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How much do you knowabout Vladimir Putin's state?

1. Президент России

With sky-high approval figures and an extensive period in power, some have argued that Putin could be the most powerful man in the world. CNN's Phil Black looks at the sources of his power

Russia’s top man

Why Putin is so powerful

2. Московский Кремль

With its red brick walls and 20 towers, the Kremlin is perhaps Russia’s most iconic site. But this building is more than a fortress: It’s the heart of Russia’s power. CNN's Diana Magnay explains.

Moscow’s Kremlin

A fortress of power

3. Вооружённые Силы России

Almost two million personnel, a vast nuclear arsenal, world-class war planes and anti-aircraft systems … Putin has ploughed money into modernizing Russia's armed forces. CNN's Matthew Chance explores the country's military power.

Russia’s military

What's in their arsenal?

4. Спецслужбы России

The Russian spy has inspired hundreds of movies. But what is the Russian intelligence world really like? CNN's Nic Robertson explains.

The secret service

How Russia's spy machine works

5. Российское общество

Haute couture, private jets and super yachts: Russia's all about conspicuous consumption. But the country’s also home to millions living below the poverty line. CNN's Clarissa Ward explains how this vast disparity came about.

Russia’s society

A story of vast disparity

6. СМИ в России

Government control, reports of censorship and the harassment of some journalists -there are serious questions about the freedom of Russia's media. CNN's Fred Pleitgen explains.

Russia’s media

Serving people or power?



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