House Democrats: Where they stand on the health care bill
House Democrats who support the Senate health care bill need 216 "yes" votes to pass it. Conversely, opponents of the bill need to secure 216 "no" votes to kill it. CNN contacted 100 House Democrats whose votes appeared to be in play. Here's a look at those who say they'll vote against the Senate bill no matter what, those who will oppose it unless there are significant changes, and those who are undeclared. The chart also shows how the lawmakers voted on the House version of the bill.

Total Democratic "no" votes needed to kill the bill: 38
Total Democratic "no" votes as of 10:35 p.m. ET March 21, 2010: 34

Source: CNN

Updated Sunday, March 21, at 10:35 p.m. ET

Joe BacaCalifornia - 43YYes
Brian BairdWashington - 03NYes
Sanford BishopGeorgia - 02YYes
Timothy BishopNew York - 01YYes
John BoccieriOhio - 16NYes
Allen BoydFlorida - 02NYes
Michael CapuanoMassachusetts - 08YYes
Dennis CardozaCalifornia - 18YYes
Chris CarneyPennsylvania - 10YYes
Gerry ConnollyVirginia - 11YYes
Jim CooperTennessee - 05YYes
Jim CostaCalifornia - 20YYes
Joe CourtneyConnecticut - 02YYes
Henry CuellarTexas - 28YYes
Kathy DahlkemperPennsylvania - 03YYes
Peter DeFazioOregon - 4YYes
Joe DonnellyIndiana - 02YYes
Mike DoylePennsylvania - 14YYes
Steve DriehausOhio - 01YYes
Brad EllsworthIndiana - 08YYes
Bob EtheridgeNorth Carolina - 02YYes
Bill FosterIllinois - 14YYes
John GaramendiCalifornia - 10YYes
Gabrielle GiffordsArizona - 08YYes
Bart GordonTennessee - 06NYes
Alan GraysonFlorida - 08YYes
Luis GutierrezIllinois - 04YYes
Baron HillIndiana - 09YYes
Paul HodesNew Hampshire - 02YYes
Paul KanjorskiPennsylvania - 11YYes
Marcy KapturOhio - 09YYes
Dale KildeeMichigan - 05YYes
Mary Jo KilroyOhio - 15YYes
Ron KindWisconsin - 03YYes
Suzanne KosmasFlorida - 24NYes
Dennis KucinichOhio - 10NYes
Jim LangevinRhode Island - 02YYes
Dan MaffeiNew York - 25YYes
Betsy MarkeyColorado - 04NYes
Harry MitchellArizona - 05YYes
Alan MollohanWest Virginia - 01YYes
Scott MurphyNew York - 20NYes
Richard NealMassachusetts - 02YYes
James OberstarMinnesota - 08Y Yes
David ObeyWisconsin - 07YYes
Solomon OrtizTexas - 27YYes
Bill OwensKentucky - 03YYes
Tom PerrielloVirginia - 05YYes
Earl PomeroyNorth Dakota - at largeYYes
Nick Rahall IIWest Virginia - 03YYes
Silvestre ReyesTexas - 16YYes
Ciro RodriguezTexas - 23YYes
Bobby RushIllinois-01YYes
Tim RyanOhio - 17YYes
John SalazarColorado - 03YYes
Mark SchauerMichigan - 07YYes
Kurt SchraderOregon - 05YYes
Carol Shea-PorterNew Hampshire - 01YYes
Vic SnyderArkansas - 02YYes
John SprattSouth Carolina - 05YYes
Bart StupakMichigan - 01YYes
Dina TitusNevada - 03YYes
Tim WalzMinnesota - 01YYes
Charlie WilsonOhio - 06YYes
John YarmuthKentucky - 03YYes
John AdlerNew Jersey - 03NFirm no
Jason AltmirePennsylvania - 04NFirm no
Michael ArcuriNew York - 24YFirm no
John BarrowGeorgia - 12NFirm no
Marion BerryArkansas - 01YFirm no
Dan BorenOklahoma - 02NFirm no
Rick BoucherVirginia - 09NFirm no
Bobby BrightAlabama - 02NFirm no
Ben ChandlerKentucky - 06NFirm no
Travis ChildersMississippi - 01NFirm no
Artur DavisAlabama - 07NFirm no
Chet EdwardsTexas - 17NFirm no
Stephanie Herseth-SandlinSouth Dakota - At LargeNFirm no
Tim HoldenPennsylvania - 17NFirm no
Larry KissellNorth Carolina - 08NFirm no
Frank Kratovil Jr.Maryland - 01NFirm no
Daniel LipinskiIllinois - 03YFirm no
Stephen LynchMassachusetts - 09YFirm no
Jim MarshallGeorgia - 08NFirm no
Jim MathesonUtah - 02NFirm no
Mike McIntyreNorth Carolina - 07NFirm no
Mike McMahonNew York - 13NFirm no
Charlie MelanconLouisiana - 03NFirm no
Walt MinnickIdaho - 01NFirm no
Glenn NyeVirginia - 02NFirm no
Collin PetersonMinnesota - 07NFirm no
Mike RossArkansas - 04NFirm no
Heath ShulerNorth Carolina - 11NFirm no
Ike SkeltonMissouri - 04NFirm no
Zack SpaceOhio - 18YFirm no
John TannerTennessee - 08NFirm no
Gene TaylorMississippi - 04NFirm no
Harry TeagueNew Mexico - 02NFirm no
Jerry CostelloIllinois - 12YNo on Senate bill as written; may reconsider with modifications
Lincoln DavisTennessee - 04NUndeclared
Jerry McNerneyCalifornia - 11YUndeclared
Mike MichaudMaine - 02YUndeclared
Peter ViscloskyIndiana - 01YHas not responded to CNN