Every General Motors recall in 2014

This is a complete list of every vehicle recall issued by the automaker this year. Is your car on it?


GM recall's $1.7 billion windfall

GM's recall crisis is costing the company $1.7 billion and most of that will become a windfall for its dealers and parts suppliers.

Are GM cars safe? Yes, they are

The recent surge in Gereral Motors recalls may have you questioning if its cars and trucks are safe. But recalls are not a good way to judge vehicle safety.

GM's recall nightmare

12 million cars sold. 13.8 million recalled. GM has already recalled more vehicles in the U.S. this year than it has sold here in the five years since filing for bankruptcy.

GM's naughty words list

"Deathtrap," "widowmaker," "rolling sarcophagus." Those are a few of the words that General Motors asked its employees to avoid using in their internal communications.