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If you’re not using packing cubes already, then let us introduce you to your new favorite on-the-go organizers and travel accessory.

Both novice and expert travelers swear by their usefulness. With them, you can keep your clothes, accessories and more organized and in their own zippered compartments. When it comes time to pack, arrange them in your suitcase Tetris-style to ensure everything fits.

Once you try packing cubes, you won’t be able to travel without them again — trust us.

What are packing cubes?

Available in nylon, mesh and many other soft materials, packing cubes are essentially zippered pouches of differing sizes that allow you to organize the contents of your suitcase. They’ve become ubiquitous for all kinds of travelers — from business tycoons to beachgoers to backpackers.

“Packing cubes keep your luggage from becoming a mass of things to root through while you’re traveling,” says Amanda Wiss, founder of New York City-based home organizing firm Urban Clarity. “Whether you are a painstaking packer planning weeks in advance or you whip it all together at the last minute, after a day or two into the trip, keeping things organized and handy becomes a struggle. That’s where packing cubes come in.”

In addition to streamlining the process of packing, the little taskmasters help keep you organized during your stay. “Not only do they sectionalize your things and keep them protected and clean,” says Wiss, but they also “help provide a ‘home’ for every item, which is key for organizing any space.”

How to use packing cubes

The best part about packing cubes is that you can use them how you want. Prefer to keep your socks together? Dedicate a packing cube to them. More interested in keeping clothes of a certain color in one area? Pack a cube dedicated to your favorite green clothes, or put your packing cubes to use beyond clothes — a space for storing all of your cables or beauty favorites in one place.

Customize how you use your packing cubes in order to stay the most organized. When your trip is coming to a close, consider dedicating one (or more) of your cubes to your dirty clothes. That way, you can ensure that your dirties don’t touch your cleans. Some packing cube sets even come with a dedicated laundry bag.

While you may be deep into planning your winter trips and beyond into 2023, we’ve rounded up our favorite and expert-approved packing cubes.

$21 at Amazon

Hopsooken 5-Piece Packing Cubes Set
This value of a set includes two large cubes, which are particularly useful for packing bigger items of clothing and for longer trips. It also has one extra-large cube and one medium cube for all of your other belongings. Plus, it’s got its own laundry bag so you can keep your dirty clothes separate from your cleans. The set comes in 13 color options to best suit your style.
Editor Favorite

$64 at QVC

BumbleBella Hanging Packing Cubes & Organizer Set

We love these packing cubes as the ultimate organizational tool for frequent travelers. On the surface, it's a set of three packing cubes, but what's especially great about them is they can hook to one another and then hang in a closet so you can easily view your clothes without having to unpack. Then, when it's time to head home, unhook the cubes, zip them back up and repack your suitcase. Plus, the set comes with a vertical organizer with partial dividers, perfect for smaller items like socks, underwear and swimwear.

$30 $24 at eBags

eBags Medium Classic Packing Cubes — 3-Piece Set

This three-piece set is made from nylon fabric and has a mesh top panel, which makes it easy to see what’s inside each of your cubes. Each cube also has its own handle for easy carrying while you’re on the go. We love the variety of colors and patterns these cubes come in — especially the fun leopard animal print.

Editor Favorite

$65 at Paravel

Paravel Packing Cube Quad
Paravel is one of our favorite travel brands out there — and this packing cube set is one of the brand's best-selling items. The four-piece set comes in six different color options, so you can find one that fits your personality. Plus, our favorite part is the customization option that’s available to put your monogram on the top of each of the cubes.
Editor Favorite

$65 at Away

Away The Insider Packing Cubes (Set of 6)
This set of packing cubes from travel experts Away offers a space for every piece of your wardrobe. You’ll get six different cubes made from water-resistant nylon. Each is topped with a mesh panel for easy viewing, and each also has a zipper to keep your stuff completely organized. Our Senior Travel Editor Emily McNutt swears by these Away packing cubes, which are perfect no matter the kind of trip you're looking to take. Looking for fewer cubes? Away also offers a four-piece set of packing cubes.

$85 at July

July Packing Cells, 8 Pack

The travel professionals at July offer a set of eight packing cells of their own, and they could be the perfect addition to your packing routine. Available in four colors, each of these cubes are made from soft-touch nylon and features a mesh top for easy viewing. We like that this set comes with two versions of each of the four different sizes of packing cubes. Plus, they come with a five-year warranty, so you'll know these cubes last you for many trips to come.

$34 $22 at Amazon

Veken 6-Set Packing Cubes
This set of six packing cubes — ranging in size from extra large to small — comes in four different colors. Perhaps what makes this set so perfect for travel is that it not only comes with four traditional packing cubes, but it also has its own shoe bag and laundry bag so you can keep your dirty pieces of clothes and shoes separate from your clean clothes. This set is so well-loved that it's Amazon's No. 1 best seller in travel packing organizers. If you're looking for more cubes, Veken also offers a set of eight.

From $79 at Mark & Graham

Mark & Graham 6-Piece Packing Cube Set
This six-piece packing cube set from travel pros Mark & Graham is as beautiful as it is practical. Included in the package, you'll get one shoe bag, one laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones and four standard packing cubes in a variety of sizes. You can get the set in three different color options — including a very pretty striped design — and monogramming is available for an additional $12.50.

$27 at Amazon

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes 3-Piece Set
Gonex makes super-light cubes — they’re a favorite of Urban Clarity customers, according to Wiss — and these compress to fit even more necessities (and create more efficient storage when you’re not traveling). The three-piece set is available in three color options, and a larger four-piece set is available in eight colors. We love that these cubes have a top handle for easy transport when packing and in transit.

$68 at Calpak

Calpak Packing Cubes 5-Piece Set

Ranging in size from 12 inches to 17 inches, this five-piece set of packing cubes will make organizing your clothes a breeze. Perhaps our favorite part is the variety of colors and designs you can get. The cubes come in 13 different color options, including cheetah print, milk marble and moss. Plus, each of the envelopes is water resistant so your clothes will stay dry in the event of a minor leak in your suitcase.

$59 $54 at Amazon

Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Starter Set
This three-piece set is the perfect starter kit for the packing cube convert. It has a folder, which can compress up to 12 dress shirts, as well as a full packing cube and a half packing cube. These are especially useful for backpackers or vacationers, says Wiss, as they’re soft, lightweight and water-resistant.

$21 $20 at Amazon

Betllemory Packing Cubes 8-Piece Set

This may just be the ultimate packing cube set of all packing cube sets. With a massive eight pieces of storage space — some waterproof and some mesh — you’ll have space for all of your goods. The set is available in nine colors and even offers dedicated space for makeup, chargers and more. And, at a pricepoint of just $20, this set is a great value.

$50 at L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean Packing Cube Set

An appealing set from a brand synonymous with quality, durability and functionality. Each of the parts in this three-piece set, which is also available in silver, navy and lapis, is made of durable nylon fabric and weighs next to nothing, making them the perfect travel companion.

$11 at Walmart

Tsexiefoofu 6-Piece Storage Bag Set
This six-piece set is available in eight different colors, perfect for matching your packing cubes to your favorite carry-on bag. The largest of this set is perfect for bulkier items like sweaters and jeans, while the smallest is perfect for organizing your power cords and other small accessories.

$45 at REI

Cotopaxi Cubos Del Dia Travel Cubes, Set of 3
This three-piece set offers optimal storage for your clothes, especially if you’re a folder and stacker. The colorful set is made with repurposed materials, and each piece features a wraparound zipper. There's a mesh side panel for ventilation and for an inside view of each pouch's contents. Perhaps best of all, each of the packing cubes is made by employees who have creative control over the colorways, so no two packing cubes are the same.

$68 at Beis

Beis The Packing Cubes

This set of six packing cubes from the ever-chic Beis comes with four zippered pouches, perfect for storing clothes of all kinds, plus two drawstring shoe bags. If you're a shoe fiend, this is the packing cube set for you, as you'll have enough space to store two pairs of dirty footwear away from your clean clothes. Plus, we love that this set comes with an ID window for labeling on each of the cubes, so you'll know what's in each one — and paper labels are included.

$36 at Amazon

Samsonite 4-in-1 Packing Cubes
This set of four packing cubes from Samsonite is the perfect addition to your travel wardrobe. It comes with one large cube for bulkier clothes, one medium cube, one small cube and a small pouch, which is perfect for storing smaller items like electronic cords and even toiletries.

$45 at REI

Thule Compression Packing Cube Set
Short on space? These packing cubes from Thule are perfect because they eliminate excess air to help you maximize your packing space. They're semitransparent, so you can see what's in each while maintaining enough privacy. The rip-proof material is water-repellent and will last you for many trips to come.

$90 at Monos

Monos Set of 4 Compressible Packing Cubes
Keep your clothes and accessories organized in this set of four compressible packing cubes from Monos, a travel brand we love. They’re designed to perfectly fit in a piece of luggage — like the Monos Carry-On — and feature anti-catch zippers and mesh top panels for easy viewing. They’re made from a tear-resistant and water-resistant twill.

$45 at REI

REI Co-op Expandable Packing Cube 3-Piece Set

This three-size packing cube set also comes in three different colors: Deep Marine, Red Smolder and Shoreline Odyssey Gray. Perhaps our favorite part of this set is the expansion zipper, which allows you to store more in each of the cubes if you’re heading away on a longer trip. This durable set, made of strong nylon, is perfect for the adventurer.

$45 $38 at Target

Made By Design 5-Piece Packing Cube Set
This five-piece set includes two large, one medium and two small packing cubes. Each of the cubes has its own zipper and mesh front for easy viewing into its contents. While this set is ideally sized to fit inside checked luggage, you could also mix and match to fit some of the cubes in your favorite carry-on bag.

$30 $22 at Amazon

DIMJ 8-Piece Packing Cubes for Travel
DIMJ offers packing cubes in sets of six, eight and nine pieces. Plus, if it's options you're after, you'll have the choice of more than 20 different colorways for the perfect travel organization set to match your style. Included in the eight-piece set are five packing cubes (two large pieces, one medium piece and two small pieces), one travel shoe bag, one toiletry bag and a cable case to conveniently store all of your electronic cords in one place.

$59 at Amazon

Briggs & Riley 3 Pack Zippered Packing Cubes
Briggs & Riley offers a set of packing cubes of its own. The three-piece set is made of polyester and features a mesh top so you can easily see what's in each packing cube. They're also machine-washable so that you can wash them in between each use or after every few trips.

$22 at Amazon

Amazon Basics 4-Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set
This four-piece set from Amazon Basics has more than 10,000 5-star reviews — and for good reason. Each of the cubes has all the features you could want in an organizing set: zipper closures, mesh panel tops and handles. The set comes in six different color options and three different sizes.

$30 $26 at Amazon

Bagail 8-Set Packing Cubes
This eight-piece organizing set will change the way you travel. Not only will you get four traditional zipped packing cubes for your clothes, but you’ll also get a dedicated toiletry bag, shoe bag, sock bag and laundry bag. Best of all, the set comes in 11 fun and bright color options.

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