn’t sink into the relatively firm bed, less of my body was in contact with it and air could circulate more freely. While the Saatva Classic is not intended as a cooling mattress, the breathability is a bonus.

Available in two heights

As mentioned, the Saatva Classic is available in two thicknesses, 11.5 and 14.5 inches. According to Saatva, either option offers the exact same feel and durability.

As a shorter individual, I found the 11.5-inch mattress height made it easier for me to get on the bed and I didn’t have to jump up like I did on my previous — and taller — bed. Taller people may prefer the 14.5-inch option, making it easier to get in and out of compared to a low bed. Two thickness options also come in handy to fit sheets you already own or headboards that are already in place.

What we didn’t like about it

Regardless of what level of firmness you choose — we ordered the softest available option, the "plush soft" mattress — the Saatva Classic offers a lot of support, so it's best for back sleepers or anyone else who prefers a firm bed.

May not the best choice for side sleepers or those who want a soft mattress

As mentioned above, the “plush soft” Saatva mattress was surprisingly firm. I typically prefer soft to medium-soft beds, and I would compare this to a typical medium or medium-firm mattress. It took nearly two weeks — much longer than expected — for my body to adjust to the unexpectedly firm feel, and while I liked the firmness when sleeping on my back, it made my shoulders sore when sleeping on my side, since they didn’t sink into the bed. You feel like you’re floating on top of the mattress, so it’s not for those who like when their bodies mold into the mattress.

If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll love this mattress, Saatva offers a 365-night trial period, though you’ll have to pay a $99 processing fee to return the mattress if you end up not liking it.

Delivery time can be slow compared to competitors

Depending on how quickly you need your mattress, you may or may not like the fact that Saatva’s products are all made to order. On the one hand, though there aren’t a ton of custom options, it feels personal because the mattress is made specifically for you and it’s not sitting in a warehouse for who knows how long. On the other hand, Saatva states it can take anywhere from nine to 21 days to receive your mattress, so you may not get your mattress as fast as competitors’ mattresses, which can be delivered to your door roughly one to two weeks from time of purchase.

Bottom line

Overall, the Saatva Classic is pleasant to sleep on. It’s definitely best suited for someone who likes the feel of a traditional firmer bed; the softer option we tried had plenty of support, and would likely be a good mattress for back sleepers. However, it may not be the best mattress for side sleepers, since even the softest version has a firm feel. Hot sleepers would enjoy this as well, since the pillow top and cotton cover allow for good breathability. The bed is on the lower end of the price range for Saatva mattresses and fairly middle-of-the-road compared to other hybrid beds.